[New Video] Star Martin- Karma @IAMSTARMARTiN


Antinique Martin, professionally known as “Star Martin,” was born in East St. Louis, Illinois, into a family of musicians September 23rd. As a preteen, Star showed diva potential by flattering 90’s pop and neo soul artists when performing. Unlike the cliché story of having a voice groomed by a small town baptist church, Star’s vocal expertise was cultivated by years of studio experience. Inspired by Beyonce and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes as her mentor/God Mom, Star based her lyrical and artist approach on three tenants; Authenticity, Experience, and Heritage. Star is an example of both talent and intellectual prowess. Star obtained a Degree in Film and Dramatic Art at Kim Dawson Conservatory in Dallas. Star aims to study her culture and aspires to change the negative stigmas that are portrayed by pop culture and influence positive self image through her music.

Star is currently working on a three (3) series Ep with producers , Rill Noize, Squat Beats, Grammy Award Winning Producer Jo “Capo” Kent, Grammy Nominated Engineer/Producer Mike “Snotty” Miller & Deats.

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