Florida artist Flex A1 delivers a new single ‘IDK’


Flex A1, hailing from Broward County, FL, released his latest track “IDK” under the label 8436 Entertainment on September 5th, 2023. This song offers a glimpse into the artist’s inner world, where he contemplates the perpetual quest for progress and the uneasy feeling of not doing enough even after achieving one’s goals. The song is a testament to the struggle faced by anyone on a journey, emphasizing the importance of trusting the process.

When asked, Flex A1 revealed that his inspiration for “IDK” stemmed from the universal experience of trying to determine the next step in life, despite the unease of feeling inadequate even after reaching one’s aspirations. The song serves as a relatable exploration of these emotions.

“What makes this song special to you?” Flex A1 responds by highlighting the song’s authenticity and its reflection of his personal reality and journey. “IDK” encapsulates the essence of his own experiences and serves as a reminder to trust the process, acknowledging that growth and success take time and perseverance.

Flex A1’s stand out lyric, “I can’t be beefin wit Nigga’s when I got a nephew in Haiti that’s strugglin” underlines the artist’s message about priorities and the need to focus on what truly matters in life, rather than engaging in unnecessary conflicts. Flex A1’s lyrics convey the importance of making sense of one’s choices and actions, echoing a universal call for introspection and personal growth.

Tay Nix is going strong with his latest single ‘Showtime’


In the bustling world of emerging artists, Tay Nix from Zion, IL, stands out with his debut track titled “Showtime.” Released on December 18, 2020, this R&B gem showcases Nix’s admiration for musical legends like Michael Jackson, Usher, Chris Brown, Eric Bellinger, and John Legend. Drawing inspiration from his idols, Nix weaves a narrative that blends personal experiences with the desire to follow in the footsteps of those who paved the way for aspiring artists like himself. The track, produced by Dilly Got It Bumpin and engineered by JDR, not only marks Tay Nix’s entry into the music scene but also reflects his courage, dedication, and patience in crafting a piece that resonates with authenticity.

For Tay Nix, “Showtime” holds a special place as his inaugural musical endeavor. The song is not just a melody; it’s a testament to the artist’s journey, a culmination of the time and effort invested in bringing his vision to life. Nix’s motivation to provide a visual representation of his lyrics, coupled with his intimate experiences, adds depth to “Showtime.” The track becomes a canvas where he paints a vivid picture for his audience, offering a glimpse into his musical prowess and storytelling ability. As Nix steps onto the music scene with this debut, “Showtime” becomes more than just a song—it’s a milestone, a testament to the artist’s determination and creative spirit.

Within the lyrics of “Showtime,” one particular line stands out as Tay Nix’s favorite: “Baby when it goes down, turning off the lights and your phone.” This lyric encapsulates the sensuality and intimacy that Nix brings to his music, offering a glimpse into his personal experiences and emotions. As he looks forward to performing in more shows in Chicago, Tay Nix invites listeners to delve into his musical world, promising more captivating tracks like his follow-up single, “Island Breeze.” With “Showtime,” Nix has set the stage for what promises to be a promising musical journey, leaving fans eager to witness the next act in his rising career.

Warner Robins Rising Star Marle’ Blu Joins Playas Club Music Group

A couple of weeks ago CEO Clay James announced he was searching for a female emcee to add to his Playas Club Music Group roster. A slew of fans, music tastemakers, bloggers, and DJs from all around the country began to chime in with suggestions of who they felt this woman should be. One name that continued to be mentioned under the Clay’s post was Warner Robins, GA native Marle’ Blu. Although Marle’ is from Warner Robins, she’s been making a name for herself on the Atlanta indie scene for quite some time while simultaneously building a strong buzz and foundation in her home town. Marle’s style, stage presence, work ethic, wordplay, and charisma made her an obvious choice and perfect fit for PCMG. She’s joining a star studded roster which includes: Clay James, Pimp Sweet Tooth, Respekk, Charlise J, Young Bo, Pimpin’ Pablo, Big Dawg Hunnid, King Elway, Sincerely Dad, and Just Call Me Veto. Marle’ attended Georgia State University with Clay James and she’s also a child hood friend of PCMG COO Chad Hampton. Clay James has spoken on numerous platforms about how chemistry and energy are big factors on who he chooses to add to PCMG, combining that with talent and consistency made Marle’ Blu a no brainer in the selection process. Marle’ recently won the award of 478 Hip Hop Artist Of The Year at the 478 Music Awards. Last month, Marle’ returned to her alma mater Georgia State University to open for 2Chainz and KCamp during ACC Homecoming Concert. This Sunday Marle’ Blu will be performing live at Bonfire ATL at midnight. This is her first show since joining the PCMG roster. If you’re in the area please come check her out, you won’t be disappointed. Marle’ Blu and her 700 House team in collaboration with PCMG are planning to drop a slew of new music and visuals in 2024, until then stream her previous releases which are available on all platforms. Follow @MarleBlu on all social media to keep up with her future releases and performances.

Truth Hurts Returns with a new song “R&B Love”


Truth Hurts launched onto the music scene in grand fashion with her debut album “Truthfully Speaking” on Dr. Dre’s Aftermath label. Globally celebrated for her first single appropriately titled “Addictive,” Truth topped the 2002 music charts in 14 countries and garnered 2 Grammy nominations. With heavy rotation in radio and music television, she toured with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg on the Up in Smoke Tour. Shortly after, she toured with Lauryn Hill and Outkast, on The Smokin’ Grooves Tour.

Truth’s Operatic and Theatrical training began at the tender age of 10 and introduced her to a love for acting. She has numerous film and television credits under her belt, including roles in films “Security” alongside Antonio Banderas, “211” alongside Nicolas Cage, and the television series “The Parkers” (directed by Debbie Allen).
In 2004, Truth Hurts released her sophomore album “Ready Now” on Raphael Saadiq’s label, Pookie Entertainment. She continued performing and touring, returning to the screen in 2007 appearing in “Marigold,” for which she also contributed as a composer for the film score. She went on to appear in the musical revue “I Can’t Stop Loving You: Genius of Ray Charles” portraying “Maryanne” of the Raelettes, Charles’ famed back up vocalists.
Her new single “RnB” Love” is the newest release from the upcoming She-P (EP) entitled #revelations which will be released early 2024.

Fans can expect an unapologetic yet completely relationship WOKE Truth as she journeys back to her truth and #revelations based on female empowerment AND enlightenment. After heartbreak and bad decisions this lioness in human form is finally gaining her ROAR back!

Highly anticipated film ‘Superish’ is now available

Industry Spotlight

Superish”, the highly anticipated film from @calliopevar has been released . Directed and produced by New Orleans superstar Var, the film features a star-studded cast including @aceb47 @Lucky_Johnson, JAYARSON, and @Rob_Kazi. @2kthomas_ Var’s character as he navigates dangerous streets and dirty cops in an effort to avenge his friend’s murder and bring peace to New Orleans. With its talented cast and thrilling plot, “Superish” is sure to be a hit and is just the first of many projects from Var’s Hoodstar_films . The film is now available for rent and purchase on Amazon Video, and fans can follow @superish_themovie on Instagram


Chris Pain releases his latest EP ‘Karma’


Here is an artist that is destined for great and iconic things, and his name is Chris Pain. Born and raised in The Bronx, New York, a area that is well-known for its contributions to Hip-Hop, and the music industry as a whole Chris has been surrounded by talent and inspiration from an early age. He has been consistent in growing and evolving his sound, his writing, and his delivery for over fourteen years, and it’s beyond evident that music is more than a just a hobby or a fleeting interest for him, it’s his lifestyle. Mainly influenced by Hip-Hip, while also taking elements from Pop and RnB, he has painstakingly infused his music with his experiences and his studying of the greats primarily Michael Jackson. His latest project “Karma” is a great example of such an infusion, and he credits an artistic legend of today’s era, Lil Uzi Vert with inspiring him. Diligence and execution is the name of the game, and has allowed Chris to gain a total of over 600,000 streams as well as multiple high-profile article placements, and even a Billboard in Times Square! He credits God for guiding him through the process of this project and his overall journey of music artistry. Get in tune with Chris Pain and don’t miss what’s next, because he is headed for the top!

[New Video] IAmmTazz – In Da Hood


IAmmTazz, a 21-year-old female rapper from East Atlanta, has recently dropped her latest video titled ‘In Da Hood.‘ In this track, she skillfully addresses the everyday challenges and hardships of life, infusing a nostalgic early 2000’s vibe with a contemporary musical sound. The production of “In Da Hood” was masterfully crafted by Midnight Black, creating a compelling fusion of the past and present in the world of hip-hop. IAmmTazz’s unique style and lyrical vibe shine through in this new release.

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CryDine connects with Big 30 in St Louis and drops “Demon Time”


In a groundbreaking musical alliance, rising St. Louis artist Cry Dine has joined forces with Memphis sensation BIG30 to create an electrifying new Single “Demon Time.” The Single , has already made waves across various digital streaming platforms. Cry Dine, an emerging talent, holds the reins of his independent label Street Navy Records and has showcased his musical prowess through the releases of “Put On For Da Dine” (2021) and “Billiken Lifestyle (Grind Never Stop)” (2023). Let’s delve into this exciting collaboration and discover the journey behind Cry Dine. ( Credit BlancoTarantinotv.com)
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Get to know music artist Zairrion

Industry Spotlight

Zairrion If home is where the heart is, then Inglewood is home for up and coming superstar, Zairrion. He has committed himself, for over a decade, to breaking through contemporary boundaries and surpassing the limits of creating genre-specific music, while maintaining a healthy connection with his listeners and remaining flexible and adaptable to the ever-changing musical trends. Inspired by legendary artists and entrepreneurs such as Jay Z, Nas, J Cole, 2Pac, Zairrion is rapidly crafting a lane for himself and his sound, which has earned him amazing opportunities to share stages with some of todays icons, like Chris Brown and Rick Ross. Listeners should prepare for consistent music releases, new visual content, and even some behind the scenes footage of his process and lifestyle. It’s clear that if anyone will be able to stand the test of time and continue to create memorable and relatable pieces of music, Zairrion will be one not to miss!


Alabama artist VC JUN delivers a new energetic single ‘G.T.S.O’


VC JUN, hailing from Enterprise, Alabama, has dropped a energetic new track that’s set to make a heavy impact. Titled “G.T.S.O.,” which stands for “Got That Shit On,” this song is a burst of pure energy and upliftment. It’s the kind of track you put on when you’re getting ready to step out and need that perfect vibe to set the mood. Whether it’s for your first day back at school, a night out with your partner, or just about any occasion where you want to feel your best, “G.T.S.O.” has got you covered. With its infectious beats and catchy lyrics, this song is reminiscent of a new-age “Fashion Killa” that’ll have you strutting your stuff with confidence every time you step out.

Mixed by the talented producer Snigg, “G.T.S.O.” is a testament to VC JUN’s ability to craft music that resonates with the soul. The song’s big energy and feel-good vibes make it the ideal soundtrack for any upbeat occasion. So, the next time you’re in need of a musical pick-me-up, be sure to turn to “G.T.S.O.” by VC JUN.