Lawrence OTS releases “Matrix” in preparation for his debut project Flow Master


When music flows through you like a heart that pumps blood, it gives you abilities that allow you to channel different emotions and styles. What comes natural to you is a struggle for others and that’s what makes an artist stand out amongst the competition.

Lawrence OTS (Over the Struggle) born in Meridian, Miss and raised in Laurel, Miss is a true talent with music flowing through his DNA. His life experiences being the man of his household due to his father’s incarceration never allowed him to enjoy the childhood he truly deserved. Along with watching his mom provide for him and his siblings Lawrence found ways to channel his struggles through poetry. During the summer going into his senior year in high school Lawrence’s Uncle suggested that he sing for his choir teacher and once he did, she cried as it touched her. Fast forward to now Lawrence is a dedicated artist signed to Heroz Music Group where he took a tragedy of his little homie passing away as further motivation to put his all in his music.

Teaming up with OG Lako & Troddi they put together new single “Matrix” that talks the thoughts in his head, while telling his lady to stick by his side and he will show her what love and success looks like. Knowing he has to get to the paper he still can’t believe his homie was taken from the world to soon.

The track is a must hear that combines all the elements of a great record. Great engineering, great production, Incredible flow, and cadence all in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. “Matrix” is just the beginning as he prepares to drop his debut project under Heroz Music Group call Flow Master on 11/28/2022.

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Hip-hop Artist Flex Kartel Drops Collaborative Record Featuring Sada Baby

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Maryland-based hip-hop artist and creator, Flex Kartel, recently dropped a hot new record for fans across the world. “Get a Bag” (Feat. Sada Baby) centers around the concept of getting up and going for it. “What are you doing if you ain’t getting money. Go get a bag” tells Flex Kartel through song.

“Get up and go hustle as hard as you can–even if you think it’s going to take all of these tools. You just need to start. Once you start, it all falls into place,” shares the artistl. Flex Kartel’s latest single is all about the hustle. It’s also about creating art. Reflecting on his music, Flex Kartel describes his sound as “different, beautiful art.” “I would say it’s a Picasso.

If you listen to my records, you won’t get the same beautiful painting out of every record. There is always something different and beautiful about every song.” This single in particular is high energy, blending rap with melodic R&B melodies to create a sound designed to flow through your body and make you want to move.

“Get a Bag” began with a beat. “I was in the studio and created the record that night in 30 minutes,” shares Flex Kartel of the creation behind the song, which was designed to become a collaboration with Sada Baby. As soon as he heard it, Sada Baby was psyched to jump on it–and the rest is musical history.

When it comes to creating music in general, Flex Kartel sees his creative process as more than a method: “It’s something that God gave me.” When he goes into the booth, songs come to him. “They become a free painting. I paint a picture, and it becomes a story. Every song is a story.

“At the end of the day, Flex Kartel is happy when his biggest supporter is happy. “My mom is my biggest supporter. For sure. After all, she made me,” teases Flex Kartel about making his mother proud through his art, which is also a beacon of hope. “I want people to know that anything that you dream of or think of is possible. And if you feel like working with me, I’m always open to creating with artists who have the time andare down for the grind.”

In the next year, Flex Kartel is excited to release more music to his fans. “I’m really excited to give them another high energy record. I’m working on two EPs right now” tells the artist. He’s also in the midst of performing live at venues in the near future.

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Gr8ful is bringing new light to our emotions with his project PERSPECTIVES

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CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA – Since he was a young man, Gr8ful has always been in love with music and the influence that it had on people. At only 13 he was writing his own music and freestyling for other kids in the park. Several years later he is releasing his latest project, a set of singles under the title PERSPECTIVES.

PERSPECTIVES comes to the table with two main focuses to it. Not only does the project look at the different ways to approach the topic of finding your place in the world, it also hints towards the artist’s own name. “You have to look at things from different angles to practice gratuity sometimes,” Gr8ful explained. “I think the project, and the rest of my music is a representation of that.”

As a project, PERSPECTIVES includes two songs, “Pop Off” and “Carry On”. Each song uses its own unique methods to get you to the main idea of the project, that everyone has a place and role in this life. You simply are not alone.

Starting with “Pop Off”, this track takes on the more energetic half of the project. A collaboration between Gr8ful and a few talented artists of various backgrounds, the track blends together seamlessly. “It was so rare to get such a quickly cohesive feel from such a diverse group,” he said. “It’s something I want everyone to be able to feel. In this track and their own lives.”

“Carry On”, unlike its partner track, is inspired by a groovy 80’s sound. “This song is about being able to carry on no matter what is thrown at you.” Having a gorgeously communal feel to it, this song is a representation of the knowledge that you will always have someone in your corner.

“I chose the title PERSPECTIVES because each song takes a very different approach,” Gr8ful explained. While “Pop Off” has a very forward and high tempo feel, “Carry On” takes on a smoother, more Funky sound. Despite coming from different sides, the two songs lead you to the same important conclusion, live your life to the fullest and love who you truly are.

Following the release of the PERSPECTIVE tracks, Gr8ful is looking forward to the release of several different videos, ranging from behind the scenes moments to visual representations of the music. He will also be gearing up for future tracks and releases. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this artist.

“As a South African artist, I think that my culture and I have a lot to share with the world.” There is so much that Gr8ful has yet to share and he is sure to continue to turn heads.

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Taz – “She Wanna Know Me”


Taz is a 17 year old new hip hop artist from Ottawa, Canada. He started singing in May 2022 and now this is his new hot single “She Wanna Know Me“. Taz is starting to turn heads in the music industry in Ottawa. He has 8 songs out now on Spotify and  Apple Music and all other platforms. Go follow Taz on his journey because it’s just begun and it’s going to be quite the ride.


Instagram: @tazmuzicofficial
TikTok: @tazmuzicofficial
Twitter: @tazmuzicofficial

With “Welcome To The World, ” Trudytheproducer Moves From The Background To The Front Of The Stage

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With his latest single, “Welcome to the World,” Trudytheproducer is doing two things. He is delivering a message of mental health and help and launching a career as an artist.

He has come to it through some dark times and survived, and the song’s message is yes, it’s a hard world, and you have to take care of your mental health. That means not only seeking help when you need it, but providing help, too.

“The ultimate message, I would just say, is to let people know those silent battles that they’re fighting, they’re not alone.,” he said. “This is pretty much a common thing, but for a lot of people it’s just not  talked about, so I’m just shedding light.”

“This world is not a game / It’s survival of the fittest.” The message is delivered in a hip hop beat with a modern R&B background.

The video has some fun with the message. Tru, in one part, is in a therapist’s office and portrays both the patient and the doctor. That’s part of the message, too, that everybody needs help, including those whose job is providing help.

I was gonna make sure that the song shines the light on the ones who are usually there for people who have issues and speaking on them because sometimes they don’t have an outlet. They’re on the receiving end of everybody else’s issues you know. It’s like who do they turn to? I want to shed some light for those people who may not have anybody to turn to.”

His music is a fusion of hip hop, R&B and soul that presents “his take on old-school themes and up-tempo rhythms,” he says in his bio. It is, he says, “infused with a distinct Southern flair.”

Describing southern flair, the native Alabaman said, “Well, I’d definitely have to say when you hear my accent.” He goes on to say that it also means the beats are more forward and straight to the point, but a little slower.

He still lives in Alabama but is in New York for the time being to launch his career, which up to now has been about making music for other people. He made the move last year when he released “Ricky,” a more straight-up rap with a heavy bass beat and rapid-fire lyrics.

He was ready to branch out and do more, he said, even though he didn’t have a lot of time. He was busy engineering for other artists, and making beats, and with “Ricky” he was “trying to get back to the artist side of things.”

He has a lot of music ready to go. His next single, coming out now for Halloween, is “Nightmare,” described as “the hood version of Halloween, the hood-slash-Harlem-hood version of Halloween.”

“We got Halloween coming up, so I’m thinking what could I do just to have some fun, what’s something cool I could do?”

Now, he wants his music to be his career.

“I want music to take me to a point to where I can take care of me and my family for the rest of my life,” he said. “I put in a lot of hard work, didn’t ask for much, was very underpaid for a lot of stuff. But it was because of the love I have for music and the love I have for people, but I feel like it comes to a point where my work should pay off.”

And that right there is the straightforwardness of Southern hip hop.

Musically, he wants to take all his experience with hip hop, R&B, rock and pop and take an active and creative as well as lucrative part in a career in music. He wants to sing and produce and mix music. He wants to collaborate with other musicians, put out more records and provide features, beats and engineering for developing artists as well as legends.

“I want,” he said, “to keep the world on their toes and hungry to hear the next song.”

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Benjamin Hey! Embraces His Music Career One Song At A Time

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On April 15th, 2017, Benjamin Hey! took on a daily songwriting challenge. The NYC-based artist and producer, who was then working as an actor and model, has written a song every day since.

“It’s like one of those situations where I thought I was done with music, but it wasn’t done with me. So I decided to just try it again. But this time around, I said to myself, I have to have fun, so I can’t take myself too seriously. Whatever songs come through, I’m going to write it—if they are good songs, bad songs, if they’re serious, if they’re silly, I’m just gonna create it and not judge it. It led to me just doubling down on my commitment,” explains Hey! “I didn’t plan on writing a song every single day for over five years. It just happened.”

Hey! started writing music in 2008 as an independent artist. Feeling that music had been following his various paths serendipitously—taking acting courses that always ended up having singing involved—he decided to return to music-making after a 30-day challenge that was brought to his attention by a friend who was a contestant on The Voice. The friend ended up with 4 songs, while Hey! wrote 22 songs. He soon reached out to a producer friend in L.A. (Jonny On The Rocks) and started production on those 22 songs.

That soon led to writing and producing “Beat For The Gods” by actress Laverne Cox, which reached no. 41 on the Billboard Dance Club charts. That pushed Hey!’s energy threshold to songwriter even more, but this time having fun with that drive and creating music with an organic heart.

“It’s a journey where I’m learning to just be open, be flexible, and especially with writing a song every day, I never know what the subject matter is going to be, but I do show up to write it when it does drop in,” says Hey!

In another cosmic shift for the artist, after traveling to Puerto Rico to visit friends, Hey! ended up filming a music video. Word of mouth led to connecting with musician John Beyer, leading up to a writing and collaborating partnership that produced tracks such as “Powerless” and Hey!’s latest tracks “No Samples” and “RA-TA-TAT-TAT.” While Beyer’s musical influences ranged from balladeers, crooners, and classic rock, the pair managed to meet in the middle symbiotically and have maintained their musical partnership for 3 years.

“No Samples” is about not compromising when one knows what they want, written during the COVID-19 quarantine when Hey! was feeling isolated.

“I got through most of the pandemic by myself, then I said, okay, if I’m gonna want those things, and I do want love in my life, I’m not trying to settle for it. I want the steak. I want a 5-course meal. I don’t want no Happy Meal.” he explains, then quoting the song’s lyrics with a beat reminiscent of old-school R&B, “I’m holding out for something special and amazing.”

“RA-TA-TAT-TAT” is an anti-gun violence track co-written with Beyer. Since Hey! had grown up in the projects in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Red Hook, he’d initially been resistant to releasing the track that’s lyrics run dark. But just like his openness as a songwriter on his other tracks, he wanted to embrace “RA-TA-TAT-TAT” and realized its significance. Hey! soon had the hook for the song and its structure.

“As much as I did not want to touch it, it’s important because it’s a problem. We need to hear more songs that are anti-guns that have the recognition of the problem in all the major cities it’s happening in,” says Hey! “When we wrote the song, it was definitely geared towards inner city violence, black-on-black crime. But as we know now, bullets don’t discriminate, and this song is for everyone that’s been affected by gun violence.”

Since its release, Hey! and Beyer have performed the track at Spotify headquarters, and it has reached over 100,000 streams on the platform. Hey!’s daily songs are also leading him to a future EP release and continuing his songwriting partnership with Beyer—including what they describe as a potential hit track, titled “Money Girl,” a female-empowerment song about financial independence.

Benjamin Hey!’s journey over the past 5 years has led him to a lush music career–embracing opportunity one song at a time.

[Single] JRealityG “Get This Money” | @JRealityG


(Jasper, Florida – November 11, 2022) – Lake City, Florida-based music label, DSG Productions ends the year with a catchy club banger infectiously called “Get This Money”.

Produced by platinum producer M.Geezy who most notably co-produced the YK Osiris hit single “Worth It”, which is currently sitting at 275 million streams on Spotify. In the chorus, featured rapper JReality G gives his story of getting to the bag when everybody wants to see him fail. With a catchy chorus “Come get a bag from me, Shake ya lil a** for me, Don’t be a crash dummy, Get this Get this Get this money”, DSG and JRealityG have a solid hit on their hands. JReality has a flow that is not just centered on his Florida base and comes across confidently in his rap cadence.

According to DSG CEO, Terry Brown “This song is a guaranteed vibe that the label felt would be good at the club and the strip club anthem that relates to the confident and sexy female audience as well as anyone who is working hard to get to the money.” DSG Productions partnered with online music distributor, Big Top Entertainment (BTOPENT) for the worldwide release of “Get This Money” with an anticipated street date of November 11, 2022. “BTOPENT came highly recommended” states Terry Brown, “We hope to build this partnership, expand our brand and also pitch songs for licensing and synchronization opportunities in tv, movies, and video games.

You should expect to hear more from JRealityG as he continues to build his fan base and do what naturally comes after releasing a great record ‘Get This Money’!


For media inquiries, please contact Terry Brown at @DSG Productionsllc.


DSG Productions

Big Top Entertainment L.L.C.

Introducing Southeast Washington artist, Dat Kid Wingz


Dat Kid Wingz is a Multi-Genre artist from Southeast Washington, DC. At the age of 8 he realized he had a passion for music and became a Dj. He later began writing his own music at age 12 after hearing so many styles of music. Now he is looking to reshape the music because he was “…tired hearing too much trash music”. Growing up in the Chocolate City has taught Wingz the importance of finding a passion , and music comes naturally. His music brings out the best in himself and others. His style is slowly changing the music world as we know it. In the past year, has been on 5 multi-city tours. And is often in attendance at big networking events. Big projects to be expected in 2023.