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Joshua Michael inspires people struggling with pain by highlighting the joys of life in new single ‘House of Pain’ 

SAGINAW, MI – Joy and pain are two things that Joshua Michael has experienced in spades and as such, he’s uniquely equipped to explore the nuances of those dueling feelings through his unique brand of music. 

Overcoming Crohn’s disease has been a major part of Joshua’s journey, and he’s turned to things like boxing and physical fitness to help overcome that overwhelming pain. Through those things, he’s found job that he now wants to pass along to others with his latest single “House of Pain.”  

“It’s a song that introduces everything about me,” Joshua said. “My sound and the way I rap and my style – just everything. It’s about finding beauty within the beast as I invite everyone into my world (inner house). That was me, and I’m inviting people in who can relate to my music – come in to the house of pain where we can talk about life and ups and downs and the deeper roots that help grow the highest branches.” 

Joshua said he knows his music stands out from a crowded music industry because of the things he talks about with his songs. There aren’t many people in the industry exploring themes from his point of view especially in the way he does – from an inner exploration of the self.  

“I just represent self love,” he said. “When people hear my music I want them to know it always has a message and substance. It’s not something I’m just saying just for the sake of saying it. I’m really sending out messages that can really help people or soothe their pain. I want to stand for the people.” 

In addition to “House of Pain,” Joshua has also released “Devour You in Flames” which is another single about pain. He describes it as a song that encourages others to let go and let themselves heal from past wrongs. Like most of his music it’s a laid-back vibe that creates the perfect kind of atmosphere for introspection. 

“I’m not really an upbeat type of guy, so all my music is pretty chill and laid back,” he said. “This song has a suburban bassline to it and I sing a bit at the beginning before I rap and then come back to singing at the end.” 

Joshua said he plans to release new songs every two or three days for as long as he can. He’s created three mixtapes already – “House of Pain,” “Forbidden One” and most recently, “Joshua Michael.” All of his music is currently available across all streaming platforms. 

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