Twiin Flocc Sets The Tone For The Rest of the Year with their Latest Single; 2021

Double the bars, double the stars; Twiin Flocc have been making their way through the rap world. Their new hit single “2021” is a hit that you’ll want to keep in your daily rotation. With their exciting visuals and witty taglines Twiin Flocc are the ones to keep both eyes on. Packed with twice the high energy and charisma, Twiin Flocc are true entertainers.

Juan and John Lovelady, born in Columbus Ohio, relocated to NYC with their mother at the age of 4. Raised in a single parent household, Juan and John Lovelady, aka Twiin Flocc, had no choice but to be a crutch for one another to make life easier for their mother. Their occasional trips back and forth between Ohio and NYC birthed their music career. Twiin Floc built popularity amongst their peers and noticed how their humor and big personalities captivated those around them. They developed their idiosyncratic sound to set them apart from other Bronx rappers. In May 2020, Twiin Floc recorded and released their first single ever, “Twin Gloccs”. Their first music video shot by Benji Filmz was released just three weeks later. Their budding stardom has only just begun.

Like their influences Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Nipsey Hussle, Tupac, and Yo Gotti; Twiin Flocc are preparing for global notoriety. Their self-started label TwinFloccRecords has been gaining traction since the inception. Twiin Flocc is building an all star team with artist/ manager Mal Mero; and for marketing, branding and consulting, Scott Morris and the Evo Agency. Twiin Flocc are ready to take flight.


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