OgDaKween introduces the world to her single “Thick” @Kweenog1


OgDaKween, formally known as KweenE; continues to strive to reach the top, with her unique presentations of creativity. OgDaKween recently released her single: Thick, (a rythmic uptempo melodic rant) to say the least, expressing her feelings towards haters & situations, that are nonetheless relatable by many worldwide, after all who doesn’t have haters right?

In this track there is no evidence of her holding back, and did I say Thick offers a catchy tune? Catchy & Raunchy! Since releasing Thick, OgDaKween has gone on to do several features, collaborating with other artists, as well working on other solo projects of her own. Needless to say the young lady is definitely making a name for herself. From poverty to power, is how she describes her reality and rise, keep your eyes and ears open for more of OgDaKween, (OgDaKween inspired by the one and only SnoopDogg), with total eagerness, abroad she shares her story of how it all came to be, so again stay tuned……

OgDaKween aka Tamara Jackson, from the poverty filled streets in the city of Chicago, going on to Phoenix Az, Madison Wi, Atlanta Ga, & more, getting in on the hiphop scene, performing at open mic events, etc….
Vowing not to ever give up on her dreams and passion, OgDaKween strongly abides by the mantra, age ain’t nothing but a number.

OgDaKween; ‘I’m pushing 50 & still gitten it in’….

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STREAM HERE- https://open.spotify.com/track/3VvHtNLUcazLcnmNBuPhRk?si=XM8FgUdjSAe1OwMkHokRjQ

[New Music] BaBBLEoN- Holy Death


“BaBBLEoN “worldtour”” is a Rapper/songwriter from the Midwest educated by the 90s and 2000s. From the fringe lifestyles of skateboarding and street ball, all the way to Disney and pop culture, BaBBLEoN pulls influences from all life experience. The music created often bounces from a memorable melodic melody to an in your face lyric that will keep you wanting more. In a crazy industry BaBBLEoN will be a voice for all people and a beacon of hope for real passionate hip hop/music lovers.

“Hip-hop music has always been about knowledge, lyrics and a particular “hustler”way of life. So, by following that code I live like a sponge trying constantly soak up the world around me just to spit it right back out.”

INSTAGRAM- @babbleonworldtour

Stream the single here- https://unitedmasters.com/m/638e0d815086670ce544ee33

Bigg Dest releases new single Booty Girls on all platforms


Destiny Johnson, a/k/a “BIGG DEST” is a musical upcoming recording artist from Chicago, IL. Raised on the West Side of Chicago, Destiny first began writing music in 2011 during her elementary school days but was most inspired by her boyfriend, and family members to pursue music in July 2022.

She has also lost loved ones to gun violence which cause a lot of pain but motivated her even more. Destiny comes from a big family she is number 8th child out of 10 kids her mom has. She’s 22-year-old with 2 kids a daughter and a son. Also, destiny writes her own music and even build up her own small personal studio in her mom basement

Although Destiny is an upcoming rapper, she has dropped her first 2 singles “Booty Girls” and “FASTER”, Destiny shows her versatility while remaining motivated and Unbothered. BIGG DEST is currently promoting her first new music video “Faster” with 2 Other Featured Artists “DR Big Chris” and Blazo Destiny has also been promoting her music through other social media accounts such as tiktok and Spotify.

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Instagram: @bigg_dest
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Xcellence Podcast Episode 6! Kanye or Coon Ya


Xcellent World is the new podcast from Xcellence. On this new platform he covers hot topics from pop culture in the world of fashion, music, sports and entertainment.

Check out a segment on Episode where Xcellece shares his thought on Kanye’s Anti-Blackness after being spotted wearing a ‘White Lives Matter’ shirt at his daughter’s basketball game,

Business Mogul Maxwell Billieon & NBA Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas @MaxwellBillieon


Providing tools and information to help people become successful millionaires, business mogul Maxwell Billieon presents CAPITALIZE: The Business of Doing Business.

CAPITALIZE master classes provide instructional modern business strategies for people of all ages for free. This 100% virtual program is moderated by Maxwell Billieon and features this week’s guest NBA Hall of Fame Superstar and businessman, Isiah Thomas!

Maxwell Billieon created CAPITALIZE to address the need to build economic empowerment, business literacy and increase generational wealth. “My vision is to eradicate poverty by providing information that only wealthy people have known until now. I have enlisted the biggest names in business and media to help me teach people from their own personal and professional experiences.”

This week’s virtual class will be Tuesday October 11th at 6pm. To register join Zoom Meeting and enter 87803089161

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Where is Eminem? Xcellent World Show Ep. 5 Topic @Xcellentworld


Xcellent World is the new show from Xcellence. On this new dope platform, he covers everything from pop culture in the world of music and sports and everything else in entertainment.

Check out a segment on Episode 5 where Xcellent ask about rap superstar Eminem’s whereabouts?

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New Music! Paul Rello “War” ft. Alyssa Puletz @paulrello_


Paul Rello is from New York City, looking to make his name in the rap game. The Golden Gloves boxer, while he is known to get busy in the ring, is now showing you his skills on the mic. He drops the new single “War” that features Alyssa Puletz. War is one of those songs that delves into Paul’s personal life, giving you detailed insight of struggle and hardship. Even with all that being said, life is about perseverance and the will to win, no matter the challenge. That’s what you get with “War” from Paul Rello.

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LISTEN HERE- https://soundcloud.com/paul-rello/paul-rello-ft-alyssa-puletz

Tre Hoover Releases Latest Single “Space Coupe”


Tre’Von Hoover who goes by the stage name Tre Hoover aka MopTopp hails from Ohio. Born and raised in Cleveland, Tre Hoover is getting set to become Rap’s very first VibeStar ™! In the direction that music has been heading nowadays, it’s very rare that new artists can come into the game and break the norm. Tre Hoover is one of those artists that brings innovation into music by pushing the game to a brand new level with his genre combining music style. His vocals allow him to bring melodic cadence along with grungy singing that makes his music stand out from the rest. He is the first proclaimed VibeStar™ in the game & he wants the music he makes to be timeless.

Tre is truly an amazing artist, with a great personality, that got popular with his debut single “MopTopp”, which was released through Elevator magazine, Daily Chiefers, and thisis50.com in May 2016, with over 100k plays in the first year. He performed in many shows from 2016 to Present. He also went on 4 City Tour: Chicago, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, and Akron in 2016. Tre followed up with the release of his first EP “Drugrats”, released in January 2017. His single “Madonna” was aired on Radio One Station, Z107.9, multiple times throughout 2017. Also in 2017, Tre performed at Coast2CoastLive as a Featured Artist 2x, once in February & once in April. He performed at DYNMCN Music Conference in Atlanta, GA in the month of July 2017. He performed at SXSW for the first time in 2016 & then again in 2017. In August of 2017, Tre Hoover was also the opening act for Lil Uzi Vert in Columbus, OH. Tre Hoover released his newest single “Call Your Name” in December 2018. Tre Hoover interviewed on iHeart Radio 106.7 The Beat with Midwest Mally in January 2019 with the release of “Call Your Name”. Tre Hoover has been busy in 2021 with performances at LitFest performing with Twista, Doobie & Luke Nasty. Also performing as featured guest artist on the Streets Most Wanted Tour. In October 2021, Tre Hoover toured with Riff Raff on the 15 city & Tour. Tre Hoover also performed at ASTROS Studios First Annual MUSIC FESTIVAL 2021! Tre Hoover performed on the Ty Bri For One Tour in December 2021. Check out the write up blogs on YoRaps.com and Hip Hop Weekly.

Tre Hoover’s new single “Space Coupe” is out now on all platforms. More and more to come.

About the future he said, “I just plan to keep creating new sounds, new vibes, & new music for my fans to keep them inspired and motivated.”

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Spotify Link: https://open.spotify.com/track/0zpjhYwQQEDkoqHTF3ah2a?si=bb0b8f0e3ea64f48

New Video!!! Myster Whyo “Right On Tyme” Ft. Dominic @MysterWhyo


Myster Whyo is back with a new single and brand new visual to “Right On Tyme” ft. Dominic. Representing Yonkers, New York, Myster Whyo had a brief hiatus from music now returns with all the motivation in the world to shake things up. Right On Tyme came after Myster Yo gained some inspiration from close friends after playing them some new music. While planning to take a trip to Las Vegas for Memorial Weekend, he got a phone call to shoot a video from and the rest was history.

Right On Tyme is the perfect warm weather vibe where you kick it by the pool, beautiful woman and all. The record is produced by Kool DJ Daze!

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STREAM VIDEO HERE- https://youtu.be/1-JEeJSZnQs