B.Ankha talks about relationship honesty, communication, and barriers in premiere video for “Mind Games.”


A relationship between a man and a woman can be a complicated one, and in that relationship, there are usually a list of things that can quickly turn a good vibe to a bad vibe. Communication, frustration and being defensive can be some things on that list.

On Feb 2nd, 2024, at 6pm Eastern, the world of music got to witness B.Ankha premiere the exclusive visual for her latest single title “Mind Games”. Through her soulful voice she describes her experience with her significant other and that he has pain to come to terms with.

Mind Games breaks down her frustration with this type of behavior and no matter what she does, she is not getting through. In this relationship, she can’t and will not be the blame for the trauma’s that he faces while at the same time recognizing her own triggers.

Mind Games was produced by Haysuse with incredible visuals by Wonton Designz, so if you haven’t had the opportunity to see this masterpiece yet, you need to tune in now.

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