Lord Panda introduces the world to Panda World

Industry Spotlight

Panda World is an online community founded by Lord Panda and created to share his life with his 3 girlfriends. Lord Panda is a 40 year old US Marine, Stanford Grad, I.T. Systems Architect, BJJ Brown Belt, Professional Gamer and Musician. Lord Panda has been a Master of kink for 20 years and all 3 of his girlfriends are his collared 24/7 TPE slaves.

Lord Panda is a prominent figure in the adult content creation and social media influencer space, known for their leadership role in the Panda World metaverse community. As the Chief of House Panda and a member of the Panda World Council, Lord Panda is a key figure in the kinkster community and the adult internet as a whole.

As the leader of the warlike Panda Tribe, Lord Panda and their followers maintain a constant state of preparation for conquest, worshiping the gods of war and embracing militaristic and sadistic tactics. Their ultimate goal is the complete domination of the adult internet, and Lord Panda is determined to achieve this by any means necessary.

Despite their aggressive and unforgiving nature, Lord Panda is respected and admired by many within the kinkster community for their strength, power, and unwavering dedication to their cause. With their charismatic personality and bold leadership style, Lord Panda has become a beloved figure in the world of adult content creation and social media influence.


New Video- Bella Bae “Got Em Hot” @_tharealbella


Little Rock, Arkansas own, Bucktown made, Bella Bae reps her city with new anthem/ visuals for “Got Em Hot” and delivers major girl boss energy. The video is meant to inspire small town women like herself, letting them know, It’s time to shine. Furthermore, It’s to showcase that females are much more than their looks and it’s time to reclaim their power. The concept of the song came from someone arrogantly questioning why Bella considered music and her response with all the confidence in her body was “oh, I Got Em Hot, they big mad”. Bellas unstoppable attitude is why “Make Em Hot” is the embodiment of her willingness to succeed through motivation and consistency.

The audio was released December 8th, 2022 and will show a more spicy but unapologetic side of Bella Bae. With a catchy hook accompanied with an uptempo Bucktown flow, Bella believes this record offers the total Package. Listeners will be enamored by the energy of this record / visual with memorable bars like “Ice a bihh out I’m cold every season, VeeVee’s on my neck now I’m freezing for no reason”.

Released on January 6th 2023,The visual gives viewers a glimpse of Bellas hometown and context or where she has been. The point is to shine a bigger light on where she is going and the impact she will have on aspiring females. The Producer TSH Madeit , and engineer Don Keys, was able to cultivate a drill club vibe with their collaboration on “Got Em Hot”.

With an authentic sound, Bella Bae is certainly one to keep on the radar as she gears up for a promo run with show dates on February 2nd-5th in Los Angeles ,CA & in March, from the 15th -19th In Austin, Texas. Bella has a strong track record of showing up and over achieving on every outing, whether she is performing or recording music. Bella understands that she has a ways to go but states “I might be a small pup now, but I’m coming for the big dogs..I’m not all bark, I got a big bite.” further solidifying her willingness to put value in relationships rather than money and fame.

Watch “Got Em Hot” and for everything Bella Bae

Icewear Vezzo & 55Bagz @55bagz Returns with “Play My Hand”


55 Bagz is a rap artist hailing from Cleveland, OH. “I’m from Down The Way, the worst part of Cleveland,” says Bagz. Introduced to music at an early age to help combat a speech problem, music has always been a part of his life. He began taking music seriously and recorded his first real track in 2015. Influenced by a variety of artists such as FatMan Key and Musiq Soulchild, Bagz has a unique approach to his sound.

His latest project is inspired by what he has been experiencing lately; murder, the streets and depression. 55 Bagz latest single, “Play My Hand” featuring IceWear Vezzo was produced by CashMoneyAP and will be on his upcoming untitled project. The video for the single is anticipated to be released Spring 2023 and you can catch him on tour Spring/Summer 2023.

“Stay you , you’re always going to win if you’re only being yourself . Never do anything because of the internet , money , or because everyone says you should . DO WHAT FEELS RIGHT to YOU because the only thing everybody has in common is that we all die …” -55Bagz

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“STREAM PLAY MY HAND ON SPOTIFY”- https://open.spotify.com/track/6nDH6SfFFisOAhIx1koWRa?si=e3d88b126be543bd

New Alylah Divine Releases New Video For “Dancing In The Dark”


Alylah Laquan Divine Brown also known as Alylah Divine is a nineteen year old artist from the city of Akron, Ohio. She started making music at the end of 2021. Originally She was in a duo with another artist. They decided to go their own ways but Alylah continued to make music that resonated with her. She is inspired by the talent and work ethic of female artists like, Beyoncé, Ari Lennox, Justine Skye, and Muni Long. Her favorite artist currently is Doja Cat. She admires how versatile Doja is as an artist. It took her a while to find her pocket genre wise but she would consider herself a pop artist with R&B undertones. She enjoys ballads but also fast paced hype songs. A highlight of hers is at her first performance ever. Many people enjoyed her sound and wanted to know where to find Alylah Divine on streaming platforms. Alylah makes music for lover girls who have been hurt before and are trying to heal.

After the success of her first single, “Time,” Alylah has released her second single, “Dancing In The Dark.” The new ballad produced Chop God is gaining recognition as quickly as first single.

“The concept from Dancing in the Dark that I really want listeners to understand is gratefulness for a partner. This generation has a funny way of showing love for others and it becomes very toxic. I have been on the receiving end of that and I felt very unappreciated. But through it all there is always room for growth. I really want those emotions to come through.”-Alylah Divine”.

You can follow her music career on Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter @alylahdivine.

STREAM DANCING IN THE DARK HERE- https://open.spotify.com/track/5QmkrTBJbdqh2340xArlBF?si=40afbf87fc334ced&nd=1

Tre Hoover Releases Latest Project “The Road Less Traveled”


Tre’Von Hoover who goes by the stage name Tre Hoover aka MopTopp hails from Ohio. Born and raised in Cleveland, Tre Hoover is getting set to become Rap’s very first VibeStar ™! In the direction that music has been heading nowadays, it’s very rare that new artists can come into the game and break the norm. Tre Hoover is one of those artists that brings innovation into music by pushing the game to a brand new level with his genre combining music style. His vocals allow him to bring melodic cadence along with grungy singing that makes his music stand out from the rest. He is the first proclaimed VibeStar™ in the game & he wants the music he makes to be timeless.

Tre is truly an amazing artist, with a great personality, that got popular with his debut single “MopTopp”, which was released through Elevator magazine, Daily Chiefers, and thisis50.com in May 2016, with over 100k plays in the first year. He performed in many shows from 2016 to Present. He also went on 4 City Tour: Chicago, West Virginia, Pittsburgh, and Akron in 2016. Tre followed up with the release of his first EP “Drugrats”, released in January 2017. His single “Madonna” was aired on Radio One Station, Z107.9, multiple times throughout 2017. Also in 2017, Tre performed at Coast2CoastLive as a Featured Artist 2x, once in February & once in April. He performed at DYNMCN Music Conference in Atlanta, GA in the month of July 2017. He performed at SXSW for the first time in 2016 & then again in 2017. In August of 2017, Tre Hoover was also the opening act for Lil Uzi Vert in Columbus, OH. Tre Hoover released his newest single “Call Your Name” in December 2018. Tre Hoover interviewed on iHeart Radio 106.7 The Beat with Midwest Mally in January 2019 with the release of “Call Your Name”. Tre Hoover has been busy in 2021 with performances at LitFest performing with Twista, Doobie & Luke Nasty. Also performing as featured guest artist on the Streets Most Wanted Tour. In October 2021, Tre Hoover toured with Riff Raff on the 15 city & Tour. Tre Hoover also performed at ASTROS Studios First Annual MUSIC FESTIVAL 2021! Tre Hoover performed on the Ty Bri For One Tour in December 2021. Check out the write up blogs on YoRaps.com and Hip Hop Weekly.

The new album is full of bangers including his Tre’s hit singles “Space Coupe” and “No Extras” featuring Twista.

“The Road Less Traveled” is out now on all platforms. More and more to come.

About the future he said, “I just plan to keep creating new sounds, new vibes, & new music for my fans to keep them inspired and motivated.”

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Stream The Road Less Traveled EP here- https://music.apple.com/us/album/the-road-less-traveled-ep/1656989297

Chicago artist RansomMoney releases new single 5.5.6 on all platforms now @brandonransom4


Born on the east side of Chicago in 1992, RansomMoney starting rapping in the 6th grade. Writing was an escape and way to express feelings and the way he viewed the world. He was good with words even better with the pen. Ransom is very musically inclined and began playing the drums at 7 years old. Ransom went to Joseph Warren Elementary on 93rd and Jeffery and highschool at Kenwood Academy on 51st and black stone. Ransom also attended Northern Illinois University. He recorded his first song in 2010 and was a part of a rap group BankBoyz with his friend Chuck. Ransom released his first project in 2019 which was produced fully by producer Kidd flare. This was a 5-track ep. The project is called free bro hosted by his blood cousin DJ Relly. In 2021 RansomMoney released his first single under stage name and dropping songs consistently.



STREAM NOW ON DIGITAL PLATFORMS- https://unitedmasters.com/m/62f16336016afc64726d48bd

Cleveland’s Idd Ack Buzz Is Going Crazy with “Hop” Video


With catchy beats, infectious dance moves and an insane work ethic, Idd Ack is on his way to becoming a household name. Hailing from Buckeye Road, an inner city Cleveland neighborhood known as “Up The Way,” Idd Ack started out playing basketball in high school but then decided to pursue a career in music while on house arrest in 2019 as a way to stay out of trouble with the law.

As a child Ack was influenced by numerous rappers including Gucci, Jeezy, Lil Wayne and Jay Z who made him desire the rapper lifestyle and the attention of the masses. Ack’s breakout single “Dump The Cooler” got him his initial buzz as an artist and in the video for the single he introduced the world to his signature dance. His follow up single, “Bussin It Down,” featured Icewear Vezzo and Babyface Ray. Idd Ack is also featured on DJ Ryan Wolf’s nationally recognized song and video “Hit It” featuring Soulja Boy and Ty Bri.

In 2020, Ack stepped into the world of acting with his cameo in Ray Jr’s movie, “Rent Due,” that can be seen on Starz. He also graduated to bigger stages performing at the WENZ 2021 Summer Jam in Cleveland. Then in 2022 he opened up for Lil Durk and Rod Wave in Mississippi. Now Idd Ack has become the newest member of the Capital Structure Entertainment team.

“Hop,” produced by MattLightDaFlame and orchestrated by DJ Ryan Wolf, will be on Idd Ack’s first official EP slated to drop later this year. The motivation behind his hit single “Hop” was to showcase his well known dance called “The Fxck’Em” and give people a tutorial on how to actually do the dance.The single is currently available on all streaming platforms and the video directed by Bolo is out now on YouTube.

“I’m locked in more than ever right now and be prepared for the “Hop” remix and nothing but crazy records that are going to make the world know who Idd Ack is. Nothing more, Nothing less… It’s on da Flo!” -Idd Ack

Keep Up With Idd Ack:

Instagram- @ACKYY__

STREAM ON APPLIE MUSIC- https://music.apple.com/us/album/hop/1583291168?i=1583291172

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QS5TtYhu3E

OgDaKween introduces the world to her single “Thick” @Kweenog1


OgDaKween, formally known as KweenE; continues to strive to reach the top, with her unique presentations of creativity. OgDaKween recently released her single: Thick, (a rythmic uptempo melodic rant) to say the least, expressing her feelings towards haters & situations, that are nonetheless relatable by many worldwide, after all who doesn’t have haters right?

In this track there is no evidence of her holding back, and did I say Thick offers a catchy tune? Catchy & Raunchy! Since releasing Thick, OgDaKween has gone on to do several features, collaborating with other artists, as well working on other solo projects of her own. Needless to say the young lady is definitely making a name for herself. From poverty to power, is how she describes her reality and rise, keep your eyes and ears open for more of OgDaKween, (OgDaKween inspired by the one and only SnoopDogg), with total eagerness, abroad she shares her story of how it all came to be, so again stay tuned……

OgDaKween aka Tamara Jackson, from the poverty filled streets in the city of Chicago, going on to Phoenix Az, Madison Wi, Atlanta Ga, & more, getting in on the hiphop scene, performing at open mic events, etc….
Vowing not to ever give up on her dreams and passion, OgDaKween strongly abides by the mantra, age ain’t nothing but a number.

OgDaKween; ‘I’m pushing 50 & still gitten it in’….

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Twitter @Kweenog1,
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STREAM HERE- https://open.spotify.com/track/3VvHtNLUcazLcnmNBuPhRk?si=XM8FgUdjSAe1OwMkHokRjQ

[New Music] BaBBLEoN- Holy Death


“BaBBLEoN “worldtour”” is a Rapper/songwriter from the Midwest educated by the 90s and 2000s. From the fringe lifestyles of skateboarding and street ball, all the way to Disney and pop culture, BaBBLEoN pulls influences from all life experience. The music created often bounces from a memorable melodic melody to an in your face lyric that will keep you wanting more. In a crazy industry BaBBLEoN will be a voice for all people and a beacon of hope for real passionate hip hop/music lovers.

“Hip-hop music has always been about knowledge, lyrics and a particular “hustler”way of life. So, by following that code I live like a sponge trying constantly soak up the world around me just to spit it right back out.”

INSTAGRAM- @babbleonworldtour

Stream the single here- https://unitedmasters.com/m/638e0d815086670ce544ee33