DanteWuzHere Released Its Over(Goodbye)


Born in Bradenton, Florida on February 20th to an African American mother and a Cuban father Singer/Songwriter Danté Suarez professionally known DanteWuzHere grew up in the music mecca of Atlanta, Georgia. A chance meeting with industry veteran Debra Killings jump-started his love for the recording studio and writing songs. The turning point for the ambitious singer occurred when his former manager took him to RCA Records resulting in a recording contract directly from RCA Records head Bob Jamieson and subsequently his debut album Inferno.

His latest single “It’s Over (Goodbye)” an emotional ballad accompanied by acoustic guitar was written by Merecco Turner and DanteWuzHere and produced by Billionaire Focus Group and was considered in the category of Best R&B performance for the 64th Annual Grammy Awards.  There’s nothing new about a break-up song, but this one is special. A good one can dredge up painful memories and take you to a place you secretly hoped to never revisit. Some empower and provide you with just enough fuel to continue to drive on, and others take you on a rollercoaster ride that will have you anticipating the highs and dreading the lows but, appreciative of the ride and saying, ‘It’s Over (Goodbye)’ at the end.  If one had to place this DanteWuzHere in a box, musically, you couldn’t because he’s an experience. If folk, pop and soul music were headed to an alternative concert and stopped to pick up Lenny Kravitz, Seal and Kurt Cobain along the way – DanteWuzHere would be their Uber driver.

His Paradiso EP is set to release spring 2023 predominantly written by himself with contributions from Billionaire Focus Group and Grammy nominated singer songwriter Ryan Toby (Usher, Mary J. Blige, Chris Brown)

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2tLbKq6BSqkvgW1N5GpiIO
YouTube: https://youtu.be/AMWbdD_NtG8



Rising Delaware rap artist RU$H is back at it again with his latest project Untouchable feat. Jay Nice, Big Cheeko, & Tha God Fahim. The new track comes on the heels of albums Famili 2 & Famili 3 released in 2021. RU$H is a studio workhorse and creates quality music every year. With his dedication to music & his fans, RU$H has become a household name, making a name for himself in the music industry. The undeniable rise to success has been imminent for the rapper and recording artist.

To keep up with RU$H you can follow him on IG @therushrushrush

Hip-Hop Group The Underdogs Aspire to Inspire

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Hip-hop group The Underdogs are embracing imperfections, and creating a brand and musical identity that emphasizes on helping others through hard times.

On their latest single “Be About It,” the New Jersey-based trio—Lady Ink, Rafayel, and Butta—go straight to the point on the track, and see it as a gateway for listeners towards the rest of their music.

“We have Spanish records, we have records about the struggle, but I feel like people receive those things better when they know you better. And so that’s why I felt “Be About It” was one of the stronger ones to push as a record and to drop first because it’s very straight to the point,” says Lady Ink. “We’re just trying to engage the audience before we try and convince them of anything. When it goes like the more emotional records or the records that we’re trying to pull out people’s heartstrings we have to get the people engaged first before we drop those.”

The Underdogs met through mutual friends. Butta is cousins with Raf while Lady Ink re-connected with him through Instagram after he moved from Florida to NJ. Lady Ink has experience in the industry, previously signed to Hit City Records at 17-years-old, and Rafayel’s own project has over 80,000 streams on Spotify.

Their music ranges in variety—trap music, Latino rap that represents their Dominican and Puerto Rican cultures, and East Coast-style bars. On their 2022 record Who let The Dogs out? The Underdogs represent all of that, showing listeners what they’ve got.

But that isn’t all that they’ve got. Underdogs are both their sound, and a collective brand and movement. Under the name 360 Underdog, the group sells a luxury sneaker brand handcrafted in Italy. It’s not just about the aesthetic, but a way for Underdogs to help and advocate for others in need

“The whole point in creating the brand was to reach those people who we can relate to, people who come from nothing and those people who have those doubts and kind of hard to believe in themselves to do anything in life,” explains Lady Ink. “I want to be the advocate for comfortable living, basic human needs, and giving back to the communities in ways where it’s consistent […] We buy into so many things and we support so many things and there seems to be little to no return in doing those things. And I really want my brand Underdog to be that one where I invested in this brand, I’m wearing it, and I can really see how it's putting structure in my life or affecting my life in a positive way and it's not just for show or for glamor. It's really helping people at the end of the day consistently.”

Underdogs want to connect in-person with fans once they begin performing live, and getting their energy out there. But there’s no rush—the group wants to create as much content as  possible for listeners to see and for them to understand how serious they are about their work.

“I don’t want to go out there and try to connect with people and they search us and we have one video and an album. I feel like I really want to get a good amount of content and product out there that when we do reach the consumers and we do get our energy out there, they have something to go off,” says Lady Ink. “We're really just taking our time and really putting our best foot forward and making sure that everything we put out there is 100%.”

Make sure to stay connected to The Underdogs on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.
Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/who-let-the-dogs-out/1645191998
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jGuJCaNDU_I
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/360underdog/

New music ‘Act Up’ by female star, iamtheHopemusic!

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If you are looking for a fierce, and fiery new female star in the making, then look no further than, singer-songwriter, rapper, and dancer, iamtheHopemusic. Originally from Las Vegas, Nevada and inspired by artists such as Normani and Doja Cat, iamtheHopemusic is extremely committed to excellence, growth, and forward momentum! She is hands-on in every aspect of her career, from the obvious elements such as song-writing, recording, and creative direction, to the potentially not-so-obvious facets such as being her own stylist and makeup artist!  Going on 10 years in the music industry, iamtheHopemusic has been strengthening her resolve and using the many ups and downs of her journey, to power her unique approach, delivery and visual choices. Her live performances are another area that she stands far out from other artists in her genre. She takes pride in building her shows to be an engaging and captivating experience that is high-energy, and includes a lot of choreography!
 iamtheHopemusic promises to deliver more music and visual content for her supporters and fans, in the coming months, and her latest single “Act Up” which has already charted solo on the iTunes Pop Chart, is a much-needed breath of fresh air for her, and an opportunity to let loose a bit considering her consistent hard work and dedication to her craft.  She shared that 2022 has been a rough year for more reasons than one, but wants her followers to recognize that resilience, hard work, and faith will yield results that no man can take away!

In regards to her latest single, iamtheHopemusic would like to give a special thanks to Raphael RJ2 (Beats How U Want Em) for music production, King Al Hefner (Vidz How U Want Em Cinematography) for visual production, and her management team JAHMa for everything they do behind the scenes!Be sure to tune in and keep up with her continuing journey. She will not disappoint!

Quashawn Toler professional boxer


Quashawn Toler is an American professional boxer from Cincinnati, Ohio

Quashawn Toler is an American professional boxer from Cincinnati, Ohio managed by NorthEnd Management. He competes in the welterweight division and has a record of 15-1 with 11 KOs. Toler describes himself as someone who “puts God first” and is trying to make his way “out of the struggle to provide for his family and children.”

Quashawn Toler

Management: Quashawn Toler
NorthEnd Management

King Guru Introduces KG Magazine – Available Now



By Wilberto Belardo

It ceases to amaze me when I see individuals overcome overwhelming obstacles. Over the last several years, while the rest of the country had their attention taken by the craziness of our times one inmate serving a life sentence on the West Coast has been on a serious grind.

King Guru, author of the best-selling urban series DEVILS AND DEMONS has surprised us again with his ‘against all odds ingenuity.’ Not only has he managed to produce his own podcast called DA TRUTH (available on Spotify), but now he’s come out with a nonnude exotic model magazine.

The Cell Block author saw a hole created by the passing of DJ KAY SLAY publisher and owner of STRAIGHT STUNTIN MAGAZINE and slithered through it while no one was looking. With the advantage of MAGCLOUD an on-demand magazine publishing company and a black market cell phone, King Guru created KG MAGAZINE.

As far as product content, it’s amazing! Put KG MAGAZINE next to its competitors; VIRAL MAGAZINE, PHAT PUFFS, BOTTLES AND MODELZ, and you can see for yourself that he’s putting them to shame! All from inside a level four prison cell in the CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS AND REHABILITATION.

Check ‘im out. KG MAGAZINE Volumes 1 through 4 are available now on MagCloud.com. King Guru’s Instagram @stuntin_resurrected. His podcast is called Da Truth and it’s available on Spotify. His website and blog are on www.kinggurudalegend.com.

I’m telling you, The Cell Block author is silently carving out a corner for himself in the hip-hop industry. Don’t sleep on him!



All smiles for National Author Shontel Greene after book sales hit over 10,000 units the first week of the release of Mastermind


Shontel Greene releases book Mastermind: Born a Statistic, Determined to Die a Winner 12 Years Later

All smiles for National Author Shontel Greene after book sales hit over 10,000 units the first week of the release of Mastermind. Shontel Greene known as “Baltimore’s Empress” has evolved from a once titled, American Gangster/Drug Dealer, to a renown woman of excellence. Recently featured on the BET series “Trap Queens”, the empress was able to highlight the hardships of her childhood and display for the masses the decision-making that led to her survival. Greene plans to publish her memoir, simply titled Mastermind, later this year. The highly-anticipated read will cover everything from her upbringing with a mother cursed by addiction to coming into the drug game for the sake of survival. The streets by no means were an easy teacher. Shontel faced much hardship and many years in a game where she became subject to robberies, kidnapping, multiple arrests and near death experiences like being shot. It was when Judge Johnson mercifully reduced her 20-year sentence that Greene realized she was headed down the wrong path and committed to change. Unlike many in her situation, Greene has always been a lover of knowledge and maintained her studies. With that mindset, she managed to complete two master’s degrees and a doctorate in nursing, in addition to founding and running several successful businesses. In the midst of grossing millions annually, she discovered her passion and founded Nursez R Us, which has now become one of the largest healthcare employers in Maryland. Greene is now one of America’s most successful businesswomen and shares her wealth of knowledge in her forthcoming book Mastermind, which details her journey. Her goal is to be an inspiration and the light at the end of the tunnel for many who may be where she once was, in the dark. Visit shontelgreene.biz to learn more about Baltimore’s Empress.

Nursez R Us
Baltimore, MD 21202

Shontel Greene

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Blueface Cops New Custom Made Iced Out Watch Designed By Avianne and Co.


Rap Star Blueface, loves to be flashy and has a keen eye for jewelry. Recently linking up with Avianne & Co., Check out the recent watch design he copped from NYC’s premier celebrity jeweler.

Blueface loves the color blue and if you follow him and a fan of rap, we all KNOW why. Check out this exclusive watch piece designed by Avianne & Co.

CHECK IT OUT HERE- https://www.instagram.com/reel/CfUQxH4AUXJ/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y%3D

Who Is Zai?

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Zai, sometimes called “Chameleon” really lives up to his nickname from studying Electrical Engineering to a career in the music industry. Zai discovered his passion for music while attending TSU, focusing on his studies but also making his dreams come true by performing at local shows and writing for various upcoming artists.

In 2016, Zai released his first Hip-Hop/ Pop EP entitled “Going Up” this really gave him the push to keep going further in his music career. Inspired by artistes such as Michael Jackson, Missy Elliot, The Notorious B.I.G, and Lil Wayne, Zai is truly a triple threat. Zai, the song writer, Zai the rapper, and Zai the singer brings a unique and refreshing style to the music industry. This drive and commitment to stay true to his love of music but also finishing his degree comes from his upbringing in Timberlake, A rough neighborhood in Memphis, Tennessee. Coming from this neighborhood set these goals to become better and to excel in everything he put his mind to and achieve his dreams. Determined to put these dreams in fruition, he took that step to pursue his music career and traveled to Atlanta, Georgia to network.

In traveling, Zai meets Andre “Dre the URL” Williams who gave him his first taste of the music industry, trusted in his talent, and ultimately provided opportunities for him to work on various projects. Zai will release his debut album titled “Dedication” a hip-hop/pop project in late 2022 under a distribution deal through The Stachehaus, Sony Orchard & KMG.

Instagram: @TheZaiYancey Twitter: @TheZaiYancey

Who is Vic Vegas?

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Vic Vegas is an artist and producer from Cleveland, OH. His style is true to who he is. His music is social commentary. He addresses the social, economic plight that impoverished communities deal with on a day to day basis.

Vi is a dual threat as all of his projects are self produced. His music has the classic feel of the Mid 90’s with soul samples and hard beats. Vic paints a mental picture so graphic that you feel as if you’re part of the story. He has something unique that the industry has been missing, truth and authenticity.

Stay in touch with Vic Vegas Ig: @vic_vegas216 Twitter: @VICVEGAS216