Ife Senoj – I H.A.T.E. U (Ft. Mister Aubs., Steve Legacy)

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Midwest producer, writer, and artist Ife Senoj introduces himself to the world with his first single, “I H.A.T.E. U”. Ife Senoj who got his name off the movie “Love Jones” (“Ife” in Yoruba means “love” and “Senoj” is “Jones” spelled backwards.) says, “Have you wondered how men feel during times of conflict in their relationship? A lot of times men’s feelings get ignored, but we hurt also.” “I H.A.T.E. U, describes how three friends navigate through their “Love Gone Wrong” situations. It features artists Mister Aubs and Steve Legacy. Their collective talent and poetry brings a great balance of rap, rnb, and mixes different deliveries to give something ear catching to listeners.

Ife Senoj also known as producer Wes Muzik produced, wrote, and engineered the entire single showing a range of diversity when it comes to music. But he is no stranger to it. With a background in live instrumentation (drums) and a mother who plays multiple instruments and was church choir director, he knew music was in his blood.

When asked why Wez Muzik the producer made the switch to Ife Senoj the artist, he said, “ I think me being an artist is an extension of my production. I won’t say that I transitioned from one to the other, I think I just decided to utilize all of my gifts.” Indeed he has.

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Roving Jewel – On Everything (feat. Substantial)

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 Notorious producer Roving Jewel collaborates withHip Hop legends on new album ‘The 38th Expansion’ 

SACRAMENTO, CA – Roving Jewel is a beatmaker, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Sacramento, California whose new album “The 38th Expansion” gives fans of Hip Hop a throwback flavor that’s reminiscent of the mid-90s and early 2000s. With production that’s drenched in gritty Boom-Bap, Soul, Jazz, World and Psychedelia, Roving Jewel has a unique sound and style that is lighting up the West Coast. He first caught attention with his instrumental project, “Auditory Hallucinations,” earlier this year and is now ready to follow that up with his full-length album “The 38th Expansion.”  

The project is unique in that this well known industry-respected producer has partnered with 14 different artists to feature on each of the songs on the album. Artists include: Substantial, TEK (from Smif-N-Wessun), Killah Priest and Prodigal Sunn (from Sunz of Man), Casual (from Hieroglyphics), 9th Prince and Kinetic 9 (from Killarmy), Zion I, Planet Asia, C.O.N-Vers, The Shaaw Brothers, Andrew Lozano, Mother’s Milk, and El Conductor as the DJ on one of the tracks. Together, these notorious industry veterans help Roving Jewel create a sound that takes listeners back to the golden era of Hip Hop. 

“These artists are a lot of heavy hitters from the mid-90s and early 2000s hip-hop,” Roving Jewel said. “I wanted some legendary emcees on there – people who had the kind of sound I grew up with. When I pitched the idea to them, they were down to work on the project. It’s something that we’ve crafted together over the past six to eight months. I’m 38 this year, which is a big part of the reason for the name. But that number is also an auspicious number in numerology. It represents a time of growth, creativity and expansion that’s usually marked by some sort of turmoil before growth. That’s a good metaphor of 2020 and what this year has brought for so many of us. So on this album, you’re going to hear a lot of things that reflect what we’re going through in present times – from civil rights to racial tension to police brutality and of course the pandemic. Ultimately, it’s an album that captures the mindset of how everyone is making it through it.” 

The debut single from the project is a song called “On Everything” which features Substantial – known for his insightful lyrics and his work with acclaimed Japanese producer Nujabes known for his jazzy and soulful take on Hip Hop. Roving Jewel said the song definitely embraces that jazzy, soulful vibe as Substantial raps about what he’s facing as a black man in America right now and what he has to go through in his day-to-day life. It’s a song that he said not only demonstrates the individuality of each of the artists featured on the project, but also which sets the tone for the creativity and diversity of the entire album. 

“In Hip Hop, a lot of the stuff you hear in the mainstream today is Trap-infused and to me doesn’t have the soulfulness and warmness – or even the grittiness – that the mid-90s had,” he said. “I kind of wanted to embody that as an echo back to that golden era. I also included some stuff to make it sound like it was brought up in the present times and some things that can take us into the future as well. In some cases, you might hear some weird synth sounds, some angelic voices in the background, or soundscapes with sparse percussion to create that futuristic sound that pairs well with the 90s era of Hip Hop.” 

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“The 38th Expansion” 



1260BC – 1260 AM

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New album from 1260BC shares unvarnished truth of the streets 

ATLANTA, GA – A new artist from Atlanta, Georgia is bringing a style of Hip Hop to the table that is equal parts raw and respect. 1260BC is an up-and-coming rapper who is bringing his stories from the streets and sharing them with the world with unvarnished truth. In fact, it’s that realism that he most wants to be known for as an artist – something which shines bright on his latest single “1260 AM.” 

“I hate rappers who say something and really don’t live it,” he said. “That’s why I really just want everybody to know I’m telling the truth. I live what I rap.” 

1260BC said he respects rappers such as Kevin Gates and Nipsey Hussle for the energy they bring to their music and for the fact that they, too, tell the truth with their lyrics. But more than that, he said he’s always been impressed with how those legends have been able to connect with a wide audience.  

“They tell you how it is and why it is and they’re straightforward,” he said. “They tell the truth, and that’s what I want to be known for when it comes to my music. I want people to know I don’t hold back. The things that Kevin Gates has been through, I’ve been through them, too. Back in 2013, I was still in the streets and going crazy. But when I saw him on Breakfast Club, my life changed.” 

That moment served as a spark of inspiration for 1260BC who started moving away from baseball and toward music. He served for two-and-a-half years in the military and upon returning home started working with his brother on his unique sound and style as an artist. Over the past seven years, he’s been honing that sound while trying to break away from that street lifestyle that has so many consequences. For his latest single, he said he happened to get lucky with a local Atlanta producer who heard him rapping on the mic one day and offered to bring him a beat for the song. 

“I was in the studio with one of my boys and when the producer walked in and heard us he said he had a beat that would be perfect for it,” 1260BC said. “He sent it to me the next day and we laid it down right away. It’s an upbeat track and when some people hear it they say it reminds them of 21 Savage. But I have my own sound that’s just different than anyone else.” 

1260BC said he’s planning on continuing to drop singles over the next few months, leading up to a full album that he’d like to release in summer 2021.  

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Intl Don – Stop F’king With Me

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Gangsta Trap Rap takes center stage with new single from Intl Don 

LAS VEGAS, NV – Some real “Dirty South” Gangsta Trap Rap comes to the forefront with a new single from International Don. “Stop F’king With Me” is an aggressive, in-your-face slow jam that evokes memories of 90s Gangsta Rap and features Intl Don’s signature gravelly voice. Reminiscent of rappers like Jadakiss or Busta Rhymes, Intl Don brings a hardcore sound that’s equal parts bouncy and hype. The song will make you want to bop your head while getting pumped up for whatever comes next in your life.  

“I’m from the South and I’ve got my own style, which I call Gangsta Pimp,” Intl Don said. “I’m kinda keeping that Memphis flow but with that Gangsta Pimp Trap vibe. I call my music a survival kit because it shows people in the struggle how to make it out. My music shows you how to live especially in the jungle like that. Only the strong survive where I’m from. You’ve gotta be tough. You’ve gotta be strong. That’s what my music is about.” 

Intl Don’s signature style isn’t one-sided, however. In fact, his name is a precursor to his sound in that he has a very international flavor to the music he creates. As someone who has traveled all around the world, he’s taken influences from many different cultures. That’s why his music is already making waves in various parts of the world. In fact, one of the biggest markets to embrace his sound is the thriving Hip Hop audience from the United Kingdom. That’s quite a journey for someone who grew up on the streets of Memphis, Tennessee.  

“I remember when I first started music as a kid that we’d all get together and stand around each other on the streets and just start rapping,” Intl Don said. “I was always the best rapper and I could just go off the head with it. I had a way with my flow and I was always the one with the most aggressive, deeper voice. Around 2010 is when I started getting serious with my music. And though I got sidetracked for a long time, I’m ready to go all the way with it. I came from the struggle and you can still hear that in my music, but I’ve also evolved as an artist and I think that’s what makes me a hit in other countries.” 

Following the success of “Stop F’king With Me,” Intl Don said he plans to release another single called “Like I’m Cash” later this year. It’ll be another “Gangsta Pimp song,” he said, with a music video to follow before the end of the year. 

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LD – Trying and No Limit

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Midwest Artist LD Has Released “Trying” & “No Limit”You Can Stream Both On Spotify & All DSP’s

19 November 2020 (Madison, WI) – After a successful couple of months following the release of Only Can Make It, today LD releases his highly anticipated two song project Expected.

“‘I put my everything into these two tracks, and seriously can’t be more proud of the results,’ says LD. ‘Somehow by following tragedy I found my way out. I encourage you to sit back and take in my story, as I so maliciously placed throughout this project.’”

LD writes about himself, which evidently enough is not like your typical rapper. Rather he creates something much more relatable for the average hip-hop fan, and in turn much more emotionally impactful. LD opens the project with the soul-driven and tragedy struck track, “Trying,” which features an attention-stealing beat, mixed perfectly by Minneapolis based producer Casey Golden (who did the whole project).

Finally, LD concludes the project with the mesmerizing track, “No Limit,” which features an enchanting vocal mix. You can stream “No Limit” below on SPotify, or find it on any digital streaming outlet.

How do you rate “Trying” and “No Limit”? Will you add either of these songs to your playlists? You can stream this on Spotify, or find it on any digital streaming outlet.

LD – Trying
Overall Score: ★★★☆☆
Lyrics: ★★★★☆ | Hook: ★★★☆☆ | Flow/Delivery ★★★★☆ | Production: ★★★☆☆
Overall Sound: ★★★☆☆ | Radio/club ready: ★★☆☆☆ | Marketability: ★★☆☆☆

LD – No Limit
Overall Score: ★★★★☆
Lyrics: ★★★★☆ | Hook: ★★★★☆ | Flow/Delivery ★★★☆☆ | Production: ★★★☆☆
Overall Sound: ★★★☆☆ | Radio/club ready: ★★☆☆☆ | Marketability: ★★★☆☆

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Chakalatay Berry – Sweaty Affairs

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Chicago Artist Chakalatay Berry Is back With Another Slamming Single Titled “Sweaty Affairs” Now Available On All Digital Streaming Platforms

Chakalatay Berry is a singer, songwriter from Chicago. At a very young age, she was a
professional. She would get booked for all types of events, including; weddings, funerals, and birthday parties, just to name a few. Thus far in her music career, she has had the pleasure of collaborating with various artists and musicians across the greater Chicago area.

Ms. Berry is a devoted single mother of two boys; they are her world. All she is working toward is to provide a stable, loving environment for her beautiful children. Although we all have been struggling with this pandemic, it did not stop nor discourage Chakalatay from working towards her goals.
Recently, she has released a hot new single, Gametime. This is a motivational anthem, that
inspires many to get up, push forward, and work hard for what is wanted.

In the midst of all this chaos in the world, she released another powerful, uplifting song called, Rise, This hot song is an inspirational piece that calls for people to never give up and rise above all the things that might distract or deter them from their goals. In the past, Ms. Berry released a song called, Put on for My City, which has become an anthem for togetherness. In the midst of this pandemic and while creating classic music, she has started her own catering/food service business called Berry Good Foods.

This young lady is the epitome of greatness. Once the world gets a glimpse of Chakalatay Berry and her many talents everyone will cling to her like glue.

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Steven Xia – Ruthless

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Midwest Artist Steven Xia Has A Brand New Single Titled “Ruthless” That’s’ Taking Off

Growing up in the Chicago suburbs as a second-generation Chinese-American, Steven’s range of musical influence is as vast as it is idiosyncratic. From The Eagles to NLE Choppa, he’s derived inspiration from a slew of seemingly disparate artists. This amalgam of sounds is ever-present in his genre-bending production and vocals.

Steven challenges the erroneous notion that an artist has to reside in a particular sonic sphere. Instead, he prioritizes authenticity in his craft as he seeks to push musical boundaries and embolden the next generation of Asian-Americans.

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Lyfe Happenz – God Still

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Lyfe Happenz offers timely single for a weary world 

HOUSTON, TX – An inspirational street Gospel song from Houston artist Lyfe Happenz is offering the world a timely message of hope and motivation. “God Still (Working on Me)” is a feel good fusion of sounds and vibes that underlies a lyrical message that Lyfe Happenz hopes will uplift millions of people worldwide during one of the more difficult times in Earth’s history. Featuring fellow artists Greg3G and Eddie, “God Still” has a beat with an almost cinematic feel, emphasizing influences from Gospel, Hip Hop, Blues, R&B and Soul. 

“The idea behind the song is that I’m not always perfect, but God is still working on me,” Lyfe Happenz said. “The sound has a lot of elements in there. There’s Gospel. There’s rapping. There’s a choir like in the old church days. It’s very original and different – like nothing else out there. And the end result is just true reality which is basically how it is when life happens. A friend told me that this song gives us an excuse and a hope whenever we make mistakes. Sometimes you just can’t get it right and you’re fighting demons constantly and facing that spiritual battle to reinvent yourself. Trying to change is hard, and trying to do good in the world when no one is perfect is a challenge. But God is always working.” 

The smooth Jazz vibe of the song offers a great bedrock for the high-pitched vocals from Greg3G, while Lyfe Happenz’s deep baritone offers the perfect counterpoint. The song has a certain kind of swag to it with a kind of syncopated rhythm that feels equal parts familiar and yet genre-less. And at the end of the day, it’s the perfect example of the kind of genre-bending sound and style that this veteran of the music industry has become known for over the years.  

At 35 years of age, Lyfe Happenz has seen his fair share of ups and downs in music. He’s been a writer, composer and beat maker since his teenage years and got his first big break when he was younger when he was part of a group that got pretty big in the Southwest part of the U.S. His journey through music mirrors his travels around the country – from Texas to Atlanta to the Bay Area of California, and more. Though his sound and style have evolved in the years since, he has always been known as a smooth artist with a street edge who isn’t afraid to mash together multiple genres that might not, at first glance, feel like they should be put together.  

“Back in Houston, I’m one of the artists that most people would recognize as soon as they heard the beat to one of my songs,” he said. “I’ve been in music for a while and just kept with it, getting better and better with process after process. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve reinvented myself. More often than not I’ve been behind the scenes because I’ve always had an ability to write and compose and make productions for other artists. But this song is more of me at the foreground. I wanted to let people see who the guy is behind all this music. Life is what we go through, and I’m creating music that’s reality. This is life and it’s not simple, and it’s all about what you get out of it. All of my songs are relatable in that way because we’re all going through similar things at the end of the day. And the best thing to say is that when life happens, let life happen – the good, the bad, and whatever else comes with it.” 

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Blackmagic Tuddadirt – Zero Tolerance

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BlackMagic TuddaDirt isn’t letting anything get in his way with new single ‘Zero Tolerance’ 

ELKHART, IN – BlackMagic TuddaDirt is a man whose name literally means Unbelievable Power Until Death. His music depicts just that. With his most recent release “Zero Tolerance” out, BlackMagic is truly proving that he is an unstoppable force. 

BlackMagic began his musical career in the underground Midwest scene. “I started making music around 2008. I was kind of in the underground scene. I’ve always been a big fan of Midwest flow. I was just doing an underground thing for a while, and then I linked up with a promoter/DJ who is actually my manager right now. We’ve been linking and doing a lot of things in a lot of different areas. We’re really just trying to push the music. That’s where we are right now.” 

Much of BlackMagic’s music is influenced by the underground scene and Midwest Fast Rap artists such as Twista and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. He also draws influence from Rap icons such as Scarface, Tupac and Biggie. “I am a pretty versatile artist, but I would say that my main sound is Midwest Fast Rap. I like to make sure that my music has a story to it. Really, my main goal is to create music with a substance to it. There is so much music out there that just sounds good but has no message, and that just isn’t the kind of artist I want to be.” 

The sound of BlackMagic’s latest track, “Zero Tolerance,” is a mix of the Midwest and a down South aesthetic. He defines this song as being the music of the core of the Midwest and a form of the original Midwest Fast Rap. “This song is about going in one hundred percent and not accepting any excuses. It taps into the core of the Midwest which is what I represent. I feel like this track really focuses on the original form of Midwest Fast Rap. I think that recently, we’ve gotten away from that sound and “Zero Tolerance” really brings you back to it. It is like bringing the Midwest back to those original fans.” 

“Zero Tolerance” focuses on the idea that you have to keep working in order to get the things that you really want. “The song is about being real. There are a lot of people out there who make music about being real and don’t really focus on what it takes to get there. That teaches people that they can hop into that fame without putting in the effort and that just isn’t true.” 

BlackMagic hopes to create songs that will stand the test of time. “I don’t want to be a flash in the pan. I want to be somebody that’s going to be relevant 40 years from now, with songs that people are still actively enjoying. Really, I just want to make music that is timeless.” 

BlackMagic has more to come. Keep an eye out for his next single “Enough is Enough” which is a more politically leaning track about the issues that are going on in the United States today.  

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Street Sinatra – Saved By The Yay

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Street Sinatra uses trauma of his life to inspire others on new album ‘Phenom’ 

LONDON, UK – Smooth flows meet gritty street vibes on the new album “Phenom” from London based Hip Hop artist Street Sinatra. Hailing from Woowich, Southeast London, Street Sinatra is well-versed in the journey of the underdog, and he shares those stories with a global audience on his new project which features the breakout single “Saved By The Yay.” Ushering in an all-new sound and vibe, Street Sinatra has worked tirelessly over the past year to release six albums, with “Phenom” marking his seventh completed project of the year. 

“With this project in particular I wanted to give people a chance to gain more insight into the inner workings of my life,” he said. “All the way from the bleak to the triumph. It’s all a range of emotions that’s meshed with daringly big beats, classic melodies and cadences accompanied with smooth and swift flow changes. In short, it’s me displaying in short form all the different types of realms I can go into musically while also showing a part of my personality.” 

Over the course of his young career, Street Sinatra has become known for having an adept ability to mesh classic cadences, phenomenal flows and emotionally provoking beats to convey his perspective of trials and tribulations for the young black man growing up in the inner city of London. With a hands-on approach, he produces, mixes and masters his own projects, displaying a multitalented range as an artist. And his unwavering determination not to cut corners makes him one of the hottest new artists on the scene.  

This is perhaps best displayed on the debut single from the new album. “Saved by the Yay” is a literal depiction of the life of a young person living on the streets entrenched in drugs and violence. It’s a song that explores all the reasons why someone would choose to live that lifestyle knowing the short odds on living a long and fulfilling life when participating in a lifestyle of drug trafficking. 

“It’s about a person who always looks at the glass as half full, which is what leads them into bad habits and a terrible lifestyles,” Street Sinatra said. “It’s presented from a kind of two-sided coin standpoint because I’m a young black man from the inner city London, and there are a heap of men in my position. But I prefer to examine the psychology of our actions instead of looking at the more shallow reasons why someone would enter that lifestyle. My whole idea behind this is to give listeners a peek into the mind of someone who would choose the street life so that there’s more understanding of that lifestyle and ultimately, so that more people can find their way up out of it.” 

At the end of the day, Street Sinatra said he wants his music to be known for the unadulterated truth of the streets paired with vibes that are fun. He’s using the trauma of his life to inspire others by way of a different perspective with enjoyable beats and melodies along the way. 

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