Big Boosie Da Beat Bully Is Making An Impact on Hip-Hop Culture “One Forever ft. D.E.V.O.”

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Explore the fascinating journey of Bryan Austin, aka Big Boosie Da Beat Bully, as he navigates the heart of Pelion, SC, rising from humble beginnings to become a notable figure in the music realm.

Dive deep into the multifaceted journey of Bryan Austin, uncovering the layers of his resilience and the mastery embedded within his musical creations. From the roots of Pelion to the zenith of the music industry, explore the symphony that is Big Boosie Da Beat Bully’s life.

Go beyond the beats and delve into the impactful message embedded in Big Boosie’s latest single, “One Forever ft. D.E.V.O.,” shaping a new narrative in Hip-Hop culture.



Wisconsin’s Rising Star T The Pharaoh Takes Inspiration from The Weeknd and Juice WRLD on ‘Cyber Chase’

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Born in Cameroon, Wisconsin Hip-Hop/Rap/RnB artist T The Pharaoh brings his inspiration of The Weeknd, Juice WRLD, an Calboy to his melodic vibes on his new single “Cyber Chase”.

It begins with hard knocking 808’s that would make any car ride feel like an earthquake. Once you hear him you can hear the artistry in his voice. His melodic and very fine-tuned vocals resemble Chicago rapper Calboy mixed with RnB vibes to bring the whole track together. The auto tune is just perfect and not too much. The song is about getting what you want, chasing money, and the entire thrill of the journey. The hook is catchy and is something you could ride around in any season with the windows up or down. Probably a perfect song if you are working out, or on the way to work and trying to get some inspiration to go.

The song has definite radio worthy sound and overall the track gives an exciting start to seeing what T the Pharaoh has up next for him.




Ife Senoj – I H.A.T.E. U (Ft. Mister Aubs., Steve Legacy)

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Midwest producer, writer, and artist Ife Senoj introduces himself to the world with his first single, “I H.A.T.E. U”. Ife Senoj who got his name off the movie “Love Jones” (“Ife” in Yoruba means “love” and “Senoj” is “Jones” spelled backwards.) says, “Have you wondered how men feel during times of conflict in their relationship? A lot of times men’s feelings get ignored, but we hurt also.” “I H.A.T.E. U, describes how three friends navigate through their “Love Gone Wrong” situations. It features artists Mister Aubs and Steve Legacy. Their collective talent and poetry brings a great balance of rap, rnb, and mixes different deliveries to give something ear catching to listeners.

Ife Senoj also known as producer Wes Muzik produced, wrote, and engineered the entire single showing a range of diversity when it comes to music. But he is no stranger to it. With a background in live instrumentation (drums) and a mother who plays multiple instruments and was church choir director, he knew music was in his blood.

When asked why Wez Muzik the producer made the switch to Ife Senoj the artist, he said, “ I think me being an artist is an extension of my production. I won’t say that I transitioned from one to the other, I think I just decided to utilize all of my gifts.” Indeed he has.

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Vi City – OnGOD featuring Harv | @IamViCity

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Vi City Is Making New Waves WIth His Debut Single “OnGOD” As He Releases His New Track “Lenciaga” Get In Tune!

Chicago native Vi City has been on a crazy wave all 2021! He returns with his brand new single “Lenciaga a hot new joint for the summer.  OnGOD featuring and produced by Harv has spiked and is reaching new platforms and gaining new fans! Let’s talk about it! OnGOD has recently been aired on BET Jams, SiriusXM Radio, Gangsta Grillz. La Leakerz, among the plethora of media outlets, IG pages, YT channles, playlists etc. The numbers don’t lie Apple Music (500K+ streams), Spotify (500K+ streams), SoundCloud (Chicago has been known to birth heavy hitters, so it’s no surprise that the veteran rapper Vi City would deliver the heat.

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One of Chicago’s very own, Vi City, originally from the Wild Hundreds, is back on the music scene. He crafts a sound that captures the pain and hope of a youth striving to make a better way, combined with the ambition and skills of someone who has actually made it out. The celebratory tones reign supreme on this wave of sound for the veteran rapper, songwriter and producer.

Vi’s introduction to the game came via working with Mathaus Ent. and Chilly of the 1st & 15th label in conjunction with Lupe Fiasco.  Shortly after, he connected with DJ Skee to release a mixtape under Skee’s Skeeter’s TV label. His next stint came working with St. Louis’ own, Nelly, co – penning the hit Country N**** Fly (CNF). In the midst of acquiring a deal with Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG), Vi wrote and featured on “Some Ish” by Sir Michael Rocks ft. Twista off of his #1 debut solo album “Banco.” Along the way, he also has done some work with the iconic producer duo Da Interz (Tuo Clark & Kosine).

Prior to deciding to drop new music of his own, Vi founded and branded Hundreds Entertainment, a music and film production firm of which he signed talented artist, Phoînix Keyz out of St. Louis, MO and has started crafting Phoînix’s debut project around each of the 6 instruments he plays. Stay tuned in! Vi’s new album “Citylif3” is set to release soon.

Chicago native Vi City serves up the official video for his single “OnGod, featuring and produced  by Harv! Watch his new videos below!

Read more about Vi City here: Chicago Native Vi City Releases A Brand New Single “OnGOD” Featuring Harv

Chicago Native @IamViCity Releases The Official Music Video For His New Single “i LuV3 m3” featuring Moneybagg Yo!

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Vi City x MoneyBagg Yo “i LuV3 m3”!

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Officialvybe – What I’m Used Too

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OfficialVybe overcomes near-death experience to create music that inspires others 

ROCKFORD, IL – Just a few years after being in a coma for 47 days due to open heart surgery, Midwest rapper OfficialVybe has launched himself back on the music scene with a handful of hit singles. His most recent is the motivational track “What I’m Used To,” which launched wide across all streaming platforms earlier this year. It’s a song that announces to the world that he’s back in a major way and that his music today is a more mature and thought-provoking offering than his early work. The upbeat production created by Grammy Award winner Wyshmaster creates a one-of-a-kind experience that is sure to have people up on their feet and motivated to take on the obstacles that so often get in the way of realizing one’s dreams. 

OfficialVybe is a rapper who initiated his craft under the guidance of Russell Barbary. He’s worked with Grammy winners such as Matty Trump and Wyshmaster, and has worked hard to develop an international presence so that today his music can be found being played in more than 120 countries worldwide. His sound is different because of his versatility. He does different sounds on different tracks, and he can switch up his voice to make it sound like he’s someone with whom fans aren’t familiar; and then he’ll come back with a sound that everybody likes. He’s constantly keeping his audiences on their toes. 

“I want to cater to different types of fanbases,” he said. “The more people I can reach, the better. My voice has changed over the years. It used to be deeper but after my surgery, it changed dramatically. I feel like people can hear me more clearly now, and I’m able to switch things up more often from track to track.” 

OfficialVybe said ultimately he wants his music to be known for inspiring others. With “What I’m Used To” for instance, he uses his artistic gift to motivate people to push past their problems and overcome the obstacles in their lives so as to achieve the goals they have before them. He points to his own life and the many challenges he’s pushed aside as an example that if he can do it, anyone else can, too. 

“For people who go through serious relationships and end up with a broken heart, my music can help them get over being heartbroken,” he said. “I make a lot of love songs. I make a lot of ambition songs. I make songs that inspire you to go out and get that money. Anything that’s gonna move the crowds, that’s what my music is about. I make music people can relate to. And whatever I make, I want it to affect them in entirely different ways. Mostly, I want people to vibe to my music and to be inspired.” 

OfficialVybe said he’s getting ready to shoot a music video for “What I’m Used To,” and then has plans to follow that up with a second single called “Thought It Was Love.”  

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Stonaawulf – Nope

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Walk the Warrior’s Way with Stonaawulf on New Track “Nope”  

Warrior Creator Those are just two aspects of Stonaawulf’s musical self. He’s also an artist. He’s many things, but a rapper is not one of them. Though his father introduced him to Rap, Stonaawulf sought to evolve beyond Rap. “I’ve always had passion for music,” recollected Stonaawulf. “My whole life, I was always into it. When I got into high school, that’s when I wrote my first song. And I haven’t stopped since.” Beginning with that first song, Stonaawulf embraced a warrior’s ethic. “One of my friends came up to me and said, ‘Let’s write a song.’ I called it ‘My Opponent,’” he explained. “I heard that beat and felt like my opponent couldn’t defeat me.”  

Now 27, Stonaawulf has chiseled and expanded his sound for a decade. He further differentiates himself from Rap, even recording a song called “Not A Rapper.” “When I heard that beat, something told me to say, ‘I’m not a rapper,’” said Stonaawulf.  “The new music that I’m putting out now, I’m still rhyming, but I’m not rapping.” Stonaawulf recalled being encouraged by a sound engineer, who motivated him to push his own limits. “I wasn’t that confident in my older music,” Stonaawulf said. “My engineer who engineers my vocals, I consider him to be my big brother. He said, ‘We’re going to do something different.’ He suggested that I shouldn’t use profanity. I went along with that advice.” 

The warrior’s ethic often separates him from others. With a trained eye on his purpose and mission, the warrior can have little patience for those who give little thought to their own lives. Stonaawulf explores these ideas on his track “Lonely Road.” “I feel like a lot of people are sheep,” Stonaawulf said.  “I tend to be an introvert, but I have love for people. A lot of people are the same, they act like robots. They don’t have a mind of their own. When you try to tell them the truth, they don’t want to listen. But me, I choose to elevate. The Creator put this spirit in me. I feel like they will never know what the truth is. They will never be woke and conscious.”  

Stonaawulf’s latest track “Nope” crystallizes his sound. He refers to his music as “spirichill,” a portmanteau of “spiritual” and “chill.” “That’s just how the songs come out of me,” Stonaawulf said. “In the beginning, I was just a straight rapper. But now I do a whole new genre. ‘Nope’ is a newer song that’s a prime example of me not being a rapper. I’m harmonizing and being more melodic on it. ‘Nope’ is the beginning of the rest of the music that I’m putting out. It’s going to be melodic and wavy.”   

Stonaawulf wants fans to keep listening, and said he has a ton of music in the works. “Follow the Creator,” he admonished. “And believe in Him. Keep Him first. I know it’s a cliché, but you can be anything you want to be. Keep your mind healthy. Keep it strong. Be authentic, be original.”   

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Palomas – Brown

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Arizona Band Palomas bring Desert Rock to the forefront with new single ‘Brown’

PHOENIX, AZ – A new Rock Band from the Arizona desert is bringing a new vibe to the genre with their blend of Classic Rock, Blues, Alternative Rock and Latin influences. Palomas is an American Alt-Rock Band made up of five friends who have been creating music together for years. Their music is known for its high-energy, catchy, genre-mashing grooves – a sound that is put on full display with their latest single “Brown.”

Written by lead vocalist Joe Gonzalez, the song has a deep Blues root to it with a vibe that makes you want to nod your head and have a good time. Gonzalez’s vocals are reminiscent of Kevin Griffin’s of Better Than Ezra fame, and the band’s groove is immediately evocative of some of the best bands of the 90s and early 2000s, albeit with a modern-day twist.

“It’s a fun song,” Gonzalez said of the new single. “Think of a song you’d hear outdoors at a pool party. That’s the kind of vibe you get with ‘Brown.’ It’s about a girl who’s not worth her money and she’s realizing that her man is coming to see through her and she knows she won’t be there much longer. The main line of the chorus is ‘Is he going to be there when the gold turns brown?’ In other words, when the shit comes out will he still be willing to put up with it?”
Joining Gonzalez in the band are co-lead vocalist and guitarist Sam Otterson, drummer Victor Sese, bass guitar and background vocalist Dane Hess, and lead guitarist Joshua Browning. Though the five of them have known each other since elementary school and have played with each other off-and-on over the years, they’ve only been together as Palomas for the past year-and-a-half. It started when Otterson ran into Gonzalez and Sese who had been playing together in a separate band. Otterson brought in Hess and Sese invited Browning to the game, and all of them agree that almost immediately the stars aligned and things just clicked.

Pretty soon they were making waves in the South with their new brand of Rock & Roll. They won recording time as a finalist prize in the 2019 Alice Cooper’s Proof is in the Pudding Competition, and went on to records “Cards” which has been getting rave reviews. They’ve performed at prominent venues such as Last Exit Live, Rebel Lounge, and CB Live. And because of all that success they’ve had the opportunity to work with professional producer Mikal Blue of One Republic and Porno for Pyros fame. They’ve also worked closely with producer Michael Beck who helped craft the sound for “Cards” and “Brown.”

“A big mission for us is that we want to have an influence over the popular genre of the day,” Gonzalez said. “Our message is that of fun and love and just doing what you need to do to be yourself and not letting other people prevent you from doing that. If our music helps people become their fullest self, we’ll be happy. And ultimately, we want to make Desert Rock a thing.”

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Thotti Tim – Dream

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New artist Thotti Tim brings spacey, feel-good vibe to the world with new single ‘Dream’

PHILADELPHIA, PA – When Thotti Tim listens to music, he wants it to be something fun that doesn’t require a lot of energy and attention to enjoy. He just wants it to be a vibe. That’s exactly what he’s captured with his latest single “Dream,” which was recently released wide across all streaming platforms. It’s a song that has a nice, spacey atmosphere that fits perfectly alongside Thotti’s deep voice and engaging lyrical content. Produced by Luke4Pres, the song has a “Disney-esque” or “Wonka-ish” vibe to it, Thotti said.

“Anyone listening to it will hear that aspect,” he said. “I wanted to convey a dream – that feeling you have when you wake up from a crazy dream and you try to explain to other people what happened in that dream. When we got in the studio and started messing around with that idea, we had a lot of fun and this is the song that came out of that.”

Thotti said his style is a little different than anyone else in the industry today because he mashes together different tempos or vibes or various other aspects of genres into one song. Having listened to music heavily throughout his life, he’s become somewhat of a music scholar and has an encyclopedic knowledge of different styles of music and artistic influences. When he adds his own unique point of view through songwriting, he comes up with something that’s truly original.

That’s quite a leap for someone who only started making music professionally a few months ago. At age 23, he’s long been a fan of music and has dabbled with recording and producing on the side for years. But it wasn’t until early 2021 that he decided to take it seriously and create music full time. He said his goal is to create a positive community and impact with his music.

“I have always wanted to provide a positive impact on people’s lives,” he said. “When you get home at the end of a hard day, you want to sit back and watch something or listen to a new album or song or something. If I can pass that on to somebody else – that kind of laid-back vibe that puts you at ease – then that’s the most special thing to me. I just want to be able to provide some sort of positive impact. Any joy that people can get from my music is the end goal. I started to make music because it’s hard to find music I like these days – either it’s too generic or too in your face or just ridiculous. I’m going to make music I want to listen to, and if other people like it, too, that’s great!”

Thotti Tim said he has more music ready to drop in the coming months, and that he might release a three-song EP later this summer.

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