[Single] Evander “LAX” | @evandermusic


Singer-songwriter, producer, and guitarist Evander derives inspiration from the twists and turns of young adulthood. Heartache, addiction, anxiety, and depression play prominently in his music. Vulnerable, poignant lyrics juxtapose driving rhythms and thick 808s, creating a unique and captivating blend of pop, hip-hop, and R&B.

After spending 4 years honing his sound at the UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music, Evander went on to wow crowds with his soulful voice and magnetic guitar playing in solo shows and with various bands. He also recorded original music with producer IROC at the Universal Music Group campus, co-wrote with Grammy-winning songwriter Michael Lehmann Boddicker, recorded with producer Sapphire Adizes, co-wrote with songwriter Howie Tee, produced for R&B artist Megan Jade, played guitar for singer/rapper Charlie Korman, co-wrote with pop artist X.ARI, and played guitar and co-wrote with R&B artist Jessie Berg.

Stream LAX:https://songwhip.com/evander3/lax

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[Single] ReUp Ty “Stix Stix”


ReUp Ty, the rising hip-hop sensation from Chicago, is making a mark with his distinctive “Champagne Music” style. This genre-defying artist seamlessly blends vintage hip-hop beats, contemporary lyricism, and Afrobeats influences, showcasing his versatility and trailblazing spirit in the music industry.

His collaboration with the acclaimed producer Zaeskee Alazae of Beat Accountants has given birth to the much-anticipated single, “Stix Stix.” Keep an ear out for ReUp Ty’s dynamic journey—it’s set to leave a lasting impact!

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[Single] 4Reign Rich ‘Get Right’


From Washington Heights to the World: The Rise of 4Reign Rich

Ricardo Velazquez Jr., better known as 4Reign Rich, is a Dominican-Puerto Rican rapper and songwriter who has been making waves in the music industry since he was just a teenager. Born in New York City in 1993 and raised in Washington Heights, 4reign Rich began rapping at the age of 11 and released his first single, “Money Man,” at that time.

4Reign Rich’s talent was undeniable, and he quickly gained a following in his local community. At the age of 17, he won a talent show, and his single “Bad And You Know It” (2015) helped him to break through to a wider audience. Since then, he has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Jin Gates and Jimi Kendrix.

In 2023, 4Reign Rich released his EP “Never Too Late,” which showcased his versatility as an artist. The EP features a mix of styles, from the introspective “Dreams” to the uptempo banger “Get It How You Live.”
But 4Reign Rich isn’t stopping there. He just dropped his latest single, “Get Right,” and it’s already heating up the airwaves. The track is a smooth and soulful blend of hip-hop and R&B, with 4reign Rich’s laid-back flow and catchy lyrics taking center stage.

“Get Right” is sure to be another hit for 4Reign Rich, and it’s a testament to his talent and dedication. He’s an artist who is always pushing boundaries and evolving his sound, and he’s definitely one to watch in the years to come.

4Reign Rich is more than just a rapper; he is a role model for young people in his community. He is an inspiration to anyone who has ever dared to dream big, and his story is one of perseverance and hard work. With his talent and dedication, there is no doubt that 4reign Rich will continue to achieve great things in the years to come.

Be sure to check out 4Reign Rich’s current single, “Get Right,” and see for yourself why he’s one of the hottest rising stars in the music industry.

Listen to ‘Get Right’

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[Single] AKB ‘What If I Fly’


Introducing AKB, the multi-talented artist with a new single on the horizon!

AKB, born and raised in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, embarked on a unique journey. At age 10, he moved to California, and at 18, he returned to India for 5 years of dental school in Baroda. He obtained his Doctorate in Dental Surgery (DDS) from San Francisco at 23 and began practicing dentistry at 26. However, at 27, he ventured into the world of rap.

Now, AKB is ready to make waves with his brand-new single, “What if I Fly.” This track promises to be a fusion of his life experiences, blending the precision of dentistry with the artistry of music.

“Everyday I fix a tooth, every night I’m in the booth” – AKB

Join us in supporting AKB and his creative vibes as he drops his latest single. Keep believing and listening to the music he creates. Stay tuned for the release of “What if I Fly”!

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[Single] Shazam Conner “Pac Man” ft. H-Town


Hey there, music enthusiasts! We’ve got some exciting news for you. Shazam Conner is back with a bang, and his latest track “Pac Man” featuring the iconic R&B group H-Town is taking the charts by storm. Produced by Justin Novak.

You might remember Shazam Conner’s previous hit, “Strokey Doke,” which got the world grooving. Well, “Pac Man” is here to keep that dance vibe going strong. This sensational collaboration is currently sitting pretty at #4 on the Billboard Charts, and it’s no surprise why.

“Pac Man” is a captivating blend of Shazam Conner’s lyrical prowess and the soulful magic brought in by H-Town. It’s a sonic journey that encapsulates the essence of hip-hop and R&B, with a fresh twist that’s undeniably catchy.

Shazam Conner, with his vast experience in the music business, knows exactly how to create hits that resonate with the audience. His expertise in marketing and branding shines through in this track, making it an instant favorite among fans.

And let’s not forget H-Town, the legendary R&B group that’s been setting the stage on fire for years. Their timeless style is beautifully interwoven into “Pac Man,” creating a perfect synergy that’s nothing short of magical.

So, if you haven’t already, give “Pac Man” a listen. It’s the kind of song that’ll have you hitting that replay button without a second thought. It’s a testament to the artistry and innovation in today’s music scene, and it’s proof that Shazam Conner is a name to watch in the industry.

Let’s keep supporting great music, and “Pac Man” is undoubtedly the sound of the moment. Stay tuned for more updates from the world of music, and remember, we’ve got you covered with the latest and greatest.

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[Single] Luke Harrison “Make Me Better”


Luke Harrison’s “Make Me Better” shows that adverse situations can be turned around and in this case when life seems so impossible, finding someone special can be life changing.”

This pop ballad showcases Luke’s truly amazing voice while captivating listeners as he tells this powerful heartwarming story.

Luke describes the song this way, “Make Me Better is about someone who has experienced pain and suffering. They have gone down some wrong roads, they feel alone and lost all hope of creating a better life. Amidst their despair they find someone special who makes their life better. Someone who gives them hope and a future. Someone who takes that pain away. This song shows that adverse situations can be turned around and in this case when life seems so impossible, finding someone special can be life changing.”

The song was produced in Australia by award winning producer Stuart Stuart, Analog Heart Records.

On October 20th the music video for “Make Me Better” will be released. Luke’s previous single “You’ll Never Change,” was set in the Hollywood Hills, while this video has been filmed in Brisbane, Australia, giving fans a glimpse of Luke’s hometown. The video features iconic locations of the Brisbane river and city views both day and night.
Luke takes the global stage as a versatile music artist and his talent, energy, and magnetic stage presence have already cultivated a devoted following in Australia. Luke sets his sights on attracting American and Global audiences with his international debut as a vocalist, spearheaded by the release of his second single. His accolades to date include captivating performances at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and a distinguished role as a judge of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest.

Luke’s goal is to connect with global audiences through the unifying medium of music. His diverse career highlights thus far encompass accomplishments from a television presenter role on Network 10 to a successful burgeoning recording artist, not to mention his triumphant appearances in professional musical theatre and the esteemed 2018 Commonwealth Games televised worldwide.

Fans are excited for his continued International journey bringing along his relatable and infectious music. The Global stage is set for Luke to make his mark on the world of music. Luke is clearly poised to become the voice of his generation!

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https://www.instagram.com/lukeharrisonofficial/https://www.youtube.com/@LukeHarrisonMake Me Better – Single by Luke Harrison

[Video] Ryan Alexander “It’s No Rush”


Ryan Alexander is a producer, artist, musician, and Recording Academy member who has been playing piano for 17 years, and drums for 18. Ryan attended Columbia College Chicago from 2010 to 2011, where he began producing and releasing music for other artists. Some of Ryan’s notable achievements to date include performing an opening set for Naughty By Nature, having a song performed and written by him placed in Just A Friend, a film now available on Amazon Prime, and performing as a spotlight artist for Viola Davis’ “The March” exhibit premiere in collaboration with Time Magazine.

Photo Credit: Siabe Photography
Ryan has served as an assistant to former midwest chapter president of the Recording Academy, Mark Hubbard. He’s collaborated with over 100 local artists and musicians. He is the curator of the cover series #CoversWithRyanAlexander found on YouTube and other social media platforms. Ryan has headlined two events at Chicago’s House of Blues Foundation Room and has had multiple performances at Chicago’s Soho House.

“It’s RA Productions” was created by Ryan, under which he released his first solo album, Inspired By You, in 2020. Super Bae, a single off of the album, has been played and in rotation on Power92 Chicago since its release. Ryan’s performance history has spanned from numerous SoFar shows in various cities, frequently performing for the “Live @ Mariano’s” series and other performances at premium Chicago venues. He’s also played the piano and keyboard accompanying prominent artists, Oliv Blu on her audition for The Voice, and Matt Muse in various performances including one in Toronto, Canada.

It’s No Rush – Single by Ryan Alexander

[Single] Matt Craven “Rose”


Matt Craven: From Detroit to Tampa, Redefining Music and Dreams with His Sensational New Single Rose

Los Angeles – September 14, 2023. Diving into the electrifying world of music, meet the unstoppable visionary, Matt Craven. A luminary entrepreneur and an extraordinary musical talent, Matts journey has been an exhilarating rise from the heart of Detroit, Michigan, to the vibrant city of Tampa, Florida. His rapid ascent, fueled by his chart-topping single My Diamond Wings, has not only etched his name in the world of music history but also revealed a potent force ready to reshape the verysoundscape.

In 2020, the world felt the impact of Matt Cravens musical prowess as he soared to unparalleled heights on the World Indie Music Charts, reigning supreme at the coveted #1 spot on the illustrious Top 100. The rhythm of his artistry echoes with the rhythm of his life, and his music became the testament to his journey, embracing Detroits rugged charm and Tampas vibrant allure.

As we step into 2023, Matt Craven is ready to release his newest single, Rose,” on September 23, 2023. This introspective song delves into the intricate journey of pursuing love and the desire to share a lifetime with another while encompassing the tender moments and poignant heartaches along the way.

At a towering 64, Matt Craven commands the stage and hearts across the globe. His youthful charisma and magnetic allure have ignited an insatiable fervor among admirers, leaving a trail of captivated hearts in his wake. With a blend of audacious talent and undeniable sex appeal, he stands as an embodiment of modern artistry, an artistic revelation poised to lead a new era of music thats as enlightening as it is groundbreaking.

Matt Cravens journey is a poignant tribute to his late father, whose profound influence continues to drive him. The loss of his father to COVID-like symptoms in January amplified Cravens determination to realize his dreams, keeping his fathers wisdom and advice embedded in every note he creates.

His mentorship under engineering prodigy Brian RoscoWhite, who has worked with notable artists including Thornetta Davis, 50 Cent, and Eminem, played a pivotal role in helping Matt develop his tone and approach to writing and recording music. “Grammy Award winner Josiah Muhammad has also influenced Matts life. His input refined Matts music, creating a harmonious blend of innovation and tradition in timeless masterpieces.

Matt Craven stands on the threshold of introducing his debut album, joined by a fresh ensemble of visionary collaborators and esteemed producers. This album is positioned to serve as a resounding testament to his steadfast dedication to his fans. The world eagerly anticipates the unfolding of Matt Cravens evolving sound.

As Hip Hop Weekly Magazine boldly declared in March 2020, Matt Craven is an artistic revelation, an unstoppable force ushering in a new era of music thats as enlightening as it is groundbreaking. From his chart-topping rise to his magnetic allure, Matt Craven is not merely an artist; hes an enchanting melody, a symphonic journey, and an unwavering testament to the power of dreams.

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[Single] Anaymous Touch – Light it Up (Limen)

Anaymous Touch is a multi-passionate, multi-dimensional, international Hip-Hop humanitarian artist. Her music is melodic, electrifying, and filled with sensational wordplay. Anaymous Touch believes that inspiring another to be their most authentic self – is a completed mission.
As a multi- entertainer, Anaymous Touch continues to propel through many different avenues of the entertainment field. Her Instagram show, The Golden Gates Gathering has truly piqued the interest of many due to the wide variety of content it brings to viewers. 305 made, NYC raised, music has always been her heart and soul. In 2020, she featured on Hot 97 Pepsi Biggie Small Challenge, Dave East Virtual Artist Showcase, has worked with Dj Aktive and many other indie artists contests across social media. In 2023 , She has been featured on Dj Epps : Indie Thursdays and Goggle Press Certified.

[Video] April Is Real – Breaking Up Tonight


April Israel better known as stage name April Is Real is an R&B/Rap artist and songwriter of all genres. She is from Pompano Beach Fl where she began writing music at only 12 years old and now aims to bring back the soul into today’s music. You can check out the video for her 1st single titled “Breaking Up Tonight” on YouTube and all other digital platforms.

Twitter: @aprilisreal1
Instagram: @aprilis2real
Facebook: April Is Real (Recording Artist)