[Single] AKB ‘What If I Fly’


Introducing AKB, the multi-talented artist with a new single on the horizon!

AKB, born and raised in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, embarked on a unique journey. At age 10, he moved to California, and at 18, he returned to India for 5 years of dental school in Baroda. He obtained his Doctorate in Dental Surgery (DDS) from San Francisco at 23 and began practicing dentistry at 26. However, at 27, he ventured into the world of rap.

Now, AKB is ready to make waves with his brand-new single, “What if I Fly.” This track promises to be a fusion of his life experiences, blending the precision of dentistry with the artistry of music.

“Everyday I fix a tooth, every night I’m in the booth” – AKB

Join us in supporting AKB and his creative vibes as he drops his latest single. Keep believing and listening to the music he creates. Stay tuned for the release of “What if I Fly”!

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