J MACC and King Moore Collaborate on Powerful Anti-Bullying Anthem

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Dallas-based rising star J MACC has teamed up with the talented King Moore for a new release titled “Big Bad Bully 2,” released on October 28, 2023, under the Billy Goat Entertainment LLC label. Motivated by the harsh realities of bullying he witnessed at school, J MACC found inspiration in a tragic incident that shook him to the core—the story of Diego Stolz, a victim of bullying who lost his life. The track serves as a powerful message to bullies worldwide, urging them to reconsider the impact of their actions.

The heartfelt lyrics convey J MACC’s commitment to standing against bullying and commemorating Diego Stolz’s memory. The collaboration with King Moore, a fellow young artist, adds an extra layer of significance to the project. J MACC expresses his respect for Diego and acknowledges that while he didn’t know him personally, the tragedy struck a chord with him. The song not only addresses the issue but also calls for societal awareness and action against bullying, especially in the wake of Diego Stolz’s untimely death.

J MACC’s favorite lines from “Big Bad Bully 2” reflect the song’s core message, denouncing bullying and paying tribute to Diego Stolz. The lyrics underscore the devastating consequences of bullying and emphasize the need for a united stand against it. Beyond his musical pursuits, J MACC has proven himself as a multifaceted talent with achievements in acting. Having secured multiple awards at the International Presentation of Performers (IPOP) in California, he is making waves in both the rap and acting realms. With dreams of surpassing J Cole’s lyrical prowess and achieving commercial success akin to Snoop Dogg, J MACC is a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry.

For those interested in booking J MACC for entertainment-related opportunities, his management can be reached at [email protected] or through his Instagram @theofficialjmacc. His dedication to using his platform for positive change and addressing societal issues like bullying makes him a promising artist to watch. 


Scotchie Boss Heats Up Dancehall Music with the Introduction of a New Genre




Damge Musiq introduce their newest artist “Scotchie Boss” who was brought up in Queens, NY but took residency in Montego Bay Jamaica. The artist who is known for his hardcore dancehall sound has been inspired by artist such as NAS, Jay Z and the unapologetic underground music of NY streets.   Scotchie Boss was introduced to the label executives at “Damge Musiq” and given an opportunity to work with a local artist ” Vantage G Boss” to create a track entitled “Elements of Surprise” and was instantly signed.

The Queen’s born native took to perfecting his craft for music after conquering 2 years of sobriety from drugs and alcohol. His story of life and survival would be forever etched in his pen and the sound of his voice. The artist has gained acceptance and street creds from some of Jamaica’s elite spots and has earned access to a vastly competitive music scene as one to watch.

Scotchie Boss new music will revolutionize the dancehall music industry and will tell the story of his fight for survival. Look out for new music from the artist including music with Tommy Lee Sparta and “Jamal” Dunceman to name a few. His new single entitled The Block Is Hot” is available on all streaming platforms and it will show listeners “Scotchie Boss” is here to stay.

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Florida artist Flex A1 delivers a new single ‘IDK’


Flex A1, hailing from Broward County, FL, released his latest track “IDK” under the label 8436 Entertainment on September 5th, 2023. This song offers a glimpse into the artist’s inner world, where he contemplates the perpetual quest for progress and the uneasy feeling of not doing enough even after achieving one’s goals. The song is a testament to the struggle faced by anyone on a journey, emphasizing the importance of trusting the process.

When asked, Flex A1 revealed that his inspiration for “IDK” stemmed from the universal experience of trying to determine the next step in life, despite the unease of feeling inadequate even after reaching one’s aspirations. The song serves as a relatable exploration of these emotions.

“What makes this song special to you?” Flex A1 responds by highlighting the song’s authenticity and its reflection of his personal reality and journey. “IDK” encapsulates the essence of his own experiences and serves as a reminder to trust the process, acknowledging that growth and success take time and perseverance.

Flex A1’s stand out lyric, “I can’t be beefin wit Nigga’s when I got a nephew in Haiti that’s strugglin” underlines the artist’s message about priorities and the need to focus on what truly matters in life, rather than engaging in unnecessary conflicts. Flex A1’s lyrics convey the importance of making sense of one’s choices and actions, echoing a universal call for introspection and personal growth.

Warner Robins Rising Star Marle’ Blu Joins Playas Club Music Group

A couple of weeks ago CEO Clay James announced he was searching for a female emcee to add to his Playas Club Music Group roster. A slew of fans, music tastemakers, bloggers, and DJs from all around the country began to chime in with suggestions of who they felt this woman should be. One name that continued to be mentioned under the Clay’s post was Warner Robins, GA native Marle’ Blu. Although Marle’ is from Warner Robins, she’s been making a name for herself on the Atlanta indie scene for quite some time while simultaneously building a strong buzz and foundation in her home town. Marle’s style, stage presence, work ethic, wordplay, and charisma made her an obvious choice and perfect fit for PCMG. She’s joining a star studded roster which includes: Clay James, Pimp Sweet Tooth, Respekk, Charlise J, Young Bo, Pimpin’ Pablo, Big Dawg Hunnid, King Elway, Sincerely Dad, and Just Call Me Veto. Marle’ attended Georgia State University with Clay James and she’s also a child hood friend of PCMG COO Chad Hampton. Clay James has spoken on numerous platforms about how chemistry and energy are big factors on who he chooses to add to PCMG, combining that with talent and consistency made Marle’ Blu a no brainer in the selection process. Marle’ recently won the award of 478 Hip Hop Artist Of The Year at the 478 Music Awards. Last month, Marle’ returned to her alma mater Georgia State University to open for 2Chainz and KCamp during ACC Homecoming Concert. This Sunday Marle’ Blu will be performing live at Bonfire ATL at midnight. This is her first show since joining the PCMG roster. If you’re in the area please come check her out, you won’t be disappointed. Marle’ Blu and her 700 House team in collaboration with PCMG are planning to drop a slew of new music and visuals in 2024, until then stream her previous releases which are available on all platforms. Follow @MarleBlu on all social media to keep up with her future releases and performances.

[New Video] IAmmTazz – In Da Hood


IAmmTazz, a 21-year-old female rapper from East Atlanta, has recently dropped her latest video titled ‘In Da Hood.‘ In this track, she skillfully addresses the everyday challenges and hardships of life, infusing a nostalgic early 2000’s vibe with a contemporary musical sound. The production of “In Da Hood” was masterfully crafted by Midnight Black, creating a compelling fusion of the past and present in the world of hip-hop. IAmmTazz’s unique style and lyrical vibe shine through in this new release.

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CryDine connects with Big 30 in St Louis and drops “Demon Time”


In a groundbreaking musical alliance, rising St. Louis artist Cry Dine has joined forces with Memphis sensation BIG30 to create an electrifying new Single “Demon Time.” The Single , has already made waves across various digital streaming platforms. Cry Dine, an emerging talent, holds the reins of his independent label Street Navy Records and has showcased his musical prowess through the releases of “Put On For Da Dine” (2021) and “Billiken Lifestyle (Grind Never Stop)” (2023). Let’s delve into this exciting collaboration and discover the journey behind Cry Dine. ( Credit BlancoTarantinotv.com)
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Alabama artist VC JUN delivers a new energetic single ‘G.T.S.O’


VC JUN, hailing from Enterprise, Alabama, has dropped a energetic new track that’s set to make a heavy impact. Titled “G.T.S.O.,” which stands for “Got That Shit On,” this song is a burst of pure energy and upliftment. It’s the kind of track you put on when you’re getting ready to step out and need that perfect vibe to set the mood. Whether it’s for your first day back at school, a night out with your partner, or just about any occasion where you want to feel your best, “G.T.S.O.” has got you covered. With its infectious beats and catchy lyrics, this song is reminiscent of a new-age “Fashion Killa” that’ll have you strutting your stuff with confidence every time you step out.

Mixed by the talented producer Snigg, “G.T.S.O.” is a testament to VC JUN’s ability to craft music that resonates with the soul. The song’s big energy and feel-good vibes make it the ideal soundtrack for any upbeat occasion. So, the next time you’re in need of a musical pick-me-up, be sure to turn to “G.T.S.O.” by VC JUN.

J. Lock, Finesse2Tymes – Money (Official Video)


Born in Mississippi and now Atlanta-based, rapper J. Lock has been turning heads with his melodic flow. Utilizing his extraordinary penmanship and heart-capturing vocal riffs to tell his story the best way he knows how to; through the power of Music. Growing up, J. Lock was a quiet person. At the age of 14, he would begin to use music as an outlet and a form of expression. By doing so, music allowed him to be as free as he wanted to be.

Upcoming artist from Atlanta, J Lock has released his latest single
“MONEY” FT FINESSE 2 TYMES shortly after releasing his single “ Selfish” featuring R&B legend, RL. J Lock’s unique style blends old-school hip-hop with modern trap beats. He has been making waves in the Atlanta music scene with his raw and authentic lyrics and his ability to connect with his audience through his music. Just Coming off the Show Your Grill promo tour J lock has gained a wave of new fans in 14 new cites. This year J Lock captivated Hip Hop with his On The Radar BET Awards 2023 Performance J.Lock is Ready for more . Check out his latest Video “ MONEY “ FT FINESSE 2 TYMES

28 Banks Drops “Peaches & Eggplants (Freestyle)” Ahead of ‘28 Days Later’ Project


Harrisburg, PA multifaceted rap artist 28 Banks has his 28 Days Later project locked, loaded and ready to drop October 28th. With multiple singles from the project in motion, such as “Slide Wit Me”, “Nothin Nice” and “Snipers Edge”, Banks felt like putting his midas touch on Young Nudy’s “Peaches & Eggplants”. Watch the official video to his freestyle here, and catch a vibe with Banks in Episode 1 of In The Stu Wit 28 Banks below.

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IDD ACK brings out Acky Simmons and Drops Video for “GO”


DJ Pack: IDD ACK (Clean/Dirty)


Cleveland’s Idd Ack returns as the King of The Clubs with his new big hit “GO”.Produced by hitmaker MattlightTheFlame. The dynamic duo place hypnoticcadences over a deep bass to get things moving for the summer. Last year the two with DJ Ryan Wolf created one of the biggest songs in Ohio “Hop” which landed him as a top artist on This Only Happens in Ohio top 50 list. This year Idd Ack joined forces with industry veterans Mally The Martian and Big Heff has things lining up great for Idd Ack. This single is his first through Modus Distribution as Idd Ack looks to take his signature dance and catchy hooks to a major level with touring and merchandise. Idd Ack first jumped on the scene with his first song “Dump The Cooler “from there it’s been a building buzz since.Performing at the Z1079 Summer Jam. Songs featuring Icewear Vezzo & Babyface Ray. Idd Ack was also featured on DJ Ryan Wolf “Hit It” featuring Soulja Boy & Ty Bri. With an upcoming Release for his EP.Be on the lookout for Idd Ack.