Ace Noir is an artist seeking to make music with a purpose

Industry Spotlight

To label Southern California based artist ACE NOIR as simply “a rapper” wouldn’t do him justice. Beginning his love of music at the age of 8 while playing trumpet in his school band, Ace seeks to bring something fresh and new while paying homage to the traditions that raised him.
“We are at a time unprecedented within the history of music. Never has there been so much knowledge and so many recordings readily available to anyone who would seek them out. On top of that, technology has opened up doors in the realms of creation that our ancestors could have never perceived. I want to apply the level of dedication and attention to detail that my greatest heroes did to their craft while embracing all the tools of my time with no limitations. I feel this is the ultimate way to truly build a sound that reflects the past, shows the present, and guides the future.”
ACE NOIR’s debut EP “ALPHA” has been receiving raving reviews from casual listeners to industry professionals alike. It’s been called “A breath of fresh air” and “Undeniably authentic.” ACE has a gift for towing the line of consciousness and relatability through poetry that is seldom heard in these times where melodic rapping and auto tune reign supreme. From the seamless storytelling and word play, vibrant vocal harmonies, and meticulous beat curation, “ALPHA” truly lives up to its name. It’s available for streaming on all platforms and definitely worth checking out!