[Album] Prince Hall’s Debut Album Clock Work Has The Recipe For An Instant Classic @PrinceHall_PH


Clock Work

Prince Hall’s Debut Album Clock Work Has The Recipe For An Instant Classic.

There are very few debut projects that rival Prince Hall’s Clock Work. The Nawf Atlanta native is an exceptional emerging artist uncoupled by today’s musical trends. This album has a refreshing new sound. Clock Work is a unique blend of strong lyrical content and memorable hooks. The 11 track project is full of inspirational moments and enjoyable vibes.

Prince Hall’s Clock Work highlights his versatility as an artist and songwriter. With uplifting records like “The Light House” and melodic hits like “At All” it is hard to overlook the flexibility in his style. Prince Hall worked closely with his business partner and executive producer Nor’Von Thomas to create this exceptional project. It is being release under their company Moor Exclusive set for the date July 29th. Prince Hall and NV team up on 10 of the 11 songs proving their chemistry as artist and producer.

Prince Hall exhibits his passion for music and his hunger for growth through Clock Work. In a time where most new artist can be stacked into one category Prince Hall stands out. The innovative and versatile style of Clock Work makes it entertaining and timeless.  Prince Hall’s debut album Clock Work has the recipe for an instant classic.

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