BIG VENTI Releases New Album “Party Hills”


BIG VENTI just dropped his highly anticipated new album “Party Hills”. This is by far the hottest album of the Summer!! BIG VENTI came up with the name of the album “Party Hills” as a nickname for Hollywood Hills. Most people in LA go to mansion parties in the hills when they are done clubbing. His new project is one big party in itself.

BIG VENTI’s new album gives an inside look into the lifestyle of the Hollywood entertainment industry. There’s never a dull moment on “Party Hills”.

The album kicks our speakers over right off the bat with punchy hip-hop drums alongside sharp, bouncy synths that take the album to banger status within seconds.

BIG VENTI’s music will pump up any party with his confident bars and ultra-charismatic performances.

The talented artist brings his big boss energy in this thrilling album, while showcasing his vocals and versatility with catchy hooks that carry the instrumentals to create the perfect sound.

His dominant, yet smooth, flow on “Party Hills” drenches us in the utmost swagger, poise, and artistic relevance.

Check out “Party Hills” now and follow BIG VENTI on social media below for his latest releases.


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