Bigg Dest releases new single Booty Girls on all platforms


Destiny Johnson, a/k/a “BIGG DEST” is a musical upcoming recording artist from Chicago, IL. Raised on the West Side of Chicago, Destiny first began writing music in 2011 during her elementary school days but was most inspired by her boyfriend, and family members to pursue music in July 2022.

She has also lost loved ones to gun violence which cause a lot of pain but motivated her even more. Destiny comes from a big family she is number 8th child out of 10 kids her mom has. She’s 22-year-old with 2 kids a daughter and a son. Also, destiny writes her own music and even build up her own small personal studio in her mom basement

Although Destiny is an upcoming rapper, she has dropped her first 2 singles “Booty Girls” and “FASTER”, Destiny shows her versatility while remaining motivated and Unbothered. BIGG DEST is currently promoting her first new music video “Faster” with 2 Other Featured Artists “DR Big Chris” and Blazo Destiny has also been promoting her music through other social media accounts such as tiktok and Spotify.

Fans can follow BIGG DEST on social media to stay up to date with her forthcoming releases and live performances

Instagram: @bigg_dest
YouTube: @biggdest5803
TikTok- @biggdest_1