BiNormal sends a message to music stealers with new single “Crash Dummy”


The music industry is a creative industry and a business that a lot of people dream to get into. From the outside looking in you see the money, cars, Jewelry, and lavish lifestyle a successful artist has from one or multiple records. What you don’t see are the dark, and a lot of times grimy things that happen behind the scenes. One of the biggest things done to up and coming artists by labels or major artists is concept or craft stealing.

Binormal is a business owner but more importantly an artist from Dayton Ohio that has experienced someone stealing her style and craft. Knowing that someone has stolen your hard work is discouraging and at times makes you want to give up your dreams. Binormal saw it as a opportunity to talk to those people directly in new single Crash Dummy. She touches on how other females try hard to be like her but really can’t duplicate her style.

Authentic is rare in this business, especially with a a lot of fake people with false narratives flooding the music industry. Binormal is Authentic, focused and anyone attempting to steal her hard work will see quickly why they are considered a “Crash Dummy”.

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