Breaking Through the Confines of Being A Regular Artist – Melly Rose Is So Much More!

Industry Spotlight

Melly Rose is not just an artist; she’s an artist with towering spirits and she’ll win a Grammy one day.

You must all know Melly Rose as the Trinidadian artist who got featured on BET Soul, MTV, and the New York Times because of her flawlessly good track, ‘Body Good.’ Not only that, in a short amount of time since her debut, Melly Rose’s ‘Amazing’ got Rose listed on Pandora’s top Caribbean artists to watch out for in 2022. With such accolades in such a short amount of time, Melly Rose is going places; that’s for certain.

Even after getting such global recognition, Melly Rose doesn’t plan on stopping there. Melly Rose aspires to one day perform on the BET live show. Moreover, she even aspires to win a Grammy someday. With the pace Melly Rose is moving and sweeping worldwide recognition; we know that those days aren’t far away when we’ll see Rose performing on live TV.

Plus, Melly Rose is a melodious singer, and with the powerful messages that chaperone all her songs and music videos, we can expect Melly rose to fulfill her dream and bag a Grammy or two (or more). All of Rose’s tracks are escorted by deep and profound messages that appeal to the audience and highlight social issues that are deeply rooted within the society.

Melly has firsthand experience as a woman of color, having been born in the twin-island state of
Trinidad and Tobago (which Melly now thinks of it as a ‘safe haven’) and brought up in the United States of America. Those memories, as well as those of close friends and family, resurfaced in her thoughts when she wrote ‘Body Good.’ For her, ‘Body Good’ proved as a recollection of reminiscences.

Black ladies of varied skin colors and physical features may be seen throughout the numerous sequences in the official music video for ‘Body Good.’ This purposeful artwork is meant to extend the conversation of black women being valued and appreciated irrespective of their appearance. Rose also makes it known to viewers that she supports the worldwide Black Lives Matter movement.

Melly hopes that ‘Body Good’ will make major headway in altering the perspective of how society regards black women with her soothing voice and supporting uplifting music.

“It’s not the singer part of me; it’s the human part of me. I am human, and I see these misconducts. I cannot just sit there and not say anything. If I don’t say anything, I’m as mistaken as the people that are doing it,” said Rose.
While she works on her upcoming artistic endeavors, Rose is also organizing a clothing, meal, and toy drive for kids living in orphanages in Trinidad and Tobago.

Rose aspires to perform on BET live one day and bag a Grammy award for her brilliant and outstanding vocals. Melly has been through a lot, and it is time life gives her something good. We know that those days aren’t far off when we’ll be sitting in front of our TVs to see Melly Rose win a Grammy.