Bronx artist Mayor Kachi is making noise


Mayor Kachi is the next best thing hailing from the Bronx. His involvement with music started in youthful years freestyles at school lunch table and bathrooms. Started taking his musical talents serious and years ago.  Inspired by heavily by a cousin Dolo who was killed in 2015. He dedicated his lyrical  versatility to making real music he would enjoy. Mayor Kachi eventually started writing music for other acts. Some of Mayor Kachi influences are Biggie, Rick Ross and Jeezy.  Mayor Kachi music is a high powered ride of money , sex , drugs and gang banging. He has two albums under his belt and working on a new one currently . A sample of his artistry and versatility is No Vote. Check out some of the classic material below. He is truly people next favorite rapper.

New Music Dolo World

New Music No Vote

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