Cameron Jehl: An Upcoming Youngster Millionaire Redefining the Law of Success

Industry Spotlight

Cameron Jehl is an example of a youngster pushing harder in life to have their dreams and life goals achieved through hard work, commitment, and determination. Since childhood, the desire to succeed and make a difference amongst his peers has always been a major driving force for the upcoming millionaire.

Pushed by the undying desire to achieve and an absolute optimism, he browsed through YouTube for business ideas, finally settling on what he could do best at the age of 12 with a couple of hundreds of dollars he started saving at 10 years.

“While all my friends were out playing sports and stuff, I was always that kid that wanted to succeed and start making money. By age 10, I’d already started saving a couple of hundred dollars. With that money (and a little bit of my parents‘ money), I wanted to get my own camera to start a YouTube channel,”.

“Like a childhood dream, I actually made it sort of big in the YouTube community, gaining over 70k subscribers and making quite a good amount of money for my age. When I was 12, I ended up getting the motivation to where I wanted to start my own business,” he added.

Having thought about dropshipping for a long and putting up enough resources for a business, Cameron started his first online store, with the first sales propping up his hope for a flourishing business. Even though there were quite a bit of failures, Cameron didn’t give up and kept pushing harder to accomplish his life dreams and become what he is today.

I always try and stay motivated no matter what comes to me. I don’t know what it is about it, but just getting that first sale is almost like a sign of hope,”. Explaining how he’s tackling various challenges in his businesses.

With his goal being to make it big, creating another dropshipping store is the future of of Cameron’s business expansion plan. Given his age, he is doing pretty well. Making a good amount of money, along with having millions of followers on Instagram. However, his goal isn’t just to do well, but to really succeed in life and business.

Being a selfless person who cares about much beyond his personal gains and welfare, he plans to continue helping even more people in society with the wealth he works for everyday. “My goal is to be a millionaire, but not just that. I want to be able to help people who are struggling and are on the verge of giving up.”