Devyn Nicole is set for a successful music career with new single “OMG LIFE”


In the business of music there are a lot of must haves when it comes to being successful. You must have confidence, you must have determination, you must have consistency, you must have the ability to grynd no matter the circumstances. We can go on forever on the things you must have, but regardless of the list we create, as an artist you can’t afford to not have each one.

Devyn Nicole is an artist out of Atlanta, GA that has all the must have’s and more, because no matter the situation she understands the business and what she needs to do to achieve her goals. On June 17 Devyn released the official visual for her single “OMG LIFE” which is everything anyone should expect from a dope song like this. If you were to listen to the audio alone, you hear a dope beat, incredible engineering, an artist who believes in herself and a concept anyone wanting success can relate to.

Teaming up with director Kerrigan Production, Devyn Nicole put the icing on the cake and gives the world a look and feel that would motivate others to step their game up. “OMG LIFE” lyrically is a monster but when you show people what it supposed to look like it’s a slam dunk.

We don’t like to just tell you about it, we want to show you ourselves, so check out OMG LIFE by Devyn Nicole now exclusively on VEVO and see why we believe in this artist so much.