DJ Sleep Ez debuts his new single “Don’t Won’t It”

DJ Sleep Ez, a talented artist from Chesterfield, VA, has recently released an electrifying track titled “Don’t Won’t It.” This song, produced by DJ Sleep Ez himself and the renowned JD On Tha Beat, is a result of the demand from his dedicated squad. Motivated by their encouragement to create music that surpasses his previous work, DJ Sleep Ez embarked on a mission to craft a track that exudes both vibe and energy.

“Don’t Won’t It” holds a special place in DJ Sleep Ez’s heart for multiple reasons. Firstly, it features his little brother, Fresh Porter, marking their first collaboration. Additionally, it proudly boasts DJ Sleep Ez’s first out-of-state feature, with the inclusion of Fat Pimp. The unique aspect of this song lies in the studio atmosphere during its creation. The entire team contributed ideas and suggestions, deeply connecting with the vibe and energy DJ Sleep Ez was striving to create. Loah Semi, who has collaborated with DJ Sleep Ez on three previous tracks, elevated the record with his exceptional first verse.

When asked about his favorite line from the song, DJ Sleep Ez immediately points to the hook. The line that resonates with him the most is, “Yall Broke N#*!a Stay Away From Me,” which is cleverly flipped to “Yall Leeching As B$^3h Stay Away From Me” on the second iteration. This line carries a powerful message about keeping negative energy at bay. DJ Sleep Ez emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with positive influences and avoiding individuals with a detrimental mindset.

Looking ahead, DJ Sleep Ez has an exciting lineup of upcoming shows scheduled for the remainder of the year. He will be hitting cities such as Dallas, Austin, Houston, Chicago, Hawaii, Richmond, and D.C. Fans are encouraged to follow him on their favorite social media platforms to stay updated on his upcoming performances. Additionally, DJ Sleep Ez teases a significant project on the horizon: the release of the Rapalot Midwest Compilation Album. Fans can anticipate the arrival of this highly anticipated album in the near future.