Entertainment Star Yandy Smith Is a Major Supporter of Rapper Richfam Nate @Richfamnate

Entertainment icon and Media Mogul Yandy Smith shows her love and support for Harlem Rapper Richfam Nate who was recently released from prison just 2 months ago. Richfam Nate, who many fans have crowned as the king of “scam rap” has already become one of the most talked about artist in the music industry. In a video tribute Yandy states “You got us Harlem girls out here rooting for you.” Richfam Nate recently dropped 2 singles “Poverty” and “Wicked” ft. Fetty Luciano which have both been seen on billboards and heard on radio stations all across the country. Rumors have surfaced that Def Jam Records have offered Richfam Nate a multi-million dollar contract




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