Female Rapper Fantasi Is The Truth – New music ‘Bankroll’


Female Rapper Fantasi Is The Truth

Loud bass lines, controversial hairstyles, wild dance moves, and lyrics to make imaginations run amok. Those are the words used to describe Fantasi Labz. Remember, that’s Fantasi with an “I” not a “Y”. She quotes “Fantasy with a Y is a stripper. Fantasi with an “I” is the ARTIST”.

Born in Mississippi and raised in Beaufort, South Carolina, this young lady is southern hospitality at its finest. Her first album “Tuned Out” was released late 2019 featuring singles such as, ‘Come Get It’, ‘Running Man’, and ‘Abomination’. Fantasi’s bold and blunt lyrics are sure to catch every ear and raise every hand in any crowd. She puts on a show EVERY TIME, creating her own fan base called “FanFANs”. These FanFANs are the inspiration behind Fantasi’s second debut album “#FanFAN”.

With hit singles like ‘Liquid Courage’ and ‘BHHS (Bald Head H* S***)’ the album embodies all aspects of her music. Compiled with lyrics to make you cry one minute and jump up and down the next. The fun is in all of the music and stage presence this Carolina native brings every time. In her words; “Why be an entertainer, if you’re not entertaining?”

Growing up in a small town with big city dreams isn’t always easy, especially for a black female, but Fantasi has persevered and adapted to every obstacle, with no sign of breaking a sweat. She has gone from being ridiculed and teased for being different to engineering and developing other artists and her own music. From producing beats, writing and executive producing songs to live stage shows; she does it all.

Fantasi says the mission of her music is, and will always be to LIVE. We all have one life so live it to the fullest. We all die once, but have the opportunity to live everyday. So like Nike, “Just do it”; and according to Fantasi, “Who want it… She got it… COME GET IT!”

Instagram: @Fantasi_Labz

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/fantasi-labz 1490600482
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4q1ZvX4Dx0eo7AM7DJdBB1
YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UC5BYzpwHTlha6UX9-RPvSSg
UnitedMasters: https://untd.io/fantasi-labz

Listen on YouTube https://youtu.be/6BG4Tcxusm8