Get ZAPPED in with Jevon “Jerzey” Goldson of ZAP Xclusive

Industry Spotlight

What separates you from the competition? 

ZAP Xclusive was established in 2022 by the CEO & Founder Jevon “Jerzey” Goldson as a movement aimed at providing a platform for creators, influencers, and artists in Popular Culture.

We are unique in so many ways but what makes us special is the ability to give voices to the artists that are emerging in the culture and pushing it forward. We spotlight the real artists and brands that are a part of creating the standard.

Please describe any special characteristics of your brand – 

ZAP Xclusive is a progressive clique of creatives and curators, committed to firing up Popular Culture by sharing the real voices & ideas of people that describes our new World. Our content epitomizes the culture at its core investigating concepts like music, fashion, style, dance TV, movies, sports & Politics.

What motivates you to start your own brand – 

Artists work extremely hard and most do not get recognized. It’s important we control our narrative and our projects but we don’t have enough platforms to push the real people that matter. Zap Xclusive is a representation for artists that mold the culture but DO NOT GET CREDIT!

Where do you see your company in 5 years – 

The industry is changing quite rapidly. Social media is here to stay and we will be here to inform and inspire as the industry continues to evolve. We plan on expanding into events, and creating top tier content on the highest level.

What do you want readers to benefit from this article – 

Our platform encourages positive content to inspire the next generation to reach their ultimate goals. Not only do we uplift we share the real news and concepts from the real artists that put the work in. WE WANT EVERYONE TO WIN.


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