Introducing Brooklyn native artist, Goon Oom

Industry Spotlight

Goon Oom Was Born In Brooklyn New York. With The Death Of His Father Due To Liver Cancer He Struggled With Finding His Place In The World As He Didn’t Really Have The Guidance. His Mother Always Away He Didn’t Understand That She Had To Make A Living For The Both Of Them But She Was All He Had But From A Childs Point Of View He Was Alone and Unwanted. He Then Seeked Attention Through Fighting and Terrible Behavior In School Leading To Expulsions. His Mother Bailing Him Out Of Jail and Some Life Situations. He Then Found A Love For Music When He Turned 16. At First His Vision Wasn’t Clear But His Music Soon Grew With Him. But As The Darkness Followed He Learned To Put His Life’s Story Into His Music. Every Lyric Every Bar Real and True. The One and Only Goon Oom.

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