Introducing Pretti Peach CEO of Peach Aura


Who referred you? How did you hear about us? Be specific

Agent Matthews

What is your Preferred Name? Alias ect.

Tia \ Pretti Peach

Your Gender


Your Age


What is the name of your business?

Peach Aura

Are you currently employed or have multiple streams of income?


What Is your Social Media?


How many Instagram followers do you have?

Started at 900 at 1500

What product/ service are you selling?

Health & Wellness services, Clothing Brand, Motivational Blog

How long have you been in doing this? and what are some of the accomplishments you have achieved?

2 years – sold 2000 items plus

Tell Us About You!

How did you develop your name/ alias?

I developed the name “Pretti Peach” from a lesson i had to learn on a spiritual journey. On this journey i learned that sometimes life can bring struggles and challenges that drain your motivation and shift you into a negative perspective. Sometimes we need a shift in perspective that can serve us positive results.
I created a health and wellness brand that helps spark creativity and motivate people to be their best version of themselves. When you be yourself, give a positive AURA your spirit will attract positivity into your everyday life. Welcome to ‘Peach Aura’ what is your aura.

What Is your Social Media?


What projects are you currently working on?

Health & Wellness Products, Membership Services, Book Club, Courses, Brand Clothing, and more

How long have you been in doing this? and what are some of the accomplishments you have achieved?
I have been in communications since college which was in 2008 over time I interned and hired on at a local television station and also in the University’s African American Center also doing media work for the office.

Name 3 things you feel you need to be successful, and explain why!

I believe 3 things you need to be successful are Patient, Integrity, and Mission. Patience is the key to understanding yourself, what is for you and what is not for you, and how to become a clear thinker in all ways. To have integrity is to have honesty which usually comes with loyalty and I believe that Integrity is the most important part of becoming the best part of you who else to have integrity with first other than yourself. Lastly, the need of mission is the most important part of life. If you have no mission or purpose in which drives you to live your best life then you can miss out on the journey meant for you in this lifetime.

What is your weekly budget to invest into your career? after bills etc….


How do you plan to make money in this business?

I plan to make money in this business by selling products that will help heal the body, mind and spirit along with branded clothing and other goodies to go along with Peach Aura’s mission. In addition, Peach Aura will be launching a membership only Book Club and discussion with special guests to help heal and elevate the world. Lastly, there will be courses on multiple subjects from spirit, effective communication, cosmetics and much more!

Provide links to your work

Introduce yourself and how you developed your creative name, business name, or brand name..

What is Your Aura? I’m Pretti Peach -I am not a CEO I am the Brand.

Explain when and where you realized you had a passion, talent or skill?

I realized I had a passion for helping people at a really young age. I was very naive and was not aware of discernment. Overtime I always found myself in careers were I was helping other people like “Advanced Customer Service” and “911 calltaker and dispatcher” even down to the internships and work in college; therefore, it has always been a natural trait for me to build and connect with others.

Where are you from and what about your city inspired you?

I was originally born in Rome, Georgia and raised in Wilmington, North Carolina.

What projects are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a membership only book club with discussions -special guests, communication courses, health & wellness products.

What team members, coworkers or supporters encouraged you to be great? What did they say or do?

I can exaggerate when I say a part of my growth has definitely been due to the support I receive from Agent Matthews and the effective guidance in relation to your area of brand and development. The preparations that are needed to begin to develop a  brand can be very exhausting and scary at the same time; however, when you have effective guidance from a credible source then it can make the process much easier.

What is your definition of success?

My definition of success is when you are able to look back in life and see your growth and changes that led you to be the best version of yourself where you are the most happy and able to create the best financial growth for yourself and the ones you love.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far in this business?

The biggest lesson I have learned is to be patient and know that when things are not happening on your time to be aware and craft your skills even more to the liking of your knowledge.

How do you balance your business life and personal life?

I balance my business life and personal life by what is priority based. I am a mother so I have certain priorities and my life that are needed as well to survive in order to provide. I chose the best options and made sure everything is taken care of in a priority manner.

Aside from business, What are your favorite hobbies and activities you enjoy?

I love to sing, read, make content videos, research and just have fun doing different activities.

What are your social network handles?

Instagram, Facebook