Italian Rapper collaborates with Fat Joe


Fresh Melody Flow is the Italian artist with whom Fat Joe collaborated on a song entitled “Bounce” contained in the artist’s debut album called “Street Rap Melodico”

Who would have thought that Fat joe would have collaborated with an Italian artist? and above all who would have thought that he would collaborate with an emerging artist?

Intrigued by this choice of Fat Joe we went to hear the artist’s debut album and we were pleasantly surprised, Fresh has a very melodic flow and very pleasant to listen to.

and above all its sound is not at all obvious, it is clearly understood that its reference is not the trap nor the drill but that it draws its inspiration from old-style hip hop and for this reason

perhaps it will cause some perplexity to listeners who are used to the current songs, but also a lot of approval towards all that public who loves hip hop culture and tired of hearing songs coming out all the same as with a stencil.

In our opinion, his debut album is interesting within the current American scene.

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