Louis Heaton – Ring Around

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Upcoming album ‘Polemic’ combines Louis Heaton’s unique sound with deep well of hip-hop knowledge

BROOKLYN, NY – When it comes to Louis Heaton’s music, there’s nothing off limits. His no-holds-barred approach is something he’s banked his music career on for nearly two decades, and it’s that unique blend of passion and perfection that has made him a hit with so many fans over the years.

Those fans are in for a treat with his new album, “Polemic,” which is set to drop sometime this summer. The 13 tracks on the project showcase Heaton’s amazing lyricism and musical substance – something he said is sorely lacking in a lot of today’s song selections. But with years of knowledge and experience deep within the culture of hip-hop, Heaton said he’s seen the ups and downs and has a body of work that he brings to bear with this album in ways that will influence and educate people all over the world.

“I just want a no-holds-barred type of approach because I can address any topic and talk about anything,” he said. “I make good music filled with any kind of substantial content you can think of. I can make a good love song, or a good political song, or a good club song. I can’t be placed in a box, and I’m not afraid to start drama.”

A great example of that approach can be found with the single “Trap Music NYC.” It is a diss track to all New Yorkers who make trap music. Heaton said they are the only ones who lost their original sound just because they are no longer #1.

He said while living in California for eight years, he was being bombarded with music executive after music executive insisting that certain regions – such as the West Coast – should always sound like specific things. Trap music, for instance, is a unique sound from Atlanta that many people have told him only belongs in a deep-South type of vibe and he agrees. But with “Trap Music NYC,” Heaton is attempting to reinvigorate his New York City peers and break past those pre-conceived notions and introduce something new and exciting.

Other hot singles from the album include “Ring Around,” which is a statement piece that explores who Heaton is as an artist, and “Get High,” which is made specifically for the cannabis community and will drop on 4/20. “Get High” features notorious rapper Ruste Juxx, who has been established with Boot Camp Clik and helped Heltah Skeltah.

In addition to his music, Heaton is also an entrepreneur and entertainment businessman. He founded a company called Underverse LLC, which offers a full line of apparel – including shirts, hoodies, sweat suits and more – and offers mentorship opportunities for up-and-coming young artists.

“There’s this thing in a lot of places in New York where if you’re a new artist you have to pay to play,” Heaton said. “We don’t charge artists to perform at our showcases. Most showcases charge artists to perform. We offer you the opportunity to join our network called UV Social with only $5/monthly fee. The whole concept of Underverse is to nurture up-and-coming artists from the underground. All the music from there is organic and pure, and we want to offer a place where those artists don’t ever have to worry about a record company watering down their versions of their songs. We give them a platform to get exposure that can hopefully lead to a recording deal.”

Heaton said he’s glad to use the bachelor’s degree in music business that he got from Five Towns College and combine that with his years of experience that have given him an inside education on all things having to do with the entertainment industry.

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