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MattGetBandz is an upcoming and coming Drill Rapper From Far Rockaway New York. At the age of 18, Matt started doing music and has been taking it seriously since. As MattGetBandz continue to grow as an rapper, he continues to build his brand with hard work, dedication and acknowledging the power of networking. Learn more on the rising artist as V-Henny had the privilege to interview him.

V-Henny: Who and What inspired you to make music?
MattGetBandz: My family is very musically influenced, so I kind of just picked up on it. I enjoy listening and creating content for the fans.

V-Henny: Please share with us the content behind your latest single?
MattGetBandz: “No Discussion “ Out Now Everywhere , The Song is On All Platforms, With the video on YouTube .. Everybody Go Check It Out

V-henny: How long have you had this creative vision and what pushes you to
be consistent?
MattGetBandz: I just picked up this creative vision probably a year ago and the hunger and need to change my situation makes me consistent. I want to put my family in a better but different situation.

V-henny: Who would you most like to collaborate with?
MattGetBandz: Deveye For Certain , And Maybe Keen Streetz A Little Bit Later Down The Line Of My Career

V-Henny: Do you feel like you have overcome any boundaries you have set for
yourself? What were they and how did you conquer them?
MattGetBandz: Yes, I’ve been making new goals for myself and I’ve been trying to get out of my comfort zone by being in the studio more consistently. Understanding and trying a new sound of music, everything’s going how I want it too.

V-Henny: When did you come to realize how important it is to understand the business aspect of music?
MattGetBandz: I came to a realization that it is important to understand the business side of music while I was down in Atlanta. A very well spoken A&R told us that it is important to have the business side of music handled before you sign any deal.

V-Henny: In order to succeed in life you have to know how to give credit and give back. Who would you give credit to for your success thus far?
MattGetBandz: I would like to give credit too my immediate Circle and the family and friends I have around me. They let me know when my music is genuinely good or not. I feel like you need honesty with the music because another person who could enjoy it one day can share it with the next person and not like it all.

V-Henny: If you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?
MattGetBandz: I wouldn’t change anything even if I could , the industry has their rules in place, why would you change anything when it feels so much better at the top ?

V-Henny: What’s next for you?
MattGetBandz: What’s next for me ? Mixtape by the end of this year and it’s untitled so far , all you guys get to know is that this mixtape has 10-11 tracks and I want to release it by late December/ early January.

V-Henny: What’s one thing you would want your fans to know about you?
MattGetBandz: I want to let my fans know there wouldn’t be any me without you , I love you dearly and thank you for the support .

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