Meet Christina Clement of Dynasty Healing


1. What is your legal name and age? Dang, ya’ll want my government given name?

Lol Well New York knows me as Christina Clement, born on Christmas, 2 gifts not 1. And not a big ass teddy bear either.

 2. What is your stage name and how did you come up with it?

People call me Queen, I don’t know why they just started calling me Queen. I often share with people that I used to correct them and say my name is Christina, but they still call me Queen, so It just stuck. Even when I tried renaming myself to Unity, that didn’t work either, lol. So Queen it is and I’m fine with it. So thank you to the people.

3. Where are you from?

I am from everywhere, I am energy. My birth body settled in New York, born to and raised by West Indian parents. I love reggae music, roots and culture. My dad (DJ Jah T) was a DJ and played as a child with Bob Marley, so I heard roots and reggae all the time, I love reggae music. Dem ting and ting.

4. Where are you now?

I have moved to Georgia so my children can have some grass to play in. I love nature. My children are getting older now but I built such an empire here in Georgia, I have more planting to do here.

 5. How would you describe the work that you typically create? 

My message I am promoting is that it is okay to be your true self. I am on an assignment from GOD so the message isn’t going anywhere and it has always been consistent, To thine ownself be true, Each One Reach One, teach One. I speak about the journey also in my book on Amazon, Locs linked to spirituality by Christina Clement. (

6. Who influenced you most throughout your career?

GOD, Danielle Thompson, Freak, The Hype Magazine, Ugly Money Music, Coalition Dj-Big X, Dj trini, Hoodrich, & Derrick Simmons. Other artists Just seeing their passion and willingness to grind through pain and hunger to reach their goals. That’s real dedication. I see some driving cars that look like they shouldn’t even be on the road, but they are doing what they have to do in the game and that feeds me and what I do. So many don’t have food in their place of stay but they are still laser focused. I also started an Artist Admin Team which is a freelancing service so artists can make money and get their paperwork done without being wronged or just ignoring the business part of our career because that’s where the money is. (

7. What are your most notable achievements in the music industry?

We won business of the year with ARS Radio in Atlanta, and I have mentored so many into their passions, and businesses where they range from script writers-motivational speakers- to legends in the industry. (King & Queen (Conversation’s) Episode 3️⃣ (Trust The Process)  Queens Ig:@Dynastyhealing To see us excelling moves my heart and I love what I do. I support Passions.

8. Talk about your latest release. 

My clothing line which is soooo, let’s just say I am super excited about that. Along with the sponsorship My product line will share a platform with them on their website. So artists can earn money selling the shirts too. My videos will also be on platform, you will find other content creators on there like Killer mike and King June, which I have the pleasure of being offered a channel on there. I will also have other conscious artists on my channel. So to all the artists, I will support that music that you really want people to hear and feel and that is true to you. Send it into me and I’ll have a channel on my network for you.  My Ig is @dynastyhealing @njshaircare when you are ready to get your locs right.

Contact: and [email protected] and For premium roasted coffee beans and DH clothing line inquiries [email protected] and for locs maintenance, loc community association [email protected]

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