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Mitchell Heaton of the HiCats Find His “Mount Hope” in First Solo EP
HAMILTON, ONTARIO – The Canadian group, The HiCats, are well known for their versatile hip hop lyrics and strong musical confidence, as each song gives listeners a special message. The loyal fan base of the group can rest easy; The HiCats are not breaking up. However, member Mitchell Heaton is gearing up to release his debut solo EP, “Mount Hope,” which promises to give HiCats fans something more to love.

The EP contains the single, “Anxious,” which is “really, really cool and different,” explained Mitchell Heaton. “It’s just me on the song doing the hook and verse. I am super happy about that one.”

While “Mount Hope” contains five original Heaton gems, “Anxious” will stand out due to its slower tempo. “It still makes you want to move,” he said. “It has a Japanese style to it. I rarely would try something like this, but it just spoke to me. The melodies are slower, and it will make you do the head bob thing,” he quipped.

With production on some music videos in its final stages, “Mount Hope” will drop in February 2022. However, fans should stay on the lookout for a single that may drop early, given Heaton’s love for surprising fans with new music.

Even though Heaton is pursuing his solo career, the HiCats’ latest single, “Don’t Know Why,” is gaining attention across the globe by HiCats fans and new listeners who discover the hip hop group. Today, two of the six original HiCats, Heaton and Stealth Elementz, continue the group’s legacy and feed fans with creative and noteworthy music.

Coming off the back of the HiCats’ EP “Hybrid Music,” the vibe of “Don’t Know Why” is Drake-like, Heaton said, “We’ve been trying to experiment with making music and not so much hip-hop tracks and expand a little bit. So ‘Don’t Know Why” is totally different for us. Way back, we did a lot of hip hop type songs, and there wasn’t a lot of girl-oriented music.”

While experimenting with different sounds and entering the world of post-break-up songs, the HiCats strike gold again as they connect directly with fans. The anxiety and stress of relationships drip from each verse, and the chorus leaves you nodding your head, acknowledging that you’ve felt the same way too.

Returning to their traditional hip hop style, the HiCats are completing two additional songs with Benny The Butcher and Jon Harvey from Monster Truck. These singles will satisfy their loyal fans while giving them a little different sound too. Heaton said fans are in for some awesome music.

Looking ahead to his solo work, Heaton promises HiCats fans, “If you enjoy HiCat music, I think you really will enjoy my solo stuff, and there’s something for people that may not listen to our music. You’re going to enjoy this ‘Mount Hope’ that I’m doing on the side as a solo project. It’s some of my very best work – guaranteed.”

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