Moneyyymimi releases new single “Ace Of Spades” @moneyyymimi


People wanna know what is ace of spades about? Well, firstly, more than anything, it is a female anthem. The hook makes this ethos quite clear with the first two words: “only deposits.” This can be understood on so many levels, the most obvious of which is cash deposits, hence, “that check gotta clear.” But in life there are a multitude of currencies just as there exist a variety of love languages. So essentially, the message is if you fucking with me, then fuck with me. Let your intentions be clearly communicated in your actions toward me: do not try to take from me, but rather pour into me, with your love, affection, energy and resources.

And some may be puzzled by this interpretation as MoneyyyMimi’s single Ace of Spades does not exactly read as a love song. However, as anyone who has a little bit of lived experience in relationships can attest, when it comes right down to it, love is not always enough. Bills must be paid, children must be provided for. When Moneyyy Mimi raps “give your baby girl the world, what the f*** you gon’ give me though?” this addresses the reality that in a relationship where children are involved, be they biological offspring or “bonus-babies”, one’s partner still reserves a primal need to know that they too are a priority. (Hence, just because one is a great father does not guarantee that he will make an excellent partner or husband — it is his willingness and commitment to provide for and protect his family which confirms this.)

And the next line helps to place everything in perspective: “I needs me a blunt nigga, I can’t fuck with no pre-roll.” Anyone who is of the 420 lifestyle knows all too well what t his means — we, women, don’t want none of that fake shit. “It’s like why would I settle for a joint that’s only half bud and half some other shit, like hemp or dehydrated flowers, when I can have the real thing that is 100% what I desire. The thing is, a lot of niggas don’t want to or don’t know how to keep it real, in this era of catfish and bait and switch, there’s a lot of fuckshit going on. And for me, this song is really about telling it like it is, like this is what I require of you, to know that I come first (as well) and I expect that same realness from anybody that I’m dealing with. Simple.” In this sense, the word “blunt” serves as a double entendre — keep it real or don’t speak.

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