[Music] Hip-hop/Dancehall song Lady in Red streams over 20K @tilsawright


Hip-hop/Dancehall song Lady in Red streams over 20K
By Lisa Jones

With most talent grinding relentlessly in the independent market of music. Self-Published author Tilsa Wright decided to step into the realm, so as to market her book ‘Lady in Red’ to a growing and lucrative streaming platform.

Lady in Red is an urban novel that touches the human soul globally. The main character Keisha Lopez deals with a number of issues, which is comparable to most women. Peel away the layers off self-esteem, abusive relationship, religion and perception of life. Keisha’s struggle is expressed in the song by artist Reggae Rage.
The author’s goal is to also use her book as a tool to empower girls and young women, to dream and become the best version of themselves. This past December she donated 25 copies to Girl Vow, an organization that mentors underage girls who are incarcerated at either Rikers Island or placed under house arrest.

“Lady in Red is totally inspired by the streets however adding value to Keisha’s triumphs while highlighting her challenges.” Stated the author. “The average book marketing campaign execute their plans traditionally. My approach will be slightly creative as I have tapped into what inspired me to write Lady in Red, which is a song by the late Notorious B.I.G and my unwavering love for Brooklyn’s melting culture.” She further explains.

As I fact check her streams and downloads, it is impressive that this song is doing competitively and extremely well on Pandora and Applemusic respectively; with no budget, nor major co-sign. Lady in Red, the book is exclusively available on Amazon and Kindle. The song is on all digital platforms. Tidal, Itunes, Spotify, Applemusic, Amazon Music, Youtube and Pandora.