Mystic’s Ent sits down w/ Bobby Jae for an exclusive interview! @BobbyJae910


What’s good Bobby Jae. Tell our readers where you are from?
Hey yo! Whats poppin? I hale from the great state of North Carolina. Southern Pines to be xzact…

When did you decide that music was going to be your passion and why?
Imma say about 7 eight years ago I said F it I’m goin for broke wit my muzik. I always had a love and wont for muzik.. Itz just n me..

Describe your sound. What do you want your potential fans to hear when they listen to your music?
My sound is like none other. My style, my voice the way I bring my words across. Its insane… I want the fans to hear my story, my pain. I wont em to move to the muzik feel what I’m sayin as i paint theses pictures wit my words.

How has your Grandmother been a inspiration to you?
Ah man. That lady there God rest her sole is my angel on my shoulders. She always told me to go after and work hard for what I wanted. Neva give up…

What music are you currently working on?
Well I just dropped ah EP with my R&B artist D-MO, entitled “THA KING AND I”.. My double CD “P.O.I.2” AND “P.O.I.3” are done. Just waitin on the release date to roll around. I’m REALLY out here working. “C.O.D.E.Z.” the movie on the way… Written by myself.. Bobby workin..

Talk to us about how the Greenboiz was put together.
Very carefully

Who are some of the people who influenced you in the music business?
Ice cube Master P.. Them cats was real go gettaz.. They took a lil and made a lot. Took no shit n the process of becoming mogals… Had a vision ah dream and made it come to life…

What is your definition of Grynd?

Where can our readers and your fans find you online?
I’m on IG @bobbyjae910 YouTube @bobbyjae Twitter @BobbyJae910 Facebook @bobbyjaegreenboiz
Follow Jae imma follow back

Any Shout outs?
GOD with out him none of this is possible. My mother, my wife for always be n there and supporting me even when I wasn’t worthy of support.. My team the Green Boiz D-MO, BENHILL VIC, MR 11:59, SMOKE GIZZLE, J-LO, MY MNGR RINA KREEPS PROMO… THESE GUYZ ARE THE BEST.. my city SOUTHERN PINES, east Atlanta Decatur,… All the DJs, promoters, club owners, radio stations that rock wit and play my muzik…
THANK YOU ALL…… Man I love yall… #21