[New Album] Jazmyn Alexis – Cheesecake III: The Last Slice


Jazmyn Alexis makes her musical mark once again, introducing the 3rd Cheesecake entry into her growing catalog. Cheesecake III: The Last Slice is finally available on all streaming platforms! This highly anticipated project has been the talk of several well known blogs and indie stations in the Midwest and in the major South. Cheesecake III: The Last Slice, goes through several emotional ups and downs as any over-stimulated relationship would, reasoning with the why’s and how’s of a fumbled love. With one listen it’s very clear that Jazmyn has given the people that special touch that the industry has been missing. She is extremely gifted with a special kind of penmanship and her angelic voice is second to none. It’s amazing all that she’s accomplished since the very first time we’ve explored her art! With all honesty we are so very proud of her continued success and can’t wait to witness an even greater ascension in her career. Go check out this amazing masterpiece Cheesecake III: The Last Slice! Then circle back around if you haven’t already listened to Cheesecake and Cheesecake II: Sliced. You are in for a beautiful treat! The world will soon know her name and legacy!

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