[New Music] Kenny Burgos – Cant Stand It


Originally from Puerto Rico, Kenny Burgos is an artist who doesn’t limit himself to a specific genre, but instead is an experimental creative, which means He makes music that fits his feelings on any given day, regardless of what musical genre it could be categorized under. This makes him an extremely well-versed force to be reckoned with. Inspired by artists such as Notorious BIG, Wiz Khalifa, and his own parents, who are both musicians, Kenny has been driven to push past his boundaries explore his potential to the fullest. Stay tuned for his upcoming releases, as they are sure to keep you on your toes!

His latest single “Can’t Stand It” now on all platforms is a great example of his unique style, captivating melodies and perseverance. With heartfelt lyricism and solid music production , Kenny provides a catchy and authentic record that can easily earn a spot on your playlist. As 2022 quickly approaches Kenny is an artist you definitely want to keep an eye on as he makes his way to being a household name.

Social media : @kennyburgosmusic