[New Single] TGETRUTH FT. TGEMARX – Wait A Minute


Available on Spotify https://open.spotify.com/track/5KvgErqIulbCbrkkLOdEQi?si=gG81LlL4RsSv5DfyrM6xCw

With the year ending and the pandemic still thriving, The Grey Era are still working harder than ever. This time around, the group has released yet another hot track titled “Wait a Minute” featuring two of the most prominent members of the group: TGEMarx & TGETruth. This is not their first contribution as a duo. In fact, both have released other songs together such as “Viral” and “Run It Up”. Beyond their ability to perform lyrically, the duo are extremely versatile bringing a breath of fresh air every single release . With this brand new soundtrack, they surely did not disappoint and clearly stood behind that. Despite the title, they don’t hold back to run through the song with each and every single line punching. Yet, the duo does somehow manage to rampage through the beat while still allowing each rhyme to resonate with style and remaining catchy. Beyond their ability to be natural, original, skillful and versatile… they are harmonious. Once again, The Grey Era strikes a homerun!

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