NSK Dolla Channels Pain and Betrayal in New Single “I Can Never”


Queens, NY native NSK Dolla is making waves with his latest single, “I Can Never,” produced by Young Montana. This track is released under the NSK Music Group label. In “I Can Never,” NSK Dolla delves deep into themes of betrayal and personal growth, using his music as a therapeutic outlet. His raw and honest storytelling sets this song apart, as he transforms his pain into a powerful and passionate narrative.

The song holds a special place in NSK Dolla’s heart because it represents a cathartic release and a candid portrayal of his experiences. “What makes it special to me is me telling my story, turning my pain into passion,” he explains. The authenticity in his lyrics resonates with listeners who have faced similar challenges, creating a connection that transcends the music itself. NSK Dolla’s ability to convey genuine emotion through his words and delivery is a testament to his artistry and dedication.

One of the standout lines in “I Can Never” encapsulates the essence of betrayal and the harsh realities that come with it: “smile in ya face and put a knife in ya back/ the ones close to you do you like that.” This lyric highlights the artist’s skill in expressing complex emotions with simplicity and impact. As fans eagerly await the release of his mixtape “Guess Who’s Back,” NSK Dolla continues to solidify his place in the music industry with his compelling storytelling and unflinching honesty.