OGee L’z – Vherbalah | @OGee_Lz


OGee L’z was born in Spain and moved to New York as a toddler. Growing up in Queens and Harlem, New York.

​He knew music was his way of coping and releasing his inner thoughts since a young age. Always an observer to life, a wise soul with a relentless hunger that could take over the room. The power of musical influence DMX is OGee L’z greatest inspiration when it comes to having all the pieces he related to. Hip Hop/ Gospel/ Soul & Boom Bap music was the remedy to his madness. He knocked down doors behind the scenes building relationships & always working with the best in his craft. Always letting the music speak for itself & letting the chips fall where they fall. Morals, principles & raw truth is all it’s really about for him.