With Mobile, AL artists taking over the music scene, could Poohda be next up


Could Poohda be the next big artist out if Alabama. His new single “Scared” sets a tone to place him right on the same playing field as other artist from the city of Mobile, Al. The rising star got in motion in the music industry to paint a picture of streetz of Alabama. Growing up in the struggle, Poohda is determined to build a business model that allows his peers to grow with him. The music industry Being the perfect opportunity he and his partners began to find their own way in the game and merge their efforts together, after they lost a dear friend on the way up. Trs don datta had been an inspirational part of his career because of the passion he displayed to they team. His song Scared speaks of him watching down over them in tribute. To learn more of this artist and follow his careers, follow his IG @p00hda_ aka Low ticket Poohda.

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Rocki Patrice