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Los Angeles Based RnB Singer Rafael to Release New EP “In the Shadows”

LOS ANGELES, CA – Rafael has quickly made his mark on the music scene in
Los Angeles. Over the past year, he has been steadily working on his newest
project, which will be released sooner than we think. The EP, titled “In the
Shadows”, will completely showcase his and artistic abilities. To say the least,
Rafael is anxiously excited to kick the year off with his latest work.

Rafael’s EP will be jam-packed with music that anyone can vibe to, which is a
reason why he is so versatile as an artist. Specifically, this will be an album that
ladies will easily relate to. “The EP has an RnB mixed with hip-hop sound. I
would lean more on the RnB side because the content is more geared toward a
woman. Most of the tracks are for a female audience,” said Rafael. The ability to
fuse two genres together so beautifully and artistically is what makes Rafael so

The RnB singer/songwriter is excited to announce that he recently dropped the
visual for his single “Can’t Function”. The single is straight off the EP, and gives
fans a glimpse of what to expect from the full project. With such a busy schedule,
people often wonder what gives him so much motivation to push forward with so
much effort. “The passion for creating music is like a sense of therapy for me. It
frees my state of mind when I’m writing music. I just love making music,” said
Rafael. The artist notes that he strives to bridge the gap in the music industry,
and hopes to accomplish that with his signature sound.

Speaking of sound, Rafael is not your average RnB artist. When it comes to his
overall vibe, Rafael hones in on the melodic aspect of his music. This alone has
made him stand out amongst any competition. “Content-wise, the words and the
lyrics are more of like a deeper message in what I’m saying,” said the singer. “As
far as songwriting, I feel like I’m the best, and I just need to put it in front of the
right audience. I make records that represent love.” One thing is for certain, “In
the Shadows” is sure to encompass the melodic, exceptional artistry that Rafael
is known for.

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release of “In the Shadows”!