Reed Waddle’s Anthem “Save Me” Helps Us Find Hope In Overwhelming Times

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As the year comes to a close, Reed Waddle has been spending a long time reflecting. He has been looking back and the songs he has written over the years, remembering the people he has met and places he has been along the way.

Written in Summer of 2020 in the midst of the pandemic, Reed Waddle’s single “Save Me”, a tells of many thoughts, emotions, and demons felt in the wake of the pandemic. Reed says, “As this year was coming to a close, I found that this song ‘Save Me’ resonated with me deeply. It helps me get through what I was feeling during the pandemic.”

Reed Developed as a musician through the guidance of his dad, developing an over 20 year career recording music and playing gigs at bars. Since 2014, he has been writing songs for other artists and projects in Nashville. He has been refining his writing day by day, supporting artists such as

Hall and Oats, John Fogerty, Graham Nash, Jason Isbell, Shawn Colvin, and countless others.

Reed says, “I’ve always been surrounded by music. My dad is a lifelong colleague; I’ve been happy to have his support along the way.”

While writing songs, Reed finds inspiration anywhere. “I kind of think of music as folklore and legend. The musical road brings me from place to place. You put something out, and immediately the question is what’s next? There’s a beauty in everyday things. Your job as a writer is to keep your eyes open and your ears open”

Over the years, Reed has won many songwriting competitions and is the Telluride Troubadour Grand Prize winner. He still uses the guitar won from that competition from Colorado every day.

Reed wrote “Save Me” thinking though the pandemic over Zoom calls with collaborators. On a writing session on a whim, Reed wrote the single with Jordan Frye, looking to build an idea that was soulful and necessary during the pandemic. That’s the magic of cowriting, you take it where it’s supposed to take you,” Reed says.

The single has gotten plenty of attention, receiving the acclaim of synch supervisors and the attention of the team supporting Dolly Parton.

“I want to use this to take my next big step,” Reed says looking forward. “A year went by, and I sat on it, and I thought it was good to bring this one out for the public. The big goal is to continue to create. Grow my fanbase, keep playing shows, and continue to create.”

He hopes that the single will inspire others. Reed says, “The title seems kind of sad, but it aims to give some hope to people going through hard times. Life is a big, beautiful thing, sometimes it can be overwhelming, but there is hope somewhere. If someone is feeling kind of down, I hope ‘Save Me’ can help them feel okay.”

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