Riot Da God Drops A Banger Titled ‘War Song’


Hi, my name is Jonathan “Riot da God”Bowles; I am a medically retired army veteran diagnosed with major depression and PTSD. I have seen and experienced a lot, but I have learned to express my feelings through writing from reading and therapy.

I’ve learned that some forms of depression stem from early childhood, so I have written a mini-series of books for children to understand and communicate their feelings to adults in a healthy way.

Sadness is an emotion that everyone feels at some time or another, especially after losing a loved one or friend. Sometimes you may experience a sadness that can affect how you act, your eating behaviors, and even how you see the world. “I’m Ok… I Think” is the first book of the mini-series, a book of overcoming depression and loss; suitable for all ages, targeted ages 6-12.

This mini-series is a reminder to parents, grandparents, teachers and counselors to first listen and second understand your children’s feelings and emotions as well as their own.

This story takes the reader through some symptoms of depression and loss while encouraging them to seek help to understand and communicate. This mini-series also reminds all readers, “You Are Not Alone.”