Rzenatiii Unveils Her Authenticity with “TESI FLOW”


Atlanta-based artist Rzenatiii has stepped into the spotlight with her latest single, “TESI FLOW,” released on December 22nd, 2023, under the Music Money LLC label. The track, produced by Evil G and engineered by Evil G & DJ Deceptacon, serves as a testament to the artist’s dedication to her craft and her journey towards authenticity. Rzenatiii shares that the motivation behind “TESI FLOW” was to unveil a side of herself rarely seen by many—an expression of the relentless hustle that fuels her daily life.
In her own words, Rzenatiii emphasizes the personal significance of the song, describing it as one of her first real singles where she poured her full 100%. She sees it as a pivotal moment in her career, marking history in the making not only for herself but for the loyal fanbase that has been with her since the beginning. As she gears up for the release of “Black Swan” in January, Rzenatiii expresses excitement about dropping visuals for her upcoming projects, inviting her followers to witness her growth and dedication through a carefully curated catalog.
Rzenatiii concludes with a message of gratitude to her supporters, acknowledging the “real ones” who have been by her side. With a determination evident in her words, she makes it clear that nothing will deter her from pursuing success as she looks forward to an evolving and promising musical journey.