[Single] Last X “Drought” @lastxofficial


Last X is a Hip-pop music group that is based somewhere in America…
Their music reaches every audience young, old, rich, and poor.
They are ready to build a dynasty, and prove to everyone that they are here to stay.

The Group Consists of Paco & Saint Banx

Paco is a young artist, who paired with Saint Banx to create something very unique.
Whether it be singing or rapping Paco always seems to find the pocket in every song.
Money is not what motivates him, but his love for music is what drives him every day.

Saint Banx is a young artist/producer, who paired with Paco to create the most
powerful duo in music. They compliment each other well on every song,
and they seem to somehow make every song their own.
He thinks success.
He wants success.
He will have success.

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