Loddy Dottie – Evil G – Official Music Video

Loddy Dottie dropped a dope new visual Evil G out now on Youtube macheck it out above and leave some feedback in the comment section below. Loddy Dottie stays dropping new music so if you like what you hear make sure to keep up with a solid up and coming artist by following him on Instagram listed below.

Moshey Ben Yahudah releases the Highly anticipated single “PRAISE HIM ALWAYS”


Moshey Ben Yahudah releases the Highly anticipated single


Back at it again!!! Kansas City, KS Hip-Hop artist Moshey Ben Yahudah has been back in the studio working hard to present you with the new hit single from his upcoming album “Raw Uncut Truth”. The single, “Praise Him Always” released globally on November 27th for streaming and download, with the video being released simultaneously, debuting on TruthMuzic.com, Vevo, Apple Music and Tidal.

Moshey specializes in giving his fans highly inspirational, non-stop bangers that encourage perpetual praise to the Most High God. Produced by award winning producers and contributors, this song is edifying, uplifting and has a positive vibe that’ll make you want to get up and dance. 

His upcoming album, “Raw Uncut Truth”, will be released January 2023 and available for pre-order December 2022.

Artist Electronic Press Kit: http://mosheybenyahudah.com

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For more information about this artist, contact Jay Shields Promotions at 901-231-9581.

For Downloads and Streaming: https://bit.ly/3F0hVRL

Watch the Official Video: https://bit.ly/praisehimalways

Social Media Info: 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cortez.a.davis.3

Instagram: https://instagram.com/moshey_ben_yahudah

Song Credits:

Songwriter & Performer: Moshey Ben Yahudah

Publisher: Yasharahla Nation & Truth Muzic

Music Producer, Engineer: Judah Blakc (South 71)

Executive Producer: Jay Shields CEO, Jay Shields Promotions

Mixing Engineer: Khalil Ben Israel

Video Credits:

Filmed, Directed & Edited By: Justin CTV Townsel @YungCTV 

Concept by: Justin CTV Townsel, Jay Shields CEO & Moshey Ben Yahudah





Final Video Editing and Artwork by: RaeShantael @RaeGrafixDesigns www.RaeGrafix.com

Sponsored by: Jay Shields Promotions, LLC and Truth Muzic Radio

https://TruthMuzic.com and https://TruthMuzicMixtapes.com

C Glizzy x Foolio “Six & Glizzy”

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C Glizzy has released his new street anthem, “Six & Glizzy” We can’t wait to hear more from him as he gears up for his next release. Twitter: @cglizzycglizzy and Instagram: @cglizzy.

The Royaies – Princesa

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Multi-cultural power group The Royaies fuse Latin-inspired R&B with Reggaeton on debut hit single ‘Princesa’ 

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA – The Royaies are a new and wildly versatile music group based out of Toronto. Comprised of two sets of brothers – Shyon (23) and Axel Kain (19), and Arvin The Poet (20) and Elijah (24) – who are cousins who share the same last name. Having explored music and pursued careers as artists individually for many years, the four came together in 2020 to form a group and are now ready to release their first single “Princesa.” 

The Latin-inspired R&B groove is a sexy, slow jam that just feels good. With beautiful harmonies laid over the top of Latin-inspired guitar riffs, the song is immensely enjoyable and sets the perfect mood for a romantic night with a lover. It’s a song that perfectly introduces the group’s talent and versatility to the world, while also offering individual moments that display each member of the group’s individual personality. Arvin the Poet, for instance, has more of a melancholy viewpoint of lost love, whereas Axel offers insight into those butterflies that come when you make eye contact with a beautiful girl across the room. Elijah’s verses are more melodic and represent his softer personality and his ability to connect with listeners through strong emotion. And Shyon’s lyrics showcase a charisma and confidence that helps push the single beyond anything else being played across airwaves today. 

“It started off as a love song to all the women in Toronto, but it grew into something that people can connect with worldwide,” Shyon said. “We do it in a unique style – really with multiple different delivery styles and different phrasing and vocals based off each of our own personalities. More than anything we wanted to show with this first song that we can make that Pop, Reggaeton kind of hit. But it does not stop here. We have so much more music that offers completely different vibes that we’ll be releasing soon, as well.” 

Shyon and Axel started the journey as artists growing up in the thriving music scene of Toronto, learning from legends like Drake, The Weeknd, PARTYNEXTDOOR, and Roy Woods. About four years ago Arvin the Poet and Elijah moved from the Middle East to Toronto, and in the years since the four have been exploring new sounds and developing their own signature style. They display an impressive versatility born from not only exploring different types of music, but by fully immersing themselves in genres from all around the world. It’s a driving factor in the unique sound and style they bring to the table.  

“The throwback influences of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s can’t be ignored, as well as the value of international inspiration,” Shyon said. “We take great pride in being inspired by different cultures and global artists, as well.” 

Today the Royaies have become a group poised to make real noise in the industry. They’re hungry, and their desire to succeed at all levels and walks of life will soon become apparent to an ever-widening global fanbase. Not only do they have the talent to back up their dreams, but they have a relentless drive that won’t allow them to settle for anything less than what they want. 

To listen to The Royaies music, or to follow them on social media, please visit the following links: 

“Princesa” – https://soundcloud.com/user-240903097/the-royaies-princesa 









Phenom Elan Suave Collabs with Former American Idol Finalist Olivia Ximines for “Teen Romance Remix”


Phenom Elan Suave Collabs with Former American Idol Finalist Olivia Ximines for “Teen Romance Remix

17-year old rap phenom Elan Suave has teamed up with former American Idol Top 20 finalist, Olivia Ximines, on the “Teen Romance Remix”, a follow up duet to the smash single released in August which has already garnered significant support across major streaming platforms and media outlets.

On the “Teen Romance Remix”, Elan and Olivia channel the relatable emotions and harmonic vibes of the original version impeccably as they exchange authentic and engaging verses throughout the course of the song.

The sincerity of their respective vocal performances projects an appealing authenticity that makes it sound like they’re just having a back and forth romantic conversation.

Olivia brings a fresh perspective to the track from the female point of view as she sings gracefully over the soulful chords produced by Jose “Clutch” Martinez.

She displays her wide-ranging vocal ability on the duet which is a perfect complement to Elan’s signature blend of hip-hop style flows and melodic R&B vocals.

The young, dynamic recording artists, who are also freshmen at Howard University, have collaborated to create a superb hip-hop/R&B ballad in the vein of Method Man/Mary J. Blige, Ja Rule/Ashanti etc. that is sure to resonate with music listeners as much as the original version.

“Teen Romance Remix” is available on all streaming platforms (Spotify link below). Make sure to stream it, playlist it and save it to your Favorites Library.
Listen to “Teen Romance Remix”


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Facebook :


Olivia Ximines:

Cain MacWhittish – Ouch

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PORTLAND, OR – When you mix an alternative rock and gothic electronica background, you get Cain MacWhittish’s industrial electronic sound that the artist says encompasses all of his influences and experimentation together through his single “Ouch.”  

“I usually tell people to listen to see what they come up with. Some kind of electronic music, that’s what I like to say. I generally try more to come from not a regular electronica background. I try to come more from indie and punk influences.” 

Cain MacWhittish – who also goes by Cain WTF – grew up playing in the community orchestra as well as in school bands. After enlisting in the military for a few years, he moved to NYC in the early ‘90s and played drums in punk bands. He would attend shows of bands such as Jesus Lizard and Girls Against Boys, followed by dancing at venues amidst the ‘90s gothic club scene. MacWhittish made his way to the west coast – living in San Francisco for a majority of his life, until moving to Los Angeles and assisting former Thriller co-engineer Steve Bates, working with artists such as Courtney Love and Eric Clapton, while continually making his own music. He now resides in Portland, OR. where he continues to create his eclectic sound.  

Cain’s music, which includes 148 releases on Bandcamp, comes from using various synth plug-ins through Ableton live, in a songwriting process that has a play by improvising. “Ouch” implements the artist’s industrial and goth electronic sound background. It’s the darkwave sound of his musical history, ebbing in and out of industrial and ambient sounding almost similar to Aphex Twin. MacWhittish describes “Ouch” as a big representation of his music. 

“I feel like ‘Ouch’ really represents the sound I’m trying to create. With all this experimentation, I kind of have an idea of where I wanna go in my head. So ‘Ouch’ is the best installation of that so far.” 

And while MacWhittish is a fan of house DJs, he prefers to make eclectic mixes that have gained listeners off of Mixcloud, reaching up to almost 13k plays. Since Covid, he has spent his time in downtown Portland’s Pioneer Square with a synthesizer set-up performing live sets and sets his interests on playing music festivals in the future, honing his DJ skills after attending Movement Music Festival in Detroit. 

“The year I went, I was like ‘I should just up my DJ game’ so if I ever by some miracle got invited to play festivals like this, I’d be comfortable saying yes.” 

You can listen too Cain MacWhittish single “Ouch” and more, below: 





Cham Quilla – Deja Vu

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Ambient, spacey kind of vibe featured on new album from Cham Quilla 

EASTON, PA – Cham Quilla is a recording artist and producer whose unique production and atmospheric sounds give listeners a taste of something new and fresh. His latest album, “Metro Memoirs,” is an exploration of life’s double meanings and deeper truths set against an ambient and spacey kind of vibe. Released under the Uniswatt LLC label, “Metro Memoirs” is the album that’s set to put Cham Quilla on the international map in big ways. 

“It’s an album about growing up in the city and suburbs and my stories that come from living in that kind of area,” Cham said. “But it’s also an album that comes from a metrosexual man – a guy who likes to take care of himself and look good. Everything about this album has a double meaning, with stories that touch on both of those aspects of my life and my personality. A lot of these stories are personal stories, told in a dream-like, spacey kind of way.” 

The debut single from the project is a song called “Déjà vu.” Cham refers to it as a “heartbreak type of song” that’s ultimately about getting in a new relationship with someone who constantly reminds you of the person you were in love with before.  

“As much as you want to be involved and fully committed, the fear of the past relationship pulls you back from fully committing,” he said. “It’s definitely a song in the R&B lane, and shows people how I definitely have a different sound than anything else out there right now. I don’t try to copy what’s out there in the mainstream. I make my own beats and stick to my own lane. I try not to use too many industry sounds because I really like to use my own sounds and create new vibes.” 

Cham Quilla said he first got into music a kid when his older brother bought a beat machine called the mv8000. When his brother got bored of using the machine, Cham started to use it and make beatsWhen he couldn’t find any artists to record on his beats, he started to record himself on top of his beats. He’s produced and written songs ever since, and pursued a passion in audio engineering when he left home and went to New York City to go to a music production school called IAR. This is his first full album to date. He said it’s a project that not only will showcase who he is as an artist, but also something that can help people get through hard times in their lives. 

“Whatever someone is going through, if I can help even one person then I’ve done well,” he said. “I hope to return the favor, so to speak, to someone. Music helped me through hard times, and if my music can help others through hard times then I feel like I’ve done my job

To listen to Cham Quilla’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 







AJ From The 9 – Live From The 9

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Catch The West Coast Vibes On “Live From The 9” Now Available On All Digital Streaming Outlets

Southern California rap artist AJ From The 9 has just released his new single Live From The 9, now available on Spotify, Apple Music and all major music platforms. This single has a chill resonance to it that accurately captures the Southern California vibe.

Coming from the Inland Empire, AJ is branding his roots within his music and is looking to be a breakthrough artist from San Bernardino County. Check out his music and be on the lookout for his upcoming album “More Sounds From The 9” dropping April 9th, 2021.

Follow AJ From The 9 on Twitter @Ajfromthe909 | Instagram @Ajfromthe909 | Facebook: http://facebook.com/ajfromthe909

Get in Tune With AJ From The 9!

AJ From The 9 (formerly known as AJG909) is a recording artist from Rialto, California. If you’re looking for some dope music to smoke n ride to put these tracks on repeat and catch the vibe!

AJ From The 9 links with Young Ceno to drop the west coast party banger “Dead Presidents”! This track was produced by AC3Beats. AJ From The 9 is currently cooking up a new project and has new singles to drop throughout the year. Stay up-to-date with him on all social media @ajfromthe909

AJ From The 9 – Dead Presidents ft Young Ceno

AJ From The 9 changes the vibe with R&B sensation Raheem Amir on “Tonight”. This track features production from The.A.M. (Formerly known as InTheAM/Bando Beatz), and was featured on “Sounds From The 9”.

AJ From The 9 – Tonight

AJ From The 9 delivers “Reckless” the latest release from “Sounds From The 9” AJ’s debut album. AJ has Rialto, California on his back, and is building momentum with his latest projects “Double Cups & Swisher Blunts” Vol 1 & 2, and upcoming album “Sounds From The 9”.

AJ From The 9 – Reckless

AJ From The 9 drops off “Another One” to keep the momentum going. This laid-back track provides the ambient-melodic feel produced by southern California producer The.A.M. (Formerly known as InTheAM/Bando Beatz).

AJ From The 9 – Another One

Social media info

Instagram: @AJfromthe909
Twitter: @AJfromthe909
Facebook: http://facebook.com/ajfromthe909

Byzantine – ILL

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Saints of the Byzantine Era drop timely wisdom through counter-cultural message on new single ‘ILL’ 

BALTIMORE, MD & PHILADELPHIA, PA – Byzantine is a new edgy Hip Hop group from Baltimore and Philadelphia whose music represents a light in a dark period. Adopting monikers of Saints of the Byzantine Era, these masterful artists use cautionary tales, songs of hope and good vibes paired with grit from the streets to offer a refreshing aura to the world of Hip Hop 

The six artists who make up the group are St. Basil, St Justinian, St Percinnius, St. Leo, St. Phocas and St. Zeno.  Together they’re introducing their unique sound and style to the world with their single “ILL” which features another artist named St. Justinian. Originally introduced to the group as an idea from St Justinian, the song offers a platform upon which each of the artists is able to spit some hot lyrics and showcase their individual styles while also offering a timely message to the world. 

“Each of us individually has a different sound,” St. Leo said. “I’m more laid back, while St. Zeno and St. Phocas are more animated than myself. When we come together, we blend well together. No one else out there has that type of bond when they rap. Most groups you see today will have one artist carrying the rest of the group, but we’re all carrying each other and we all bring that same level of talent to the table.” 

The idea behind the Byzantine brand was first formulated by a mutual mentor of the artists. They’ve all rapped separately and worked on individual music careers while also rubbing shoulders through collaborations and through family affiliations. When their mentor suggested the idea of forming a group with the Byzantine mission behind it, they each began to gravitate toward one another.  

“There was an immediate natural chemistry,” St. Basil said. “As we talked about this idea of the Byzantine Era and taking the names of these saints – who represented things that an intellectually and socially unenlightened world needed to hear – we realized that we’re in the same type of time now. When we rap, we’re rapping the opposite of what the world sees or thinks. We flip things right side up through our music.” 

According to St. Phocas, the big picture for the group is creating music that is thought-provoking, aggressively challenging, and inspiring through its personal and sometimes convicting messages.  

“We want people to understand we’re not talking about the same things everybody else is talking about,” St. Phocas said. “We’re not degrading our women or our brothers and sisters like a lot of other Hip Hop artists do today. We’re making songs that sound good and also have a deeper message.” 

Their unique sound and style has definitely put them on the map within the music industry. Their music has been featured on regular rotation with Sway in the Morning, and it has also been featured on Air It Out Radio. With more music in the works following the success of “ILL,” Byzantine is sure to become one of Hip Hop’s most motivational and long-lasting groups. 

To listen to their music or to follow them on social media, please visit: 










For Media Inquiries:   

Please email Joseph J. Watson II at [email protected]  

For Business Inquiries: 

Please contact Mr. Moody at (646) 259-1435.  

QüeDavinciYO Heats Up Summer With New EP “Creation Of Perfection”

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QüeDavinciYO Delivers A 5 Track EP “CreationOfperfection” For The People

After creating another his well produced lead EP, “$ i Do thi$,” up and coming recording artist QüeDavinciYO is avoiding the coronavirus and getting ready for the arrival of another self produced standout EP, titled, “CreationOfperfection.” A five-song collection filled with vibrant beats, and lyrics with an unforgettable authentic sound.

Other goodies in the EP include breakout tracks “Bad Girls,” “Before the Rhyme (Living Legends)” and “Here I Come.” Effortlessly, QüeDavinciYO is a breath of fresh air in the world of mumble rap soundcloud rappers, this new talent is sure to a name among the mainstream popularity before we know it. The new project supports the artist’s new app called “4enoyreve.” CreationOfperfection is the perfect jump-on point for newfound fans. Available now everywhere, after the stream, continue to follow the striving artist on social media. Stream it here


Follow “QüeDavinciYO” on Twitter: @QueDavinciYO | FB: @Life2dope | SoundCloud: @quedavinciyo