Who Is C.A. Brown?

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Corey Brown, known as C.A. Brown & formally “Trigga Trend” is a recording artist and entrepreneur from Chicago Heights, IL. The second youngest of 6 siblings, C.A. grew up with vision and alot of entrepreneur spirit which he credits his mother for : “I am like both of my parents in many ways, i have the the entrepreneur spirit like my mother but i think and execute in life a lot like my father”.

Despite an upbringing that Includes witnessing everyghing from drugs, gang activity and crime, C.A. Brown as always been musically Inclined. Inspired by other emcees like 2pac & Jay Z, which he admires the most because of his accolades, catalog, and longevity, C.A. plans to make his mark indefinitely. Most of the rappers in Chicago tend to fall in the categories of Drill, but C.A. Brown is a versatile MC more focused on Real subjects, lyricism, and activism though still influenced by the streets.

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C.A. gained recognition from 2010-2017 under the Trigga Trend moniker with the early success of a string of mixtapes that Include “Meet The Trigga Man”, “M3”, “Break Bread or Be Food” & “CONGO”.

As of 2022, C.A.Brown continues to elevate his music career with several independent singles and an the follow up to his anticipated album release titled “King’s Testimony” w/ #KT2 (King’s Testimony 2).

In addition to his rebrand and resurgence, C.A. Brown is also pushing his brand CONGO to new levels that include merchandise and other ventures in the works.

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45Redline Brings Eclectic Tastes To The Table With Alternative Rap/Rock Fusion

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The five artists behind the West Coast group 45redline, each grew up listening to different music – everything from classic rock and grunge, to early 2000’s nu metal and rap.

Coming into their artistry, they’ve made the unique decision to fuse styles into something innovative; if I could paint a picture, it would look like the Red Hot Chili Peppers had a baby with the Migos and birthed the sound of 45redline. A sound best described as a blend between alternative, rap, and rock music.

The group released its first single in February of 2022, “NIGHTMARE,” a mashup of guitar and electronic beats with some vibey vocals. Followed by two EP’s and nearly a dozen tracks in all.

“Those were teasers,” says Blake Evan, an artist and videographer for 45redline. “They’re really a test to see what it would look like when we put all our music together for the first time. We were really proud of those projects, and I think they resemble what we’ve got going on.”

Other releases include, emo-inspired, “UPSET!”, thus far reaching 14,000 plays on Spotify alone. The Red Sun EP featured, “So Close” and “Death Letter,” featuring mypoorneighbor.  The latest EP, Dark Moon! includes four tracks and another feature from mypoorneighbor and up and coming artist, bats.

“bloodyred6,” from the Dark Moon EP, is a colorful introduction to 45redline. It’s a rage driven track that alternates between screamo and rap.

“It’s a song where we’re laying it all on the line,” says Flam Pkmn, an artist and one of the founding fathers of the group. “The song definitely brings intense vibes; The beat goes crazy. It’s more of a rager, I’d say.”

The origins of the group – which consists of Cole Henry (artist, producer, videographer), Hersadhero (artist), Flam (artist), Duxe Lee (artist), and Blake (artist, videographer, photographer) – dates to late 2019 when Cole and Flam (Founding Fathers) started writing, producing, and recording in some of Sacramento’s hidden gem in-home studios.

As a hobby turned into an undeniable passion, the two began reeling in other friends who shared the same love and ability to make music – including guitarist Miguel Ramirez – and by the middle of 2020, the group took shape and began to focus on developing its sound.

Interest from industry insiders and artists generated some notoriety for the group, and 45redline built on the momentum by working with Grammy nominated and award-winning producers and engineers like MILLION DOLLAR SNARE, Q MADE THE BEAT, J3M Sound, JORGE MARROQUIN and Tatum Martin.

In February of 2022, they signed with independent label PAKKMAN RECORDS.

“We all have our own sense of influence with music and so we each bring something unique to the table with our skillset and influences,” says Flam. “I’m not exactly a lyricist but I can definitely come up with clean bars, hooks, punch lines and definitely direct a beat.”

Blake says, ‘it’s all a huge team effort”. In addition to being one of the artists, he handles some songwriting duties as well as videography, photography, along with managing 45redline’s social media accounts.

“We have many jobs assigned to everyone so we can keep the ship rolling,” he says.

Cole is one of the main producers in addition to being an artist and writer. He plays a big part in constructing the structure of their songs and handles the engineering and mixing.

The group’s name was also a collaborative effort: Flam, liked the sound of “45” and another friend liked “redline,” so they put the two together.

45redline is set to drop a full project come this November 2022, featuring new songs with sounds nobody’s heard before.

“We’ve had some snippets on social media but this project doesn’t have any songs people have heard before except one or two,” Blake says. “Most of the new fans won’t recognize it. It’s going to be exciting.”

The group says the sound will be more polished, distinct and unified.

“It’s going to be a real display of what we’ve been working with,” Cole says.

45redline will return to the stage in October for a performance at Kushstock Festival.

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Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0o1vKOhY268e6gbFFHfndE?si=5FRiVI8CQ3m78k6wqs8VDg&nd=1

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Q6I7XlFa2dYc1h9Rv6Qfg/about

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/45redline

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/45redline/?igshid=1d1lm45vass1z&hl=en

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@45redline

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/45redline?eav=Afb9fuq0F8PVMKRdBNMUuHYvtiv-2OmjXUkLNbswi1hFpJ7MFGehN5PSg1U11kkirzs&paipv=0&_rdr

Maurice Carroll Teams Up With Grammy-nominated Carolyn Malachi For New Dance Track

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When it comes to his music, Maurice Carroll has a simple goal.

The Baltimore-based composer and producer has worked with artists who’ve been nominated for – and won – Grammy awards and others who’ve delivered chart-topping hits. He’s toured across parts of the U.S. as well as eastern Europe and in Africa. He coaches other artists to help elevate the independent music scene.

But at the root of it all, Carroll wants to expose more people to house music by combining it with other genres like R&B and hip hop.

“The intent is for people to not pigeonhole dance music for a certain type of person,” he says. “It’s not just for one type of person. I want to make people more aware of it so they can enjoy it more and understand it more.”

For Carroll, it’s as simple as this: house music is easy to move and dance to. With a background in multiple genres, he says this genre is the party genre for him.

“It makes it easy for people to dance and be free of what they might look like when they’re dancing,” he says. “Be free with it. You don’t have to know specific steps and dance moves, you can move freely in it. I’ve also found it’s a controlled musical genre for me. It’s simple to the average listener but it has intricacies that I enjoy and it’s about the placement of those intricacies.”

Beyond just introducing fans of other genres to dance music, Carroll enjoys the difficulty of combining house with those other styles. When he’s mixing with something like R&B, for instance, his music isn’t written and arranged the way a traditional R&B song would be.

“You have to leave enough room on the front and back end for the DJs to blend it,” he says. “Placement for the vocals is important, and even if you’re featuring instrumentalists, where that instrument is being showcased within the song is important and has to be calculated because you have to anticipate what the dancers are doing during that song and not abruptly introduce another element where the listener isn’t prepared for it.”

Carroll has worked with artists like Michelle Weeks, a dance music artist who was a singer in Little Shop of Horrors. He’s worked with Michelle Shellers (vocalist for the electronic hit song “Keep on Rising”), The Floacist (formerly of Floetry), Ruff Endz and more.

He’s been building a buzz with his 2-step mix of “Ooouu Work It” featuring rising hip hop artist Lor Dae. And he recently composed, produced and arranged the dance track “Under My Own Weather” for Carolyn Malachi, a Grammy-nominated artist.

“KP (Kevin Powe Jr.) insisted that she work with me. Then she asked me to produce a song,” Carroll says. “When I sent it back to her, she was really taken aback by what I did. She said it was exactly what she was looking for.”

Malachi sat with the music for a while, wrote to it and then brought Carroll into the studio to hear where she’d taken the project with Grammy-winning and multi-platinum producer and engineer Andros Rodriguez.

After listening to the song, the two asked Carroll for his thoughts. He said it sounded good, but they still sat waiting for his real producer’s response.

“I said okay, can we listen to it again? I have some suggestions,” Carroll recalls. “Let’s move this here, place this here, manipulate it this way. Then we sat back and listened to playback and everybody in the room was like oh, I get it. That’s what we’re hearing as the record has been released, those changes and arrangements are what we hear.”

“Under My Own Weather” appears on Malachi’s new EP, Counter Narratives, which was released Aug. 26 and is available on Apple Music.

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Website: https://mauricecarroll.net/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO1DqJMN6SssUG3dz2viDTw

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MauriceLCarroll

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Rising R&B Artist Kris Jonathon Dealt With Heartbreak – But He’d Do It All Over Again

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When a young Kris Jonathon was gifted an iPod, the first music he wanted to listen to was Soulja Boy – but his mom said no.

Instead, she said he could download any of the hundreds of songs she’d collected while working as a DJ. He finally gave her “old people music” a chance, and it wasn’t long before he was singing along with those Motown hits.

“From that point on I’ve had a huge connection with it,” he says. “I feel like Motown is a connection to my soul as well as my family. It’s how my first interest and love for music started. When it was time for me to start making music, it wasn’t that I was trying to sound like Motown, I think I wanted to exude my soul in the way Motown artists used to because that’s what I knew most.”

Now Jonathon, a native of Prince George’s County, Maryland, is a rising R&B and soul artist whose music has garnered well over a million streams on platforms like Spotify alone. His first EP, Honey Moon, was recorded in the closet of his college dorm room and then amassed more than 100,000 streams, inspiring him to keep going.

Last year, he released his biggest hit to date: the single “That’s All,” which already has nearly 900,000 plays. And he followed it up with two more EP’s and his latest release, “Rewind.”

It hasn’t always been easy, though.

Jonathon taught himself piano at age 13 and started composing his own music a year later. But he was “terrified” to sing on his songs, thinking his voice was too deep and different from singers like Chris Brown and Bruno Mars. Again, his mother came through.

“She was like, the world needs to hear your voice,” he says. “That line will always stick with me. I don’t sound like Bruno Mars or Drake and I’m not high enough like Michael Jackson, but it’s my voice and it’s authentic. It’s different but it’s like my soul.”

His talent is on full display in “Rewind,” the latest single – and his first release of 2022. It’s a soulful take on past romance that soured, but Jonathon sings he’d do it all over again.

“Loving you is substance abuse,” he sings. “So what’s my excuse?”

That relationship, with a girl who “popped up out of nowhere” and had a mysterious vibe about her, got Jonathon out of some bad habits and helped him to settle down and focus on the valuable things in life.

“I thought she was mature,” he says. “I showed her some of my music and she gave me some good advice for it. We helped each other a lot; it was a tough year for me and she was there for me. And then all of a sudden she just stopped talking to me.”

Turns out, she’d moved on to someone else. So Jonathon did the only thing he knew to do: sit down at the piano and play. The single that came from it is filled with somber piano, but it’s not a song about regret.

“I would go through it again because those memories I have with her are something I haven’t experienced before,” he says.

“Rewind” is a song that helped Jonathon come into himself, especially with his production style. He had a lot of doubts before finishing the project, but when it was done he sat back and said, “Whoa…”

“I just know I’ve got to keep making music so that’s what I’m going to do,” he says.

He predicts happier songs to come, but firmly believes he’ll write what needs to be written at the time – whether it’s love or heartbreak. Jonathon is also planning to release some covers soon.

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Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1Kt09OHecYKH4aJI5ZJdph?si=0piM9JVESjWtelMfLUbdCA&nd=1

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/krisjonathon

Twitter: https://twitter.com/jonathonkris

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/krisjonathonofficial/?hl=en

Love Canafuego Finds Inspiration Through Pop Music And Encouragement From Her Family

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BOSTON, MA—Love Canafuego finds inspiration through pop music and encouragement from her family.

While Love, and her brother Joyful Canafuego, are still in grade school, both have learned production and various instruments to create “Champ of Wealth,” a track she hopes can help her someday reach the Hot 100 and that speaks blatantly about money.

“We wrote ‘Champ of Wealth’ two years ago. The whole idea is to bring reality to how people handle money,” says Love. “‘Champ of Wealth” also includes her mother and father as writers, “Our songs are not just about everyday life, but art and feelings that people go through in the music business and in everyday life,” she explains. Her other single “Inflation Comes with Destruction,” features Joyful on vocals and is another take the family has on money and capitalism. Love hopes that if she becomes famous, she can use some of her earnings to help others.

Love tells that she wants to make music to make people dance, knowing she’d wanted to be in entertainment at an even younger age while constantly singing and dancing no matter where the Canafuego family goes. “Champ of Wealth” shows her knowledge of monetization and popular radio hits, but also plays with beats similar to old school disco and ‘80s pop, a la Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean,” without even recognizing it.

Some of Love’s favorite artists include Lil’ Nas X, Dua Lipa, Justin Bieber, and other hitmakers—the usual pop idols for most modern children, but Love’s focus outside of homeschooling goes into listening and emulating those sounds. Together as a family they write songs and compose lyrics using synthesizers, keyboards, drums, and guitar. Love is also a fan of Tina Turner and Cyndi Lauper.

When in school, she enjoys any courses relevant to the arts and enjoys drawing.

What other goals does Love have other than getting On-Air with Ryan Seacrest? Getting to the Grammy’s.

“I really want to sing, dance, and perform globally. I love my fans, but I want more fans to support me, and listen to me, and to share it with the world.

Make sure to stay connected to Love Canafuego on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/artist/love-canafuego/1641587802 

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFDOXAEi4DNTyOBPeOpKuHA 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100075357813347 

Carriesa Shares Fresh Single About Raw Emotions, Finding Redemption

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HOUSTON, Tex. — Who hasn’t had struggles in their life? Who hasn’t felt insignificant in a world of trial and tribulation?

Acclaimed singer-songwriter, producer and recording artist Carriesa addresses these feelings in her new single “Radar” when she asks, “Am I on your radar?”

“This song is not the typical song you hear, especially nowadays,” Carriesa said. “Everybody likes the energetic pop pop kind of songs that you can play. This song I wanted to touch people who are in that mental state, and I just became a big advocate of mental health. 

“In the song when I sing ‘Am I on your Radar,’ it’s really me speaking to God, God can you pull me out of this? I know I’ve strayed away, I know I’ve done things I wasn’t supposed to, I’ve strayed away from your light, that kind of thing.”

Carriesa first got into music as a kid growing up in a musical family and the daughter of a preacher. She started playing the piano at age 4 and was playing in church services at age 9, and continues playing in church to this day.

She went to school at MediaTech Institute, a school with campuses in Houston and Dallas that focuses on the music industry.

“We learned engineering, song-writing, things like videography, doing voice overs,” Carriesa said. “We had to build a mini-amplifier and doing some repairs, stuff like that on your instruments. It really grabs every aspect of the industry. 

“After I graduated from there that’s when I kind of started taking off on my own. I didn’t realize until after I graduated, writing songs is poetry, Writing in diaries and things like that I did growing up as a little girl and I turned most of that stuff into songs, especially on my last EP that I released a couple of years ago. I just decided to go full force into it when I moved to Houston.”

Carriesa started releasing music in 2018, but being something of a perfectionist, her songs don’t get released quickly or real frequently, but when they are released, listeners know she’s put everything she has into them.

She worked with another singer-songwriter, Kenneth Clark, when she started working on “Radar” back in 2019.

“I asked him to help me write this song and I told him what I was dealing with at the time,” Carriesa said. “I was going through a lot of depression and it was really bad. I was in a really, really dark place so he helped write the chorus.”

Things seemed to get worse for Carriesa when she lost her record label. She said her emotions can be felt in the tones and sounds in “Radar.”

“That took a huge mental toll on me and put me into an even darker place,” she said. “It’s a really tough situation but I felt this was an appropriate time to release this song. I don’t know if you can feel it or see it when you listen to this song but it’s a very dark series of emotions spiritually.”

Carriesa said the song has a message too.

“When you’re in a vulnerable and dark place like that, it’s ok to speak out about it,” Carriesa said. “You don’t have to hold it in. I just want people to know that if you’re in a vulnerable or dark place, and you feel like you can’t trust anyone or you can’t get out of it, it’s ok to say I need help.”

Over the next year, Carriesa said she is working toward making her Grammy dreams come true. At the end of the day though, it isn’t about the award and accolades — Carriesa cares about her art and helping people heal through music.

“I would love for people to know that we are all flawed, and it’s okay to make mistakes,” she said. “You don’t have to live in fear and dwell on your mistakes. God can use your mistakes for your benefit. Everything is going to work out for you, and life is a journey.”

Make sure to stay connected to Carriesa on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.

Website: www.carriesa.com

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Trey P – Belong To Me

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Trey P Puts His Life Story Into His Melodic Hip-Hop

By Gabby Cast

A little over a decade after Cyndi Lauper released her hit single “Time After Time,” singer and rapper Trey P was a child growing up in Chicago and overhearing the ‘80s pop track in his
household. His reworking of the single is now gaining attention, connecting his personal journey to listeners who might not directly relate, but can feel its resonance through his lyrics and songwriting

“Not only is it just opening up about me and where I come from, it's also universal. I get a lot of people telling me about how it helps them throughout the day when they listen to it,” says Trey P. “It's a very universal song and I feel like it will go places the others haven’t.” Trey P says that the song is his own version of what he was experiencing growing up, and his personal journey of life-lessons surrounded by a difficult environment while his aunt and grandmother tried keeping him out of trouble. He has been inspired by all types of music, more specifically New Orleans hip-hop veterans such as Hot Boys and member Lil Wayne’s subsequent solo career, but creating the music itself is what ultimately helps and inspires Trey P to write expressive tracks.

“There's a lot of things I still have a hard time getting past, looking over, or trying to still deal with on an everyday basis. I wake up and think about this every day and I've been learning to try to conflict, but it just feels better when I let it out on a track or on a musical platform,” he explains. “My writing process comes from just experience and things that I went through and things that I've seen. Even with songs where I'm talking about females, or my experiences with other females, I have to get out to things that I still think about. It's just helpful to get it out on music.

The music brings it out of me and when it comes out it's like magic.” Trey resides and travels from Kansas, Chicago to Atlanta frequently to record music when he’s not in his home studio. He’s currently writing a solo track for a friend while brainstorming a new single to follow-up “Time After Time.” Trey P has released 5 singles, and is looking to release a few more; his most recent tracks include “EZ,'' detailing his personal growth, and “Give It to You,” that talks about relationships. Other singles deal with tragedy and rising from the ashes of one's past while acknowledging their story.

“Humble” will be another upcoming single, while he’s set to play a show in Kansas City, KS. Trey P has been performing since he was 17-years-old, including an opening slot for R&B singer Inayah.

To whether or not he’d collaborate with Cyndi Lauper if her team reached out? “Of course, That’s not even a question. Yes.”

Trey P is on the right track for his sound, but not without a sound that allows him to look back at his journey.

Make sure to stay tuned in to Trey P on various platforms for new music, visuals and social posts.
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/Trey_peezy/
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TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@3peezy

TMike Gives Some Perspective On Latest Single “Already Made”

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Musician TMike brings together his life experience and lifelong love for music to make feel-good, genuine, and genre-meshing hip-hop that lives up to his passion.

Growing up in the western Florida city of Fort Myers, The singer and rapper’s upbringing was surrounded by soul music, resonating with household chores while listening to Marvin Gaye. Fort Myers’ fickle music scene rivaled with Tymichael’s look at his career on a global scale. This pushed his drive and a re-location to Miami—now cataloging a collection of over 300 songs and claiming he could release a song weekly for the next three years.

On TMike’s latest track “Already Made It,” working alongside engineer Hero, he’s looking in retrospect of everything overcome to reach this point in both his career and his personal life, feeling as if he’s made it. Not so much on the Billboard Hot 100, yet, but on his own terms—and with a humble smile on his face.

“I was just thinking about everything that I’ve done so far and the places I’ve been to, the trips I’ve taken, the people I’ve met, people that have influenced me, a lot of things I overcame,” says TMike. “Even where I’m at right now, I don’t feel like I’m nowhere near where I truly want to be, but the place I am is just a blessing. I feel like I’m blessed to be out there that’s already made it.”

While “Already Made It” is a feel-good anthem for anyone looking at perspective, most of TMike ’s tracks have upbeat and motivating cadence, and have reached over 500,000 streams on Spotify—showing that his sound is infectious and lively, and looking to write music for everyone and every genre that ranges in influence from Pink Floyd to Beethoven.

“I just want to sound authentic and I want you to do the authenticity and all of my music,” explains TMike . “So if you don’t like one song, there’s five that you are in love with.”

While TMike has made it with his latest single, another single release is in the works. But he wants “Already Made It” to marinate in its future success, much like the musician himself–whose persistence is the key to his hit-making motions, and with a confidence that may soon make him a household name that loves music just as much as his listeners.

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Who Is JT The Goat?

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JT The Goat is a Rising, Independent Recording Artist/Songwriter from Chicago,IL coming to share his Charismatic Flow and Soulful Sound. Dubbed as “The Hood Diplomat”, He aims to win his Audience over with His Witty Wordplay, Melodic Flow and Soulful Beats. His musical journey began at the age of 6.

He credits his Father and the artist Maxwell has his main inspirations for Music. While attending St. Sabina Academy, his passion grew immensely. He would attend multiple writing classes to further his craft. Battling anyone in his class for bragging rights.

By the age of 13, JT would win over 20 battles before graduating and attending his high school Homewood Flossmoor. It was there where he would attend his first Poetry Slam and really make a name for himself. Even joining his high schools Step Team. He dropped his first single “The Essence” in June 2021.

Come and enjoy the ride and you embark on a timeless journey with The Goat.

Your Goatliness 🐐 (@iamjtthegoat) • Instagram photos and videos

Reno Corelli- Music Producer- Audio Engineer
John Blu, Rayven Justice, LyricalVo, Ta’Rhonda Jay, Kirko Bangz ,KatieGotBandz, BenOne, Natalie Orfilia + More

Kid Codeine – RBG Mafia

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Chicago artist Kid Codeine just released his 5th album, and this is honestly one of the best bodies of work released this year thus far.

RBG Mafia brings 15 tracks, led by singles “Barbados” and “Terrorised”, and production from ItsYungOnTheTrack, TarxanFienx, ICE, and Navill. Features from Day1, NSG 100k, and E. Dogg round off this body of work.

RBG Mafia follows up his 2021 album “Soul Turn Cold”, and is his first album release under Campaign Music the Label.

Check it out below now!